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G Loballogic Ppt


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All you want to know about Globallogic!!

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G Loballogic Ppt

  1. 1. Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. GlobalLogic Overview© Copyright GlobalLogic 1
  2. 2. Company Overview Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. – 10+ years of leadership in global software R&D services – Provides full lifecycle product engineering and advisory “A product development services for ISVs and software-enabled businesses company like GlobalLogic is – Privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital, NEA, doing more than just Draper Atlantic / NAV and Goldman Sachs providing offshore developers — it is seeking to – US $200M in revenue, 40%+ CAGR collaborate with clients at a – 240+ client partnerships under active management strategic level and provide – 5,000+ employees executives with on-demand access to global innovation networks.” – Headquartered in the US with business offices in the UK, Germany, Israel and India — Forrester Research – Global R&D Centers and Innovation Labs in the US, “Being Innovative Means Ukraine, India, China and Argentina Moving Beyond the Hype”© Copyright GlobalLogic 2
  3. 3. Core Values Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.  Innovation  Team work  Integrity  Openness© Copyright GlobalLogic 3
  4. 4. Company Overview (cont.) Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.Awards & Recognition Innovation in Top Employer Top 15 Among Top Employer Distributed Agile in India Global R&D in Ukraine Software Product Service Providers Development Alliance Partnerships Tools & Integration Mobility Platforms© Copyright GlobalLogic 4
  5. 5. Collaboration on a Global Scale Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Local (On-Site) Advisory, Relationship & Program Management, Professional Services + Global (Distributed) Engineering & Support Services ARGENTINA | CHINA | GERMANY | INDIA | ISRAEL | UK | UKRAINE | USA© Copyright GlobalLogic 5
  6. 6. Company & Product Lifecycle Support Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Better Faster Smarter Mature Market Growth Market Declining Market Idea Development Development Maintenance & & Sustenance Category Renewal – GlobalLogic Version 1.0 – Product Engineering – Legacy Modernization (e.g., move to SaaS / Cloud) – Product Conceptualization – Customization – Product Support – Product Research – Line Extension – EOL Product Management – UI Prototyping – Product Enhancement – Technology Proof-of-Concept – Migration & Re-platforming© Copyright GlobalLogic 6
  7. 7. Common Engineering Services Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Product / New Product Product EOL Product Professional Application Development Sustenance Management Services Modernization Velocity TM Distributed Agile Platform Advisory Services • Version 1.0 • User Experience • Product Engineering and Development • Architecture • Re-platforming • QA & Test Automation • Support Horizontal Competencies (Embedded, Mobile, Business Intelligence / Analytics, Cloud Computing, SaaS) Vertical Competencies (Enterprise, Financial, Telecom, Medical Electronics, Digital Media, Retail) Agile Product Management * • Engineering Process Consulting • Technology & Tools Consulting * ENTHIOSYSCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 7© Copyright GlobalLogic
  8. 8. Advisory Services Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Understand Client’s strategic aspirations 1 and set overall operational excellence goals Vision and overall financial goals (Phase 1: Diagnostic) BU1 BU2 BU2 Assess businesses (within Client) for R&D efficiency HR 2 Assessment improvements leveraging financial / operational Finance benchmarks and best practices IT R&D Ease of Size, categorize and prioritize opportunities Category 3 and tailor actions by category (A, B, Cs) Capture (complexity) A B C Size of Opportunity Design and launch a transformation program (Phase 2: Operationalization) 4 Steering Committee to capture efficiency, align relevant Transformation Transformation Program processes, and achieve performance metrics Office (TPO) BU 1 BU 2 Procurement IT/Eng Finance Support execution and focus on implementation 5 and results Rigorously track value capture and tie into budgeting process© Copyright GlobalLogic 8
  9. 9. Modes of Collaboration Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Product Engineering Product Engineering Product Engineering Professional Lab SM (PEL) Team SM (PET) Project SM (PEP) Services SM (PS) Client demands a high degree of operational transparency and a joint investment Client wants to create a Client wants to augment its Client wants to augment its Client wants to contract replicated, value-added lab existing team with existing team on a “time- highly skilled engineers overseas technology and product boxed” project basis with for on-site projects vertical specialists technology specialists Client wants GlobalLogic to provide full lifecycle services for an entire product or product lineCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 9© Copyright GlobalLogic
  10. 10. Industry Focus Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.Digital MediaRetailFinanceInfrastructureElectronics HealthcareTelecomMobileCopyright GlobalLogic 2009 10© Copyright GlobalLogic