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Tito's poetry


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Published in: Education
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Tito's poetry

  2. 2. POEM 1 Men and women are puzzled by everything I do Doctors use different terminologies to describe me I just wonder The thoughts are bigger than I can express Every move that I make shows how trapped I feel Under the continuous flow of happeningsThe effect of a cause becomes the cause of another effect And I wonder I think about the times when I change the environment around me With the help of my imagination I can go places that do not exist And they are like beautiful dreams. But it is a world full of improbabilities Racing towards uncertainty.
  3. 3. POEM 2 When you are trying to think blue And end up thinking black You can be sure to be frustrated Time and again it happens to me And I get quite helpless Otherwise why should I get up and spin myself Spinning my bodyBrings some sort of harmony to my thoughts So that I can centrifuge away all the black thoughts I realise that the faster I spin The faster I drive away the black When I am sure that even the last speck of
  4. 4. POEM 2 continued Then I spin back in the opposite direction And pull the blue thoughts into myselfIt depends on how much blue I want If I want more blue I have to spin faster Otherwise not so fast Its just like being a fan The trouble is when I stop spinning My body scatters And its so difficult to collect it