Real estate turnkey flyers


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Introducing the world's easiest and most advanced
professional real estate flyer templates.

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    Introducing the world’s easiest and most advanced
    professional real estate flyer templates.
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Real estate turnkey flyers

  1. 1. Real Estate Flyer TemplatesIntroducing the worlds easiest and most advanced professional real estate flyer templates. With its easy-to-use interface, amazing design themes, and rock-solid PDF platform, Turn Key Flyer Templates is the latest and greatest flyer solution to hit the real estate industry. Hands-down, the worlds easiest listing templates... you’ve never experienced anything like it before. Watch The Video.
  2. 2. Out-of-the-Box Ready-to-Use The first time you use our templates you will never want to go back to using anything else. That’s because we use the latest PDF technology that makes it amazingly simple and intuitive to use. You easily edit the text directly on the flyer, change photos with point & click, and have the freedom to print from home or the office. These are ready-to-use out-of-the-box. It really is that simple. That’s why we named them “Turn-Key” Flyer Templates.They have WOW factorNot only are they easy to use, but they look goodtoo. Turn-Key Flyer Templates are designed byprofessional real estate graphic designers. Even ifyou decide to switch broker brands you don’t haveto miss a beat. We design color themes to workwith your broker brands, property color, andregional schemes. No matter what property you list:modern, traditional, or contemporary... we have adesign theme that will work. These are listing flyersyou will be proud to show your clients andprospect.
  3. 3. No Design Software Needed The best part of Turn-Key Flyer Templates is there is no need for desktop design software. Each template is pre-formatted as a PDF and can be edited in Adobe Reader which is absolutely free from Adobe. Each flyer template is saved directly onto the computer which gives you the freedom to make a flyer anywhere; even if you do not have an internet connection.Just Start TypingWhy worry about adding text boxes when youcan just start typing directly onto the flyer inreal-time. This breakthrough feature makestext changes a breeze. If you would like tochange the price, just simply change it. Everytext area you see can be customized. Eachlisting flyer includes: a headline, price,address, paragraph description, agent contactinformation, and even bullet points. Just starttyping without breaking a sweet.
  4. 4. Changing Photos: It’sAlmost Like MagicChanging the stock photos with your listing photoscouldn’t get any easier than this. Simply point & clickthe photo you would like to change. Your photos willautomatically format and size to fit within the photospace. Just sit back and relax, the template does allthe hard work for you.
  5. 5. 10x Faster - Start to FinishWhen you need a flyer in a hurry, you can’t waste time designingbackgrounds and color schemes. Turn-Key templates are 10x fasterthan anything you have ever used. Simply add your text and photosbecause all the hard background design work has been done foryou. You can literally make a flyer from start to finish in less than 4minutes.
  6. 6. Freedom to print fromHome or the OfficePrinting is as easy has File > Print... You can print yourflyers at home, at the office, or take the PDF to yourfavorite local printshop. We do not impose anyrestrictions. Plus, using Adobe Reader, you can restassured perfect prints every time. 53 Templates Bundle Ready For Instant Use The most powerful templates on the market are all yours. This bundle collection includes 53 professionally designed PDF real estate flyer templates to accommodate any listing type for your entire career. This package is great for Top Producers, Broker teams, and new agents looking to get the edge over their competition.
  7. 7. "What Happens When I Purchase?" Watch below: Try it with No Risk for 60 days Speed Test: Watch Me Create a Flyer in 3 Minutes!We will make a believer out of you. Try our listing templates for a full 60 dayson all your listings. If you are not completely convinced that these are not theeasiest templates you have ever used in your entire career, we will refundyou 100% of your order instantly. Our return policy is one of the best in theindustry.