Fostering Puppies by Sydney


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Fostering Puppies by Sydney

  1. 1. By Sydney Shiben Fostering Puppies
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction 1. Right Pup 2. Care Items 3. Bath Time 4. Exercise 5. Good Home
  3. 3. Have you ever wondered what you need for a puppy. Or how to get a clean pup in a flash. You can find all of that in this book. Just turn the page to begin. Introd uction
  4. 4. Right Pup First you should get in touch with a shelter or pound. Pounds are stinky and loud, so try to get out quick .You can take one or more when fostering. FOSTERING means taking in a puppy for little time or until it gets a home. I would probably start with one. Puppy's are hard work! Check with the shelter about the puppy's health. Make sure if its sick to get the right Medicine. Or even better don't get a sick one.People at shelters take good care of sick ones. But before you take one in I would consider getting some important items to help you care for your pup.
  5. 5. Care Items What do you think you need?You may need a bed, medicine, clean bowls, fresh water, puppy food and a cage. A bed is for comfort at night. You can put the cage inside your room and put the bed in the cage. Medicine is needed for good health. You need clean bowls so they don't get sick. Fresh water is for ,well good drinks. Would you like filthy water? Make sure to give him treats. Dogs love treats. Looloo posing like a movie star.
  6. 6. Bailey is all curled up and snug in her new bed.
  7. 7. Would you like a stinky dog? Well I wouldn't. For bath time you'll need tear free soap and a hose. Have fun with your foster pup at bath time. After when she's nice and wet scrub her all over with that tear free soap. Then grab a towel and dry him off. Of course follow with treats. Bath Time
  8. 8. A woman struggles to rinse her pup in New York City ! Here is a bucket of bones. If you were a dog, wouldn't you be drooling?
  9. 9. Exercise For exercise getting a fenced yard would be a good idea. You should let her or him out every day. And you also need a leash. A Leash is a long rope or strap that attaches to the dog' collar. You hold the loop on the end so the dog doesn't run away. If you don't have a fenced yard go out with your foster pup on a leash. A daily walk would be a nice idea.
  10. 10. Five puppy's are getting adopted in Portland Maine. Cookie taste testing his bones in Japan. This is Maxeen, a dog from London. My dog has a crush on her.
  11. 11. I would get to meet the family first. Make sure that you know if the foster pup will be a big dog or a small dog when he grows up. Tell the family that. Make sure to say good bye or she'll feel like you don't like her, dogs have feelings too. Good home
  12. 12. Glossary FOSTERING Means taking in dogs or puppy's for little time or until he gets a home. PUP A shorter way of saying puppy