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Tmr221b9 Prod Remote Inputs


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Tmr221b9 Prod Remote Inputs

  1. 1. Remote Inputs The Production Timekeeper™ can be started, paused, stopped, or the production actual count incremented by momentarily grounding the appropriate remote inputs. The following table documents the remote input’s effect on the takt timer, the down timer, and the production actual counter. Rem Mode Effect on Effect on Effect on Input Takt Timer Down Timer Actual count 1 Run runs pauses None 2 Pause pauses runs None 3 Stop pauses pauses None 4 Increment None None increments by the scale factor Table 2. Remote input function reference To connect remote inputs to the Production Timekeeper™: 1. Connect a RJ-11 wall plate jack to the Production Timekeeper™ remote input jack using either a six conductor modular crossover, or a six conductor modular standard telephone cord. 2. Connect a momentary (or push button) switch, or switches between the desired remote input and ground using the following diagram as a guide. Note: As the diagram portrays, the individual colored wires on the RJ-11 wall plate jack will function differently dependent on the six conductor modular telephone cord chosen. Red 6 conductor 6 conductor White modular Xover modular Std Yellow 3-RD 1-WH 5-YL (6) Blue (6) Increment (6) Run (5) Yellow (5) Stop (5) +V (4) Green (4) Ground (4) Pause (3) Red (3) Pause (3) Ground (2) Black (2) +V (2) Stop (1) White (1) Run (1) Increment 4-GN 6-BL 2-BK Black Blue Green Diagram 1. Remote input reference Alzatex. Inc. 1