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Carmen in Matera


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Carmen writes about her experience in Matera during our stay for AIMS Comenius Visit

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Carmen in Matera

  1. 1. MATERA 2014
  2. 2.  The first day I was very nervous. I got up at 6 and I checked all the laggage. We went by car from the highschool to the airport in Madrid.  Then we took a plane Madrid – Roma , after this Roma – Bari , and there we met our Dutch partners and their teacher Erik, it was nice to see them again! Later, in Bari, we went by car to Matera (Palace Hotel) and I met my Italian partner Adriana and her family.
  3. 3.  After this, we organised the teams for the treasure hunt and we chose the winner for the logo of the project that was… Italy!
  4. 4.  Later, about 1, we had lunch in a great restaurant and at 15:00 we were ready to start the treasure hunt around Sassi. We visited places like cave churches and Casa Grotta.  I also visited the cathedral of Matera with my partner Adriana and her friends.
  5. 5.  On Tuesday we went by bus to the Ionian coast, place where Pythagoras lived. Then we saw the Museum of Metaponto, that had a lot of archeological discoveries of this area.
  6. 6.  In the afternoon we practised our sketches in the highschool with the Romanian, Italian and French partners.  Finally Adriana and me went home and I had a special dinner that was made of potatoes and sausages.
  7. 7.  On Wednesday we went to Naples and, although I got up very early, it was an amazing day! the morning we visited the “Città della Scienza”at 9:00. This museum was about the brain, its different parts and capacities, it was very interesting.  In
  8. 8.  After the museum, we went to see a performance called “Frankestein”, it was very funny, and when the performance finished we could ask the actors some questions (final debate).
  9. 9.  At 14:00 we had lunch in a restaurant and we ate a big pizza, it was delicious! Then we had free time to buy some things.  At 16:30 we walked around the centre of Naples and beside the sea until 18:30, it was really beautiful.
  10. 10.  On Thrusday we visited the Space Geodesy Centre. It was curious because they showed us a huge telescope that could receive signals from the satellite.
  11. 11.  At lunch time we went to our restaurant “Saperi and Sapori”. In the evening we went to the highschool, it was the moment to do the theatre play. I was very nervous but in the end we did it very well!  Then at 19:00 we had a buffet with our partners and their parents, who had prepared fantastic dishes, specially the desserts, they were really good!
  12. 12.  Finally we had a great party, we danced a lot and they played some Spanish songs, I love this night! We all were very happy but at the same time a bit sad because we knew that the next day we’ll leave Matera…
  13. 13.  In the morning I packed and at 9:00 I went with Adriana to the highschool. We had latin, P.E. and religion. I liked P.E because I played volleyball with the Italian people and our team won the match!  When the lesson of religion finished it was 12 o’clock… time to hug, to say goodbye to our partners and to Matera. The great experience had finished and all os us were sad. We went downstairs, saying goodbye for the last time.
  14. 14.  We went to the airport of Bari and before taking off, we had lunch. When we arrived to Rome, we had 1h and a half of free-time so we went shopping.  Then we ate some sandwiches in a restaurant before taking the last plane, Roma – Madrid. Finally we arrived to Ávila at 2 o’clock in the morning, I was very tired.
  15. 15. I think this travel was a great experience because you could learn maths and art in an original way, but also you can meet people from other countries and know how is their culture, how they are…  I also realised that Italian people are very similar to us, and they treated us with a lot of friendliness.  For me it will be an unforgettable experience! By: Carmen García