Football by Ben K.


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Football by Ben K.

  1. 1. FOOTBALL By; Ben Kelly
  2. 2. 1 NFL Dra! 2 Positions 3 T#chdo$ 4 Tackling 5 MVP! 6 Super Bowl TABLE of CONTENTS
  3. 3. Introduction If you love football in England thats soccer in america. Iam talking about football in america.This is tackle football the hardest game on earth. Football is hard work. Probably you are going to want to play football after this book. ENJOY!
  4. 4. In the NFL first you have to be drafted by a team. That is when an NFL team wants you to be on there team. They present you with a jersey with a number one on it and a team logo. Then they tell every body your college, then meet your coach and team mates. The next day they take you through the tunnel and show you your locker and tell you where your first game is.Then they go through the play book. NFL Draft
  5. 5. Positions There 22 positions in the NFL. Some positions are free safety,running back, quarter back, wide receiver, lineman , linebacker. All the ones under lined are The positions i play. You don't get your position till the first day of practice, that's why you have to work hard so your not a back-up player.
  6. 6. A touchdown is scoring six points, and sometimes gets you to the Super Bowl, which is chapter 6. If a player has full possession in the end zone, they get a touchdown. That is how you get those 6 points. There is one thing you might get mixed up with a touchdown. It is a conversion, that is worth 2 points. There is one more thing, a field goal. A field goal is when the kicker kicks the ball through the goal post. When you score a field goal it is usually 1point, but it can also be 3 points. TOUCHDOWN
  7. 7. When you tackle you should go charging right at the stomach. If you grab his legs he can easily jump right out of your hands. Mostly you try to tackle the running back, quarter back, or wide receiver. If you are really far away you should run in front of the receiver or running back, because it will make a backwards L before they reach the end zone. Tackling
  8. 8. Dez Bryant MVP! Towards the end of the year if your team goes to the Super Bowl one of your teammates is voted MVP, just like Tom Brady in 2001 when they went to the Super Bowl and lost to the New York giants. Usually the quarter back is voted MVP because they have the best rating for how they throw or run or sometimes just how you play. Also, running backs like Adrian Petersen on the Minnesota Vikings maybe MVP. He in my opinion, is one of the best running backs in NFL history behind Le garret Blount on the New England patriots. Who is your favorite player?
  9. 9. SUPER BOWL The Super Bowl is the biggest game in football, over 20,000 people go there. To get tickets you have to go online. But they are $100.00 per person. The Super Bowl is at MetLife stadium in New Jersey in 2014. It is between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. In the Super Bowl the Seattle Seahawks demolished the broncos 43-8! SEAHAWKS ARE AWESOME
  10. 10. GLOSSARY Fumble To drop something (Fum-ble) Verb Field goal In football the ball is kicked through the goal post for three points Noun(Feld-gol) Playoffs Playoffs are like the hardest game in football (Pla-offs) Noun Most valuable player (MVP) MVP is a voting ceremony (M-V-P) Noun
  11. 11. This is the Super Bowl trophy. TOUCHDOWN! Fumble! These are positions. MVP. SACKED!