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The Laws of Simplicity


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Impossibly complex applications are the default deliverable for new programmers. Simplicity isn't achievable as a passive goal; it's a force that must be actively applied.
And Plastic SCM has it

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The Laws of Simplicity

  1. 1. The laws of simplicity VERSION CONTROL SYTEM by Plastic SCM
  2. 2. Law 1: Reduce Distributed and the simplest way to achieve simplicity is throughCentralized in one thoughtful reduction
  3. 3. Law 2: OrganizeScalable server core: from 2 to 1000 organization makes a system of many appear fewer concurrent users
  4. 4. Law 3: Time Huge file support: neither server nor when forces to wait, life seemsclient are constrained unnecessarily complex; savings in time feel like by total RAM simplicity
  5. 5. Law 4: LearnMethod history: showthe piece of code where knowledge makes everything the method is simpler
  6. 6. Law 5: Differences Xdiff/Xmergefoundation: detecting moved or modified simplicity and complexity need each other code inside a file
  7. 7. Law 6: Context Unlocked:import -export and what lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely notbidirectionally sync peripheral
  8. 8. Law 7: EmotionGraphical User Interface: to see your version control more emotion are better than system in real way less
  9. 9. Law 8: Trust Security: LDAP andActive Directory in simplicity we trust
  10. 10. Law 9: Failure No fear: dedicated teamwith full customer some things can never be made simple commitment
  11. 11. Law 10: The OneEnterprise DVCS === simplicity is about substracting the Plastic SCM obvious, and adding the meaningful