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Visual studio 2017 - What's New


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Presentation Deck used for my talk at the Visual Studio 2017 launch event happened at Kochi on March 25, 2017

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Visual studio 2017 - What's New

  1. 1. Microsoft MVP Technical Analyst @ UST Global Blogger @ @amaldevv About Me
  2. 2. Visual Studio Visual Studio for Mac Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Mobile Center Visual Studio Team Services
  3. 3. Download now at Free 60-day Xamarin University Visual Studio 2017 General Availability
  4. 4. Pluralsight: 1 year full catalog Office 365 Dev: 25 seats Parasoft: 6 months WhiteSource: 6 months New value for Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers
  5. 5. Installer with Workloads
  6. 6. Creating Offline Installer vs_enterprise.exe --layout c:vs2017offline vs_enterprise.exe --layout C:vs2017offline --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.NetWeb --lang en-US
  7. 7. All New Start Page
  8. 8. Photo used under CC Installation Experience Demo
  9. 9. Lightweight Solution Load
  10. 10. Photo used under CC Performance DEMO
  11. 11. Compilers Languages Runtime components COMMON INFRASTRUCTURE .NET STANDARD LIBRARY TOOLS $_
  12. 12. .NET Core Tooling 1.0 Visual Studio 2017 .NET Core CLI
  13. 13. Cross-platform Fast Lightweight Open source
  14. 14. Automatic Upgrade to .NET Core Tooling 1.0 Much Cleaner csproj file Support for Globbing Patterns Dependencies Section Improvements
  15. 15. Photo used under CC .NET Core Tooling DEMO
  16. 16. Traditional approach Microservices approach
  17. 17. Photo used under CC Docker Support DEMO
  18. 18. Visual Studio Dev Essentials 1.4M members and counting
  19. 19. Announcing New value for Visual Studio Dev Essentials members Opsgility: 3 months of Azure and DevOps training
  20. 20. A mobile-first, cloud-first IDE. Made for the Mac. Native mobile and Mac apps in C# Build from the client to the cloud Announcing Visual Studio for Mac Preview 4
  21. 21. Xamarin: Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift or Java, you can do in C# and Visual Studio • Native user interface • High-fidelity API access • Native performance
  22. 22. Inspector Profiler Forms previewer iOS simulator Connected services Workbooks New templates Test recorder
  23. 23. Lets developers build apps, not ops Easy to adopt Ready for the enterprise Announcing Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview
  24. 24. Included with Visual Studio Enterprise Database DevOps Increased productivity Announcing Redgate Data Tools
  25. 25. QUESTIONS !!!
  26. 26. THANK YOU!