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SA2030 Presentation Skills Workshop, created by Lauren Daniels.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. PURPOSE0 …to assist the participant in understanding basic presentation skills and methodologies0 …to assist the participant in utilising basic presentation skills and methodologies
  2. 2. OUTCOMES0 Researching and planning the content0 Preparing and organising material0 Applying technical presentation techniques0 Displaying optimal presentation skills0 Performing self-monitoring0 Determining and measuring the outcome
  3. 3. AN INTERESTING TIP... Remember KISS! Keep It short and simple Major point + supporting fact + suggestion = MESSAGE SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED!
  4. 4. THE PLANNING STAGE0 Analysing the audience0 Determining the purpose0 Preparing the topic0 Organising the presentation0 Preparing visual aids0 Preparing the venue0 Rehearsing the presentation
  5. 5. HERE’S A FEW MORE...SIGNPOST! Guide your audience through your presentation – take them on a journeyPRACTISE! Build confidence, reduce anxiety and MONITOR YOUR TIME
  6. 6. THE DELIVERY STAGE0 Preparing yourself0 PowerPoint tips0 Delivering the presentation 0 Voice 0 Eye Contact 0 Gestures 0 Posture
  7. 7. ANOTHER GOOD TIP...Your group could consist of a PowerPoint fundi, a brilliant speaker or an avid researcher Your strength + Group cohesion = A SUCCESSFUL PRESENTATION
  9. 9. THE DELIVERY STAGE cont.0 Presentation tips and techniques0 Answering questions0 Evaluating the presentation
  10. 10. TO SUM IT ALL UP… 0 Prepare 0 Start with a bang 0 Be upbeat 0 Be picture perfect 0 Don’t drone 0 Make it real 0 Remember and respect your audience 0 Monitor your time 0 Get feedback 0 Close with clarity