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Sponsorship Prospectus ISK2015


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International Series of Karting aims to inspire a new generation of engineers to take up research in racing vehicle design, aerodynamics, chassis, lap time simulation and racing engine design.
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Sponsorship Prospectus ISK2015

  1. 1. Biggest Celebration of Motorsport Engineering in India! INTERNATIONAL SERIES OF KARTING SPONSORSHIP PROSPECTUS 2014 9th-12thMarch,2015
  2. 2. Summary International Series of Karting aims to increase India’s impact on the world of Motorsport Engineering. It provides an opportunity for engineering students to manufacture their Go-Kart and push it to the limits in the series of grueling static and dynamic tests followed by racing. 120 College Teams, a plethora of national racers, experts and design enthusiasts will be a part of ISK to create more awareness about Karting. Speed Talks, Laser Show and Stunt Show will justifiably make a buzz among participants and fans. The event will popularize Motorsport Engineering and inspire a new generation of engineers to take up research in racing vehicle design, aerodynamics, chassis, lap time simulation and racing engine design. It will help develop skills among engineering students that’ll contribute to innovation and growth in the automotive industry.
  3. 3. Product Stalls Mention at Event Logo Inclusion Banners/Standees at Event Media Mentions Blog Posts Content Development Social Sharing Product Endorsement Product Sampling Exclusivity in your industry segment Option to host Client Event The Opportunity
  4. 4. Expected Audience at the Event 3 Thousand + Expected Global Reach 1 Lakh+ Geographical Targeting Bangalore Platform of Delivery All Devices
  5. 5. Through strategic brand incorporation through all media, ongoing advocacy and content creation, ISK has a whole range of benefits to make a return on investment. Student Community from Indian Subcontinent will see your brand, business and product across multiple mediums, channels and media types. Your brand or product will regularly be incorporated in media rich content and shared over an array of social media channel. You’ll get an opportunity to promote company core culture and heritage and also a chance to interact with customers. Benefits to You 0 4000 8000 12000 16000 2015 2016 2017 2018
  6. 6. Particulars Basic Premium Premium+ Logoon all Promotional and Event Material YES YES YES Event Stalls NO YES YES (more visibility) ProductEndorsement/ Product Sampling NO YES (No Product Sampling) YES Optionto Host Client Event NO NO YES Exclusivityin Product Segment NO NO YES Event Mentions YES YES YES Banners NO YES (1) YES (3) MediaMentions NO NO YES Social Media YES (Website, Facebook Page) YES (Website, Facebook, Blog) YES (Website, Facebook, Blog, YouTube)
  7. 7. Note: Conduction and execution of the event is the sole responsibility of Mean Metal Motors Pvt. Ltd. More Information International Series of Karting is an initiative supported by Mr. Akbar Ebrahim, the Indian Formula One Trainer and backed by Mean Metal Motors Pvt. Ltd. The sole purpose of the event is to promote motorsport engineering in India and create awareness to develop karting as a sport in India. The event is scheduled to be held in Bangalore at Torque-03, Marathahalli in March 2015. Since, most of the students participating in the competition aren’t professionally trained , Mean Metal Motors Pvt. Ltd. has organized a 3 day driver training program for participants in the first week of January on the same track.
  8. 8. Adeeth Kalbavi Project Manager Aman Bansal Project Director Sarthak Paul Our team Project Coordinator
  9. 9. Contact + 91 8884-097045 bansal.aman09 Aman Bansal | Project Director