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Power of color_in_marketing

  1. 1. Power of Color in Marketing Submitted by: Nour Al-Zaabi Gulf University for Science and Technology Kuwait 2008
  2. 2. Out Line Quiz The meaning of colors Color in Psychology Color in different genders Color in different cultures Marketing Mix Logos Evolution Advertising
  3. 3. Abstract As you all know, color is part of perception. Perception consists of exposure, attention and interpretation. Other stimulus factors are size, intensity, position, format, isolation, etc.
  4. 4. Why is color important ? Color is a form of nonverbal communication. Marketing Researchers have shown that color increases brand identity, assists in memory, increases a reader’s participation in ads, and improve readership, learning, and comprehension.
  5. 5. The Meaning of colors Understanding the meaning of color aswell asthe culturaluse of color and how colors interact isimportant
  6. 6. • Black- conservative, mysterious, sophisticated • Green- growth, health, environment, harmony • Red- love,passion, heat, joy, power • Blue- strong, important, peaceful, intelligent • Yellow - happy, joy, cheerful, remembrance • Pink - sweet, nice, romance, playful, delicate • Orange- energy, warmth change,health • White- purity, innocence, softness
  7. 7. Color in Psychology Whatis Chromotherapy? Chromotherapy or Color Therapy is the sciencethatuses the colors to modify or to keep thevibrations of the body in a frequency thatresults inhealth,welfare and harmony.
  8. 8. • Green -Energy of cleanliness, vase dilator and nerve relaxant • Yellow -Reactivator, purifier, and very useful for the skin • Red - Activates the circulation and nervous system • Blue - regenerator of muscle cells, nerves, skin and circulatory system • Violet -Relaxes the nerves. Heals infections and inflammations
  9. 9. Favorite Color by Gender When thisdataisexaminedfurther and filtersofgenderare applied, someinterestingresults surface.The two piecharts below represent favoritecolors ofeach gender.
  10. 10. Color in different Cultures Sometimes colors create a physical reaction and atother timesit is a cultural reaction. Colors followtrends as well.
  11. 11. Red • China: Good luck, celebration • India: Purity • South Africa: Color of mourning
  12. 12. White • Japan: symbolizes death • India: unhappiness • China: Death, mourning
  13. 13. BLUE • China: Immortality • Iran: Color of heaven and spirituality
  14. 14. Black • China: Color for young boys • Thailand: Bad luck, unhappiness, evil • Australian Aboriginals: Color of the people
  15. 15. The Marketing Mix  Product : Color can affect products when determining if they are real or fake. A product that’s color doesn’t represent its true one, may fail in the market; for example the iPod shuffle from Apple’s colors are much sharper and easier on the eyes – whereas the fake iPod shuffle ones are much darker and not as attractive.
  16. 16.  Place : Color determines the location of a place and how its atmosphere is. For instance, fast food places such as McDonalds are usually red, yellow or orange. Giving you the impression to eat faster and hurry up. Whereas, more classic restaurant such as Le’Notre; have colder colors such as blue and purple, giving the notion to stay and relax.
  17. 17. Promotion : In the past years, the word SALE has been associated with the color red, but now stores are using red price tags to attract customers, even if there isn’t a sale.
  18. 18. Price: When it comes to clothing, color plays a major effect in seasons. During the summer, darker fabrics are cheaper whereas in winter, they are expensive due to demand.
  19. 19. Logos Evolution • Logo’s: Through time, companies have changed their logo’s or rebranded – changing a logo can be a risk, but some companies have gone with it and changed it. Though the companies in the upcoming slides have changed and remained successful.
  20. 20. • IBM – Changed to blue to show that their machines are strong and stable. • Burgan bank – Added the orange stimulant to show the demand for attention. • Pizza Hut – The yellow strike shows the relaxed atmosphere of the place. • Burger King – Added the blue strike to emphasize authority related to the word King.
  21. 21. Logos Evolution
  22. 22. Advertisement and commercial Here are a few examples of how colors are used in advertisements and commercials.
  23. 23. Commercials • Skittles - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUJ4uorY PoY • Gameboy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn3EAVpO dro
  24. 24. Result
  25. 25. Your Welcome for any Questions