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Amadeus Labs Campus Recruitment 2013. To see the complete presentation, attend the Amadeus Labs presentation at your campus. For schedules, check our Facebook page at

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Amadeus labs

  1. 1. Migrate to Code Country. Amadeus Labs, an overview
  2. 2. Can you guess the size of the global travel industry in 2020?
  3. 3. $ 4,000,000,000,000 The travel industry size will be $4 Trillion in 2020, as against $2 Trillion in 2010
  4. 4. To give you an idea of the scale... Global travel in 2020 Indian economy (2012) Global IT Services industry (2017) $ 4 Trillion $ 1.824 Trillion $ 1.14 Trillion
  5. 5. Global travel - an industry dramatically being transformed by technology By 2014, over 3 billion of the world’s adult population will be able to transact electronically via mobile or internet technology 90% mobile penetration rate by 2014 with over 6.5 billion mobile connections More dependence on user-generated content, like reviews
  6. 6. Do you sense the opportunity? What would it be like to be part of a fast-growing industry that touches everyone?
  7. 7. Amadeus A global giant in the travel industry. Our technology powers 470+ million bookings annually. Amadeus office, Miami
  8. 8. 195 countries served 195 $3.84 B $3.84 Billion in revenues 25-year 25-year old product company 16 R&D 16 R&D centres worldwide 11,000+ employees worldwide 470+ million 470+ million bookings per year 260+ 260+ airline websites run on Amadeus 150+ million 150+ million lines of code 11,000+ Amadeus, a rich, 25-year history
  9. 9. We power world travel’s BIG DATA Our datacentre in Erding near Munich (Germany) up to 20,000+ transactions/sec Over 1 billion transactions/day <0.3 sec response time 40,000 messages/ sec processed on the front end 3+ million net bookings/day 500,000+ physical database access/ second 400 application SW loads/month 20,000 1+ b < 0.3 s 40,000 3+ m 500,000+ 400
  10. 10. While research powers our success A recognised leader in R&D Number one in Europe by total R&D investment in the area of travel and tourism Number one in Europe by total R&D investment in the computer services category Third largest investor in R&D in Spain for all business sectors R&D 11 3
  11. 11. And excellence gets us the awards Frost & Sullivan Award 2011 Airline IT Solutions Provider of the Year European Business Award Ruban d’honneur award for Innovation Agifors Symposium Best Innovation award The Beat “Readers’ Choice” Most Admired Technology Provider Business Travel Award “Travel Team of the Year”: Travel Weekly Globe Awards (UK) Best Technology Provider Amadeus office, Nice