Comenius pupil evaluation finnish students


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Comenius pupil evaluation finnish students

  1. 1. COMENIUS LEGENDS ACROSS EUROPE- PUPIL EVALUATION SUMMARYActivity/School:Comenius visit to Meadowhead School bystudents from Isoniitu Koulu, KlaukkalaAge group:14-15What have you enjoyed most about this activity? What did you like best?• I liked the school activities (like the trip to Whitby); also the free time with our partnersand the shopping was great. The best thing was when we were in someone else’shouse and just hung out with new friends• I liked meeting the mayor because he is so honourable but he still a common person.• I enjoyed the free time in Whitby, Robin Hoods bay and the visit to the Town foractivities, sights and the play.• I met new people and got new friends from abroad. The best thing was to be with mypartner and her friends.• Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay and free time.• Meeting the mayor• Time with family and the trip to Whitby, the family was amazing and it was nice to seeWhitby again.• Travelling to different place and the meeting the Lord Mayor• Free time at Robin Hood’s bay and the visit to the town centre. I also enjoyed doingthe play.What new ideas or information have you learned from this activity?• I have learnt a lot of new English traditions and the languages. I have also learnt tonot be afraid of trying the languages and making mistakes.• I have learnt about other countries cultures and I’ve learned “Everyday English”• I have learnt English and Spanish and met new people.• I have learnt Spanish language and games• I speak English better now and have learned to be patient.• Learnt more activities.• I learned about schools in England and my English has got better• Open Minded to other people and use English language in real life as well as learnthe legends from Sheffield and Avila• I have learnt English language and the culture.
  2. 2. What have you least enjoyed or found some difficulty with?• The waiting around, the timetable could have been better organised/planned sothat there was less time wasted.• I least enjoyed white bread and packed lunches• Waiting around• I least enjoyed ice skating• I least enjoyed the classes in the schools• I found it hard to understand English• Didn’t enjoy the classes and walking to school with strange people• I didn’t enjoy waitingWhat would you like to change if you did this activity again?• Like more shopping time and a better planned timetable, I would also like some icebreaker activities at the start of the project to get to know everybody.• I would bring my own bread with me• Like to have more shopping time• I wouldn’t go ice skating• More free time and shorter bus journeys• Enjoy more this trip• More activities together and mix the Finnish and Spanish people• More shopping timeAny other comments?• I think the whole trip was very successful and there were enough activities and freetime. Everybody was friendly and my host family were lovely and welcoming. Thefood we ate was very unhealthy but enjoyable and met lots of new friends.• I’ve loved being here in England. All the teachers and other local people have beenvery lovely. I’ll come back to Sheffield• I’ve had a very good time here.• Thanks for the great experience• I have enjoyed being in England• It was very fun• This has been a very amazing experience for me!• This was an awesome trip and I want say: Thank you so much!• I had a really nice time here