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Replace Chip Qc115a


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Replace Chip Qc115a

  1. 1. ALZATEX, Inc. 6400 SW 213th Ave. Aloha, OR 97007 (503) 642-9693 Voice, (503) 649-6539 Fax Serving the Business Community since 1993 Installation Instructions Remove Power from the QUE-115A. Remove Cover Remove the screws, then remove the cover. Removal of Microchip Locate the Micro Controller chip near the center of the rear of the unit. Note the small dot and groove on the right end of the chip. This is important for correct orientation when replacing the chip with the new chip. Note that the new chip has the same small dot and groove as the old chip. Carefully insert a small screwdriver under the side of the chip and with a twisting action lift the chip out of the socket.
  2. 2. Installation of new chip. Check new chip for any bent pins. There shouldn’t be any but it is always a good practice to check. If any there are any bent pins, carefully straighten. Install the new chip exactly in the same orientation as the original chip. Small dot and groove on the right end of the chip. Test and Reassemble Before replacing the rear panel, plug the unit into power supply and check for proper operation. Reassemble front panel in the same manner as it was prior to removal. Should there be any question please call 503-642-9693 for clarification or further instructions. Alzatex, Inc. 2 11/08/09