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Cochran roi beyond the r01


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My slides from the Hot Topic lunch "ROI Beyond the RO1"

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cochran roi beyond the r01

  1. 1. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY 2015 Disclosure Slide Amalia Cochran Nothing To Disclose Related to Content of This Talk
  2. 2. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Exploring the ROI Beyond RO1s: The Science of Surgical Education Amalia Cochran, MD University of Utah Vice Chair of Education and Professionalism @AmaliaCochranMD
  3. 3. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Objectives • At the conclusion of this talk, learners will be able to: – Define the surgical education “triple threat” – Describe current areas of inquiry in surgical education – Recognize the role of advanced degrees in surgical education career development @AmaliaCochranMD
  4. 4. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY The educational triple threat Teacher Administrator Researcher/ Disseminator @AmaliaCochranMD
  5. 5. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Administrator • Traditional: – Clerkship director – Residency Program director • Modern: – Simulation Director – Education Institute Director – Role in curriculum development • Local or national @AmaliaCochranMD
  6. 6. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Researcher/ Disseminator • Traditional: – Curriculum design – Assessment- particularly of simulation curricula @AmaliaCochranMD
  7. 7. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Researcher/ Disseminator • Modern: – Communication – Professionalism – Skills acquisition – Clerkship optimization – Multicenter research – Qualitative research – AAMC MedEdPortal @AmaliaCochranMD
  8. 8. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Researcher/ Disseminator
  9. 9. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Researcher/ Disseminator • Role of social media – Blogs – Twitter – Facebook – ??? Next disruption @AmaliaCochranMD
  11. 11. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Maybe • Strong interest in (but no prior experience with) pedagogy/ andragogy • Structure of a degree- granting program to develop appropriate foundation • Expertise in a specific area of education or educational theory Or maybe not • Prior background in education/ teaching, either in medicine or elsewhere • Experience in educational administration • Access to mentoring and training in education research @AmaliaCochranMD
  12. 12. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY Conclusions • Surgical educators help to fulfill a key mission of academic departments • Modern surgical educator should plan to be a triple threat • Advanced degrees are not one-size-fits-all – Only pursue or require them for the “right” reasons @AmaliaCochranMD