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Cv tips and tricks


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Helpful hints for managing your CV

Published in: Education
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Cv tips and tricks

  1. 1. SETTINGYOUR CV UP FOR SUCCESS Amalia Cochran, MD, FACS, FCCM Women in Burns 10 July 2020
  2. 2. What will we accomplish here? ■ You will have a framework/ format for your CV for job hunting and academic promotion ■ You will have a process for managing yourCV
  4. 4. A few important points about formatting your CV… ■ Your institution may have a mandatory format. If so, just use that – You may want/ need to add sections to it – You may also find yourself putting square pegs into round holes ■ Once you’ve chosen a format, plan on sticking with it unless – You change institutions and they require a different format, or – You realize the format you chose has major shortcomings
  5. 5. What Sections do you need? ■ Professional Pathway – Education – Board Certifications – Current licenses – Academic/ Professional History ■ Full time positions ■ Part-time positions ■ Editorial Experience ■ Reviewer Experience – Scholastic Honors ■ Include activities that are highly selective! – Educational Activities for your own career development
  6. 6. More sections! ■ Administrative experience – Professional organizations, including leadership roles – Grant review committees/ Study Sections – Meeting chair/ coordinator ■ Community activities – General Community – University Community ■ University level ■ Health Sciences level ■ Hospital/ Medical Center level ■ College level ■ Department & division level ■ List of current memberships in professional societies
  7. 7. What else? ■ Scholarly Activity – Grant funding – Teaching responsibilities and assignments* ■ Administration ■ Course and curriculum development ■ Didactic sessions – UME – GME – CME/ CE- Don’t forget ATLS and ABLS! ■ Clinical teaching (yes, this counts, and don’t forget it!) ■ Lab and small group teaching ■ Mentoring and supervision
  8. 8. Bonus note on mentees ■ Include their name, institution, and current role ■ Also, consider indicating publications with mentee first authors with an * or some other marker ■ Honestly, this is the most fun section of your CV as you become more senior
  9. 9. Scholarly activity, part 2 ■ Peer-Reviewed articles ■ Review articles ■ Edited books ■ Book chapters ■ Other – Commentary – Case reports – Editorials/ Blog posts/ Letters – Media/Web/Podcast ■ Includes media appearances, SCORE chapters, UptoDate chapters, podcasts/ interviews – Patents/ Intellectual Property
  10. 10. Scholarly activity, Part Last ■ Published Abstracts – I limit to last 3 years ■ Oral Presentations – Meeting presentations ■ Can subdivide into international, national, local/ regional – Invited/Visiting Professor ■ Same subdivisions – Grand Rounds presentations at your own institution – Panelist/ Invited Discussant – Outreach Presentations (may also be CE/ CME)
  11. 11. Don’t forget!!! ■ Leadership and committee roles within your burn center or within other programs ■ Those med student lectures? They count! ■ While you don’t want to overstate what you’ve done, don’t understate it either. This is the ONLY way that people have to evaluate your body of work. ■ Consider articulating impact in addition to tasks for things that are exceptionally important (likely a separate doc) ■ Anything you were supposed to present this year that got cancelled? – GO AHEAD AND LIST IT with (Cancelled due to COVID-19) next to it!
  12. 12. CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR CV Confession: Not all of these tips are mine. Twitter is a gold mine.
  13. 13. Have an update “system”! ■ First and foremost, if you have a good assistant, USETHEM for this! ■ Recommendations for how often to update vary wildly – Every week (nope for me) – Monthly – On flights home from meetings (pre-COVID, obviously) – After any publication and/ or presentation ■ My suggestion? Update on some time schedule that works FORYOU
  14. 14. Also…for update purposes ■ Have some sort of e-filing system to keep track of things to be added – Google Doc,Word Doc, Bear file, whatever works for “storage” for you – Can be rough draft just so you don’t forget something ■ When you save the updated CV, include the date in your file naming so you don’t accidentally send out an old version
  15. 15. An interlude for the educators ■ You will need an Education Portfolio in addition to your CV ■ Make sure to save teaching evaluations, presentation feedback from CME courses, etc. – You’ll need MUCH more than this, but it’s a start ■ If you need more info on an education portfolio, please reach out and I’ll point you to some resources
  16. 16. CV Miscellaneous ■ Pick chronological or reverse chronological for all areas, then stick with that order ■ Ask mentors and trusted colleagues to review – Some have superpowers of identifying things you should include that you’ll forget about – Ask to see CV of mentors if you haven’t seen them ■ Examples,AND #goals ■ One of my friends from med school (who is now senior faculty at his institution) includes what he calls “Easter Eggs” towards the end, just to see if anyone is still reading. – 4 times in 15 years has someone said something