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5822 adam & andy Hero's Run


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Final Project for summer 5288 session.

Published in: Business, Technology
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5822 adam & andy Hero's Run

  1. 1. Hero’s Run Lake Forest Sportscars & theMarine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation Social Media Plan Adam Mancuso and Andrew Erickson
  2. 2. Agenda• Objective• Company Overview• Vision• Current Social Media Platforms• SWOT of Current Social Media• Value Added Diagram• Overall Strategy• Social Media Tools• Implementation Timeline• Results and Metrics• Moving Forward
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE• To provide a social media plan for the “Hero’s Run”.• To connect the social circle between LFSC and MCLEF• To provide value to both organizations• To use classroom tools in real life applications
  4. 4. VISION – HERO’S RUN• We envision Lake Forest Sportscars hosting a supercar road rally with that starts at Lake Forest Sportscars cars and ends at Blackhawk Farms Raceway. I believe our clients and owners of these cars would be excited to participate in an event like this. There are many road rallies throughout the states (Bull-run, Gumball Rally, Supercars Saturdays), so why not one to honor our servicemen with MCLEF.• It is an opportunity to provide a unique and exciting experience for those associated with MCLEF. It is also an opportunity to expose Lake Forest Sportscars clients to MCLEF.• MCLEF Associates, Disabled/wounded servicemen, and family members of the fallen, associated with MCLEF, in the greater Chicago area would be paired up with a LFSC client/driver.
  5. 5. COMPANY OVERVIEW - LFSC• Lake Forest Sportscars: • Family owned and operated • Our family has been in automotive retail sine 1923 (First dealership was Chevy, in Batavia New York). • We now specialize in high performance sport cars • Factory Authorized dealer for:
  7. 7. COMPANY OVERVIEW - MCLEF• Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation (MCLEF) • MCLEF is an organization that supports the family/children of fallen service personal. • Since 1995, they have giver over $43,000,000.00 worth of scholarship bonds. • They support the Marine Corp and other organizations: • FBI • Secret Service • DEA • ICE • Customs and Border Patrol • ATF • U.S. Marshalls • Naval Criminal Investigative Services • Federal Air Marshalls
  8. 8. CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMSLake Forest Sportscars Marine Corps–Law Enforcement Foundation
  9. 9. SWOT
  10. 10. VALUE ADDED
  13. 13. IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINE*our timeline will be shared with everyone involved with organizing the event. It will act as a guideto key implementation timing and measurements.
  15. 15. SAMPLE METRICS – WEEK 1 Source Goal Actual Variance Action Facebook 12 25 108.3% Continue Twitter 12 10 -16.6% Resend emails Blogger 12 5 -58.3% Resend Link Pinterest 12 10 -16.6% Resend Link LinkedIn 6 9 50% Continue Google + 12 11 -8.3% Resend Invite Week Total Goal % Actual Action 1 20.0% -11.3% We need to increase engagement. Resend email and links 2 15.0% - - 3 25.0% - - 4 20.0% - - 5 20.0% - - *Based of an approximate 60 person total
  16. 16. MOVING FORWARD• Begin implementation • Set up social media platforms. • Send out preliminary email updates containing timeline and key objectives.• Set up measurements • Start to track engagement as soon as the platforms are ready to go live.• Ready to Roll!