Question 1 media


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Question 1 media

  1. 1. Amal Osman“In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?”
  2. 2. Amal OsmanMusic video conventions By looking at the conventions of music videos, it gave us the ability to understand what isprominent in them according to the specific genre of the music. From the research we did on ‘’Kate Nash foundation’’ music video, we learnt that theconvention used to represent an indie artist is to represents what the artist is trying toportray but in a very down to earth and humble way and that allows others to connect withthem on a personal level. She does this by not having expensive items in her music ,whereas in a RnB music video a common convention is to have big diamonds and goldjewellery . Instead Kate Nash uses a tooth brush and socks to get across the messageshe wants to her audience. Kate Nash lip synced through the whole music video alongsidethe narrative instead of having them as separate scenes which is another convention. In the research we did on Ed Sheeran’s video ‘’Drunk’’ we learnt the convention he used torepresent indie was humour and this was done through that toy cat that featured the videoand the dialogue used to illustrate what the toy cat wanted to say. Also another conventionwas that Ed Sheeran had his guitar in the music video which one of the indie convention .The music video also doesn’t feature any superficial items and because of that many of histarget audience can relate to him as an artist. Also another convention used in his videowas a performance scene as well as a narrative. In Florence and the machines video “Cosmic Love” we learnt that she used was specialeffects and that is also one of the conventions of a music video. She did this to illustratethe meaning on the song in a visual way and that allows her target audience to relate toher.
  3. 3. Amal OsmanContinued… From this we learnt that a performance with a guitar is a common convention in indie music videos andthat they don’t use expensive props and that there settings can be relatable to the audience. We alsolearnt that not all music videos follow a narrative or storyline, although it is a typical theme that occurs inmusic videos. Another music video convention is that there is almost always a performance in a musicvideo whether it be through out all of it or it coinciding with the narrative. Also music videos are anopportunity to understand and feel the mood of the song visually . This relates to Andrew Goodwin theory and he stated for the target audience / consumers to watch themusic video again the artist needs to incorporate the music video and performance in their music video.He also said that the ‘’star image ‘’ is also another important conventions in music videos. In additionGoodwin said that the audience make up their own meaning or narrative of the song but that onlyhappens through the ideas that the music video itself portrays to the audience. In our music video we decided to have a narrative and this is the storyline of what the song is trying toportray and we wanted it to fit well with the song so we could create a mood for the audience. We alsohad the conventions of a performance in our final construction of our music video and performance is likea mini concert in the music video which allows the audience to get a feel of what the artist actual tourconcerts will be like , which in effect is promoting the artist which is what a music video is primarilysupposed to do . We also decide to use props such as coins and the guitars in our music video as one ofthe indie conventions and its also similar to what other music video use .
  4. 4. Amal OsmanMusic genre conventions We learnt there are many different genres in music and what specific conventions theyhave. For example the genre indie artist usually perform to show how much they arefocused on their music which makes the music video more authentic. Also the musicvideos usually feature a narrative to create a storyline and this allows the their targetaudience to bond with them. Sometimes indie music videos have surreal ideas in them tocatch the audience attention . An example would be ed sheerans video ‘’drunk’’ and theunusual thing about his video was the talking cat and that got the audiences attention.Also their music videos commonly use natural settings such as the park or house so theiraudience can relate to them. Also indie genres usual have natural colours e.g. browngreen and yellow . They also have props such as a guitar and normally wear vintageclothes to give them a retro appearance. In comparison to the pop genre , in their videos artists generally have dancing scenes witha group/crew to make the video look interesting and they also have narratives andsometimes the two are linked together. Also bright neon colours are used to draw theaudience attention. This is because the colours used arent boring but electrifying insteadso it will keep them interested in the music video. An example of a music video wherethere is dance as well as bright colours would be Cheryl Coles video ‘’fight for this love’’. The genre we choose was indie and therefore we included the conventions which arecommon in an indie music video. For example we used natural setting such as the parkand house scenes and we also had our artist wear vintage clothes which will appeal to ouraudience as that is what the indie genre consists of . We also had a performancealongside a narrative and we also used props such as a guitar . All this will attract and getthe attentions of our target audience.
  5. 5. Amal OsmanDigipak conventions Digipak conventions are that they usually have an extreme close up of the singer on the frontcover so that they can still be seen on thumbnail when downloaded digitally. we also learntthat usually artist add something special on the digipak to add special value to it which will getthe audience to buy a physical copy then digitally download it . For example artist might add abonus CD which has bonus tracks that the actual album doesn’t have or a calendar withpictures of the artist on . Also another common convention is to use bright colours so thatconsumers are attracted instantly while buying other albums and this makes that specialalbum stand out from all the other ones because of the bright colours or bizarre designs used. From the research we have completed on Rihanna ‘’loud’’ album which of the pop genre. wefound that she had an extreme close up of her face on the front cover of the album which wehave seen is a common theme in digipaks distributed today e.g. Ed sheerans album cover .However in our digipak we wanted to subvert from the common convention of having anextreme close up of the artist face and instead we decided to have a mid-shot of the artist andthat enabled us to show the scenery behind her of the trees in the park which means we arekeeping to the indie conventions . We also added an extra CD in the digipak which has the instrumentals of every song on thealbum which allows our target audience to make their own version of a song on the digipak .Thus creating a unique selling point and adds special value to the album .
  6. 6. Amal OsmanContinued We also have elements of intertextuality in our digipak because we have an image where the artist isreaching out to the graffiti which resembles the work of Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.The image we usedMichelangelospainting
  7. 7. Amal OsmanMagazine advert conventions The conventions of Magazine adverts are that they usually have the same image as the digipak becauseit is trying to publicise the digipak by creating a relationship between the two products . They also have alot of detail about the album on the magazine advert . For example they usually have the record label anda music distributing site such as iTunes logo , They also have the artist website link on there as well asinformation about when the album will be released. Also the colours used in the magazine advert usuallyrepresents the genre of the music that the artist is distributing . From the research we have completed on artist such as Jessie j and Mumford & sons magazine advert.we have found that artist usually use the same image on their digipak and magazine advert which createsa link between the two products . They also have information on the magazine advert such the releasedate of album and website . Also in the Mumfords and sons magazine advert they used colours such asgreen and brown which represents the indie genre. However Jessie j is one of many artist who subvertedfrom the typical conventions used in the pop genre . This is because the main colours she uses are blackand gold and usually the colours associated with pop are bright vibrant colours like bright pink and green. In our magazine advert we followed the conventions of having the same image in the magazine advertand digipak and adding information on the magazine advert. However in some ways we subverted fromthe conventions because of the colours we used in our magazine advert e.g. the pink and yellow as theydon’t represent the indie genre. However because the colours are muted and are pastel colours it couldbe argued that the colours do represent the indie genre .
  8. 8. Amal OsmanConventions appealing to targetaudience Our use of conventions will attract our target audience because it allowed our music videoto be relatable with the narrative in the music video. Also having the performance in thereallows our target audience to see how much performing and music is important to theartist. The convention used in the digipak will attract our target audience because we have anextra CD which has instrumentals of each song and lyrics booklet which adds specialvalue to the product which will attract them. This is because it allows the target audienceto get involved and makes them feel like the album has been made for them. It alsoensures that the target audience will buy the digipak . In addition , our magazine advert will attract our target audience because there is the linkwith the digipak and music video by the use of colours , there is also information on themagazine which will help our target audience find more information . Also because wehave a barcode which allows our target audience to see an exclusive photo shoot will beappealing to them because they are getting something extra special that not a lot of artistare doing.