Shocking Sharks: How Much Do You Know?


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An introduction PowerPoint for a 2nd grade unit on sharks.

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Shocking Sharks: How Much Do You Know?

  1. 1. Shocking Sharks A 2nd Grade PowerPoint How Much Do You Know?
  2. 2. Are sharks fish? YES or NO?
  3. 3. Yes, sharks are fish. You can tell because they have fins and gills. They are different from most fish however; because they do not have bones. Their skeletons are made of cartilage. fins gills
  4. 4. Were sharks around before the dinosaurs? YES or NO?
  5. 5. Yes, sharks have been around since long before dinosaurs existed! Hey, I’m older than you are buddy.
  6. 6. Do all sharks live in the ocean? YES or NO?
  7. 7. No! Sharks live in waters all over the world. They can be found in every ocean and even in some rivers and lakes!
  8. 8. Can a shark be bigger than a bus? YES or NO?
  9. 9. Yes, sharks come in all different sizes! Some are as small as your hand while others are bigger than a bus! However, most sharks are about the same size as a human.
  10. 10. Do sharks have hundreds of teeth for chewing their food? YES or NO?
  11. 11. Okay, this was a trick question! Sharks may have up to 3,000 teeth at one time and most sharks do not use them for chewing their food! Instead, they use their teeth to catch and tear their food. They gulp it down in large pieces.
  12. 12. Do sharks sleep? YES or NO?
  13. 13. No, sharks do not sleep. However, they do have active and inactive periods. Some sharks will rest motionless on the sea floor at times; while other sharks have to keep moving in order to breathe. z z z z z z
  14. 14. Do sharks eat people? YES or NO?
  15. 15. Sharks do not normally attack people! In fact, more people are killed by bees and lightning each year than by sharks! But when people are in their habitat sometimes they may be mistaken for a seal or sea lion.
  16. 16. Does a shark have smooth skin? YES or NO?
  17. 17. No. Sharks are covered with scales called denticles . These scales are small and sharp, almost like tiny teeth. If you were to pet a shark, the denticles would scratch your hand. In fact, a long time ago people used sharks’ skin as sandpaper! Bigelow & Schroeder (1948) FWNA
  18. 18. Do all sharks eat the same things? YES or NO?
  19. 19. No, sharks’ diets vary greatly, but they are all carnivores (meat-eaters). Some sharks eat fish and squid; others eat crabs and clams; while others eat tiny animals and plants from the ocean floor. Some sharks even eat other sharks!
  20. 20. Do sharks have enemies? YES or NO?
  21. 21. Yes, sharks are decreasing in numbers throughout the world because of being hunted by people! The Great White Shark is one of these sharks that is being protected.
  22. 22. Are there any sharks that are already extinct? YES or NO?
  23. 23. Yes, the megalodon. It was an ancient meat-eating shark. Scientists think it was over 40 feet long! It’s teeth are three times as large as the Great White Shark’s teeth. That’s as big as a human hand!
  24. 24. Do you want to learn more shocking shark facts? YES or NO?
  25. 25. I hope so! Each one of you will now choose a shark to research and learn about. You will teach the class about your shark! Whale shark Tiger shark Thresher shark Spined pygmy shark Porbeagle shark Nurse shark Mako shark Lemon shark Hammerhead shark Great white shark Goblin shark Galapagos shark Dogfish shark Bull shark Broadnose sevengill shark Bonnethead shark Bluntnose sixgill shark Blue shark Blacktip reef shark Basking shark Angelshark