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marketing strategy of vmart


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a study on "marketing strategy of v-mart "

Published in: Retail
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marketing strategy of vmart

  1. 1. A STUDY ON Marketing Strategy of V-MART AMAAN KHAN
  2. 2. V-MART Type Hypermarket Founded 2002 Maiden store Ahmedabad Industry Retail Products Apparels, Non Apparels, Department, Grocery store
  3. 3. Key People LALIT AGARWAL, Madan Agarwal, Hemant Agarwal Punchline ‘Sabse sasta,Sabse Acha’ Retail Space 8.20 Thousand Sq Mtr Advantage (tier II & tier III cities) Currently 108 outlets
  4. 4. Overview of V-MART First incorporated as Varin Commercial Private Limited under the Companies Act in 2002 in West Bengal. Then in 2003, V-MART opened maiden store in Ahmadabad (Gujarat). In the Year 2004 V-MART opened first store in capital city, New Delhi. Further in 2006 V-MART crossed 1 lac sq.ft. retail space. In the year of 2008, V-MART hit the base by registering V-Mart Retail as a public limited entity and also crossed the turnover of 1,000 million INR As the time passes by V-MART took the shape of a renowned family brand that caters the needs of whole family by offering high quality retail products. Along with growing customers, V-MART achieved a turnover of over INR 2,000 million in 2011-12 In the Year 2015 V-MART crossed the retail space of 8.20 Thousand Sq. Mtrs.
  5. 5. V-Mart is a complete family fashion store that provides its customers true value for their money. V-MART offer customers a great shopping experience each time they visit V-Mart store by offering a vast range of products under one roof. Maintaining high standards in quality and design, V-Mart offers fashion garments at down-to-earth prices and over a period of time has emerged as the destination of choice for bargain hunters and the fashionable alike. V-MART primarily operate in tier II & tier III cities with the chain of “Value Retail” departmental stores. Our stores cater to the needs of the entire family altogether by offering apparels, general merchandise and kirana goods. V-MART has 108 stores across 91 cities in 12 states and union territories, with a total retail area of 8.82 Lac sq.ft (8.20 Thousand Sq Mtr.). V-MART stores are located in prime states/cities such as Bihar, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. We are amongst the pioneers in setting up modern ambience stores or large retail malls across various small towns and cities like including Sultanpur,Faizabad,Ujjain,Motihari and more.
  6. 6. PRODUCTs • Apparels = Private Labels + other • Non- Apparels= Other • FMCG= Private + Other Trying to increase the proportion of Private Labels in FMCG
  7. 7. Apparels Men's Wear Ladies Accessories Infants Women Kids Boys Kids Girls Footwear Boys Ladies Girls Men Lifestyle Time Zone Men's Accessories Optical Gifts & Novelties Perfumes Toys & Games Soft Toys Board Games Dolls Infant Toys Cycles & Scooters Video Games
  8. 8. Stationeries School Party Stuff Office Paper Mart Diaries Travel Accessories Vanity Cases Shoulder Bags Executive Bags School Bags Suitcases Kirana bazaar's collection biscuits Fruit juice Hair oil Soap Atta Masala Rice Tooth paste Energy drinks Liquid antiseptic Shampoo Home Furnishing Bed sheet Mat Cushion cover Cup and plates Cup sets Tray Bowl
  9. 9. Board of director Chairman and Managing Director Director procurement -General Merchandise Director procuremen t-Apparel and private labels Senior VP Operation and Marketing VP Strategic Planning and HR C F O Company Secretary General Manager I T V-MART ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE
  10. 10. EVENTS • Company was incorporated as VARIN COMMERCIAL PRIVATE LIMITED2002 • Open maiden store in the state of Gujrat.2003 • Open maiden store in NEW DELHI2004 • Changed our name from Varin Commercial Private Limited to V- Mart Retail Private Limited2006 • Converted into a public limited company from V-Mart Retail Private Limited to V-mart Retail Limited2008 • Achieved a turnover of over ` 2,000 million in Fiscal 20112011 • Crossed an aggregate of 500,000 square feet of retail space2012
  11. 11. Marketing strategy of V-MART  Regional cluster based expansion and penetration (a) Enhancing brand visibility (b) Understanding customer preferences (c) Better utilization of human resources (d) Effective implementation of marketing activities PROMOTIONAL EVENTS –Free eye checkup ,blood donation campaign Dedicated focus towards increasing same store sales growth Cross promotion through “Intelligent Marketing” Increase in customer loyalty Continue to invest in IT infrastructure Foray into e-commerce and start our online retail portal Continue to provide training to our employees and invest in human capital. Hiring people with disability by joining hand with SARTAK
  12. 12. Objectives To know the strategy adopted by V-MART in the current retail marketing environment. To have a proper understanding and analysis of V-MART To know the marketing strategies that V-MART adopted to make a good relationship with its customers. To know the people perceptions towards V-MART. To evaluate the recent trends of Indian retail industry in order to come out with prospects for India’s one of leading retail chains V-MART.
  13. 13. RESEARCH METHEDOLOGY Method of data collection used in the research is PRIMARY DATA collection method Primary Data – QUESTIONNAIRE sample size -100 Sample profile- customer of V-MART Secondary data- Newspaper, journals.
  14. 14. QUESTION 1:- How do you know about V –Mart ? TV Hoarding Newspaper friends Net 23 19 31 25 2
  15. 15. QUESTION 2 :- How often do you come at V- Mart ? 49 12 39 Chart Title once in a week twice in a week once on a month
  16. 16. QUESTION 3:- On an average how much amount of money do you spend on a visit ? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 below 500 500-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 above 2000
  17. 17. QUESTION 4:- What kind of products do you purchase from V-Mart ? 43 16 35 6 Chart Title Apparels Non-Apparels Food Items Home Appliances.
  18. 18. QUESTION 5 :- How would you rate the following attributes for V-Mart? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Ambience Display Location Layout of store Store operating hours Billing System Parking area Chart Title Very good good Average Poor Very Poor
  19. 19. QUESTION 6:-Are you aware about various schemes of V-Mart on regular Basis? 59% 41% no of respondent yes no
  20. 20. QUESTION 7:- What excites you most for shopping at V-Mart ? More Variety Branded products Discounts on Better custore service Buy 1 get 1 free Returns and exchange 18 3 61 4 12 2 No. of respondents
  21. 21. Findings It is found that 31% of the people came to know about V-Mart through newspaper. It is found that consumer attitude towards frequency of visit seems that 49% of majority consumers prefer to visit the store Once in a week. The main selling area of V-Mart is Garments and Food. The analysis shows that 26% of people spend Rs. 1000-1500 on a visit at V-Mart whereas 24% of respondents said that they spend BELOW 500, Only 17% of customers spend above 2000 on a visit at V-Mart. 41% of the total number of respondents said that they are not aware of different schemes provided by V-Mart and remaining 59% said that they are aware of different schemes. Majority of respondent’s said that discount on ,buy 1 get 1 free and more variety offer on products excites them most for shopping at V-Mart. Mostly all the respondent are not satisfied with the parking facility available at V-MART ,Faizabad store.
  22. 22. Suggestion Company should try to increase publicity in and around 0-10 kms of V-MART with the help of different medias like local FM radio, print media, and posters especially when there are special schemes for customers. V-MART should introduce various schemes periodically, say once in forth nightly. It is suggested that the company should adopt aggressive marketing campaigning and advertising during times of seasonal bulk items like wheat, oil, ghee, spices etc. and provide fair discounts on bulk purchase. Making stalls in corporate mela’s like trade fair, maybe beneficial to create brand image of its product Company should provide regular training to their staff and aware him with the modern technique of selling and customer dealing. A special discount may be given on purchases exceeding certain limits. There should be more number of billing machines at the billing counter. Should enlarge the parking area
  23. 23. Limitations  Limitation of data.  Limitation of time. Sample size is limited due to the limited period allocated for the survey. Getting accurate responses from the respondents due to their inherent problem is difficult. They may be partial or refuse to cooperate. Respondents may not be interested to give the data. Sometime respondents are not taking interest in such type of surveys therefore there is chance that they might be giving wrong information. The respondents are free from all barriers so he/she can give his/her opinion which may not be true in many occasions.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION In the research I found that Indian retail industry is very complicated in nature because the taste and preferences of the customers vary a lot in nature. The customers are very choosy in nature; they are not ready to compromise with their requirements. The customers have lots of option related to the choices. There are many competitors in the retail industry. So the sales and promotion activity of the company is the only tool to attract the customers. TO work effectively in the market and face the challenges in the current marketing situation organization must have to adopt a very efficient and good MARKETING STRATEGY.
  26. 26. THANK YOU