Ziksan Capital Ventures Shale Oil in Jordan


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A Shale Oil Project in Jordan aiming for funding.

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Ziksan Capital Ventures Shale Oil in Jordan

  1. 1. Slide 1 Ziksan Capital Ventures Shale Oil Project Funding Opportunity in Jordan Brief Document Updated February 2014 Ziksan Capital Ventures is a member of The Credence Alliance. Group profiles on Ziksan (www.ziksan.com), Credence PR (www.credencepr.com)
  2. 2. About Shale Oil Oil shale, also known as kerogen shale, is an organic-rich fine grained sedimentary rock containing kerogen (a solid mixture of organic chemical compound) from which liquid hydrocarbons called shale oil can be produced. Shale oil is a substitute for conventional crude oil but requires a specialized process to ensure extraction of crude oil. The by-products of extraction of crude from shale are required for other sectors like Petrochemicals industry, Cement production, Fertilizer and Phosphate production etc Shale oil gets in the limelight as an abundant source of oil whenever the price of crude oil rises. There are huge identified deposits in USA, Russia, Brazil, Jordan and other countries. These countries have commenced large scale extraction of crude from shale and is expected to be the focal point in the global petroleum and overall power sector.
  3. 3. About the opportunity  The ‘project’ comprises production of shale-Oil (primary) & generation of power (secondary) by setting up of an integrated mining, retorting and power-generation facility.  SOZ has rights over the Oil-shale block, awarded by the ‘Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources’ and approved by the ‘National Resource Authority’ in the Sultani area of Jordan.  Feasibility studies and extraction of the sample shale has been completed  As per the block awarding contract, the Govt of Jordan assures the availability of defined quantity of shale rock per annum to SOZ . (Thus minimizing the risk level involved in oil exploration sector)  Allocated deposits for surface mining are the second richest oil shale deposits in Jordan.  Proven reserves of about One billion tons of oil shale, enough to support the retorting project rated 40,000-50,000 barrels per day for 40 years.  Area of 14 sq.kms.  115 kms. south of Amman (capital city of Jordan).  Easily accessible from the desert highway between Amman and Aqaba, very close to infrastructure.  Surrounding blocks being explored by majors such as BP, Shell, Petrobras etc.
  4. 4. Project Objectives  Finalize and form JV/ Consortium with financial institution in early 2014  Commence procurement of the machinery from identified companies in Russia in 2014 and setting up the plants  Commence production of 1 million barrels (annual) in 2014.  Increase production to 16 million barrels per year by 2016.  Commence with production of 30 MW electricity in 2014.  Increase production of power up-to 150 MW by 2016.  Eventually to produce 30 million barrels annually.  Eventually to produce 700 MW electricity.
  5. 5. Project status at a glance •Mobilization of Equipment, reconnaissance setting up •Survey Topography •Geology Mapping •VES •Cut drilling overburden •Core Drilling Oil Shale •Technological Analysis •Chemical Analysis etc. Appraisal Exploration Development Production Done ! Done ! WIP 2015 Prospecting Works Exploration works in Bayer Area in Distinguished distinguishing of Blocks certain block for development • Geology engineering • Mining engineering • Oil Shale Processing engineering • Infrastructure engineering • Power plant and supplies engineering • Economic Analysis, Bankable feasibility report
  6. 6. Overview of the funding requirement  The proposed transaction is divided into two tranches. The first to raise $40 Mn. (Equity or Mezzanine) and the second $106 Mn. (Debt & Equity) The first tranche to be spent on Phase III of the project. The second tranche to go towards the construction of the first retorting plant.  The group intends to follow a balanced approach of phased growth to meet the overall project which could be in the tune of 2.7 billion USD  The ‘transaction’ offers an investor superior returns and an opportunity to be part of the most important industry, indispensable to the growth of the world economy.  Opportunity to partner in an ‘Oil-production’ project very close to production.  Extremely favorable risk-reward ratio.  Extremely visible cash-flows and exit opportunities.
  7. 7. Slide 7 On Phone: +91 11 98-181-40725 Rajesh Bhardwaj rajesh@ziksan.com Way Forward……………. Kindly feel free to contact us: Aman Bandvi aman@credencepr.com • This document is intended to appraise the approached organization (financial institution/ HNI/ Company) on the opportunity. • SOZ has completed the detailed marketing and financial feasibility analysis and the DPR is ready • This document captures only high level figures to assist in estimation of the project • Interested organization are required to let us know if they have an interest in this and/ or ventures of the group • Post this we can facilitate a direct interaction with the Promoters/ Senior Management and assist in being a part of the success story • Note: SOZ is a project code of Ziksan to ensure the confidentiality of the promoters at the initial (pre NDA signing stage) stage