Defence India Brief


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A small presentation on DefenceIndia, an online magazine and training firm based in New Delhi, India.

I am associated with DefenceIndia as Principal.

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Defence India Brief

  1. 1. DefenceIndia Excellence Awards Second Edition First Half of 2008
  2. 2. The Premise Dedicated Awards to felicitate ex- servicemen who continue to be an asset to the society. Ex-servicemen are an integral part of the country’s corporate and social sphere. Ex-servicemen have proved their mettle in all spheres post their stint in the forces. Ex-servicemen have proven their worth as fountainheads of the Indian Industry.
  3. 3. Inaugural Edition 2007 Venue: India International Centre New Delhi Date: 20th Jan 2007
  4. 4. Snapshots 2007 The event saw an eclectic gathering of notable veterans. The image shows Admiral Nanda and Gen. Nagra on the dais.
  5. 5. Snapshots 2007 Admiral Nanda lights the ceremonial lamp.
  6. 6. The Honourable Minister of Defence, Shri A K Antony sent a speech to bless the event that was read out by the CEO, Aman Bandvi
  7. 7. Snapshots 2007 Aman Bandvi, CEO and Editor, DefenceIndia making his inaugural speech.
  8. 8. Snapshots 2007 Col. Anil Shorey, renowned historian, writer and ex-spokesperson of the Indian Army making a point on ex-servicemen.
  9. 9. Snapshots 2007 Col. Anand, Reliance Industries Ltd, receiving the award on behalf of RIL. RIL got the award for recruiting the maximum number of ex-servicemen.
  10. 10. Snapshots 2007 Col. Anil Kaul receives the award for the ‘Book of the Year’. His book, ‘Better Dead Than Disabled’ was adjudged best from amongst 10 probables released in the calendar year.
  11. 11. Snapshots 2007 Col. R S Perhar, COO of Tulip IT Services, www. Tulipit. com, receives the award for the Most enterprising Ex-serviceman of the year. Tulip grew exponentially under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Lt Col H S Bedi.
  12. 12. Snapshots 2007 Ranjeet Kumar, Navbharat Times, adjudged the best defence journalist of the year.
  13. 13. Snapshots 2007 Wing Cdr. Yuri, a succesful Radio Jockey and soon to be seen in films receives the award for the ‘ex-servicemen who made a mark in a creative field’.
  14. 14. Snapshots 2007 Noted media personality and think-tank, Maj Gen Ashok Mehta makes an impromptu speech on ‘Life after Uniform’.
  15. 15. Snapshots 2007 The award function was an eclectic gathering of intellectuals, corporate managers, media professionals and veterans.
  16. 16. Snapshots 2007 The awards were followed by a lively discussions over cocktails and snacks…
  17. 17. Snapshots 2007 The awards for the inaugural function.
  18. 18. Snapshots 2007 The initiative received rave reviews and media coverage. The Times of India release.
  19. 19. Snapshots 2007 DefenceIndia’s initiatives in the domain were well recorded by the cream of the Indian press.
  20. 20. Methodology A panel of Judges is formed consisting of representatives from all spheres of professional capacities. The DefenceIndia team prepares dossiers on all categories researching nominees, their antecedents, market standings, corporate profiles et al. The team prepares a list of probables. The panel of Judges does their research on the probables. The shortlisted names are put up to the DefenceIndia board. The entire process is validated by Credence Research and Analytics, a knowledge management firm that checks for meticulous research, redundancies, selection procedures, shortlisting methods and final nominee lists.
  21. 21. About us… Aman Bandvi sharing the dais with Air Marshal Vinod Patney, at the inaugural Air Dominance India 2007.
  22. 22. About us… Col. Anil Shorey conducted the DefenceIndia workshop on ‘Working with the Indian Defence’ and ‘Project Management’ with foreign delegates.
  23. 23. About us… The DefenceIndia core group shares notes at their seminar on ‘Offsets and working with Indian Defence’.
  24. 24. About us… DefenceIndia has been at the forefront of thought-provoking seminars, research projects and social initiatives…
  25. 25. About us… DefenceIndia has also initiated a dedicated news magazine aimed at the defence space.
  26. 26. About us… DefenceIndia research divisions has undertaken path-breaking research projects on many important topics related to defence.
  27. 27. About us… DefenceIndia’s one of the many Career Fair participations for Ex-Defence personnel.
  28. 28. About us… DefenceIndia also conducts Corporate Acclimatisation Program for ex-defence personnel who wish to join the corporate world.
  29. 29. About us… DefenceIndia At Wagah Border felicitating the personnel of Border Security Force.
  30. 30. About us… DefenceIndia facilitated an Independence Day celebrations in Amritsar with Springdales School.
  31. 31. About us… The DefenceIndia HR division initiated the Nature Trail Army Training for corporate personnel and school children.
  32. 32. Snapshots 2007 A DefenceIndia Nature Trail training in progress.
  33. 33. Research Division Notable Research Projects of DefenceIndia. A Nationwide research project on ‘Conscription’. A Nationwide research project on ‘Do Ex-Servicemen Make Better Managers’. A Nationwide research project on ‘Culture in the Indian Army’.
  34. 34. For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, Please contact: Aman Bandvi, aman @ Defenceindia. com Harmeet Singh, credencepr @ gmail. Com Priyanka Charan, priyanka @ defenceindia .in Or Call us at 011 – 26173700, 26173704, 921234 6880/1/2/3 Fax: 011 - 26173703