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Fourth grade orientation 2012-2013


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Fourth grade orientation 2012-2013

  1. 1. Fourth Grade Orientation
  2. 2. Our Fourth Grade Team Welcomes You!! Mrs. Ruiz Mrs. Gonzalez Mr. Alvarez Mr. Herod Mrs. Salinas Mrs. Felder Ms. Wilder
  3. 3. Our Goals • To promote a positive self-image in each student. • To provide a positive learning environment which focuses on cooperation and respect for each other. • To tailor our educational approaches to meet the needs of all students in our classes.
  4. 4. Curriculum • Your fourth grader will have two teachers this year.  Math/Science Teacher  Reading/Writing Teacher • Social Studies is integrated into the Reading block. • Extended Learning Time  Daily for 50 minutes  Students receive individual support for their curricular needs and use knowledge they have been taught
  5. 5. Reading • Novel Units • Reading groups • Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each night. Reading logs should be initialed daily, by a parent, starting the second week of school.
  6. 6. Writing • Writing Workshop- writing process • Types of writing your child will accomplish.  Stories  Reports  Letters • Writing modes  Descriptive/narrative  Compare/contrast  Persuasive  How to
  7. 7. Math • Problem Solving • Patterns • Number and Numeration Concepts • Operations and Computation • Measurement • Geometry • Probability • Graphing • Mountain Math • Computation facts
  8. 8. Science • Life Science • Earth Science • Physical Science • Technology and hands-on activities are a part of the science activities. • Students go to the science lab about once every two weeks.
  9. 9. Social Studies • Texas history is the emphasis of the curriculum. • Map skills as they relate to Texas • Research skills as they relate to Texas • Literature and Writing will also be incorporated to reinforce skills. • Current events will be integrated as well.
  10. 10. Grading • Polly Ann McRoberts Elementary follows the Katy ISD Grading and Reporting guidelines, and children receive the grades earned. mentary%20Handbook.pdf • Students who receive failing grades on tests will be given an opportunity to retest for a 70%.
  11. 11. Discipline • McRoberts has a school wide discipline plan, Love and Logic. For more information go to • The Expectations Chart will go home daily. Please initial the card and return it the next day. • Students receiving 0-3 marks at the end of the nine weeks will become Self-Managers. They will be allowed special privileges throughout the nine weeks. • Students receiving zero marks for the six weeks will become Independent Self-Managers and will no longer need the assistance of the card. More information will come to you if your child qualifies for this honor. • An office referral warrants an N or U on the Report card.
  12. 12. Food • Student lunch is $2.00 and adult lunch is $2.85. • Snacks- Healthy, dry snacks. Please do not send snacks that need to be eaten with a spoon. No juice or soda. • Peanuts Please do not send peanuts or peanut by- products due to severe allergies on the campus.
  13. 13. Birthdays • Birthday invitations cannot be distributed at school. Cupcakes or cookies may be brought to school for your child’s birthday. Please do not send a cake. • Birthdays are celebrated during recess. • Parents are not permitted to attend the classroom celebration or recess. • Please do not send flowers, balloons, treat bags, pencils, juice, etc.
  14. 14. Odds and Ends • Medications should be turned into the school LVN. • Cameras and video recording are only allowed at public events, such as evening programs. • Home Access Center is a great way to stay updated electronically. Please sign up in the computer lab before you go home if you have not already done so.
  15. 15. KISD Safety Net • Forms are provided outside the counselor’s office. • The forms are used to report the following.  Threats  Acts of violence  Suspicious activity
  16. 16. Safety Procedures • Identification is required for all visitors. • A picture ID will be scanned and the visitor must wear a printed ID tag. • The tag must be returned to the office as the visitor leaves the building. • The following types of ID are allowed:  Valid Drivers License  State-Issued I.D. Card  Work Visa  Green Card
  17. 17. Communication • Communication between the parent and teacher is essential. • Student Planners  The planner is designed to help your child organize his/ her homework assignments, projects, and other related information.  Please initial the planner daily.  Planners are available for $3.00 cash. • Tuesday Folders  Contain graded work and important school information.  Review the material and return the folder on Wednesday. • Expectations Card  Provides feedback to parents about student behavior  The back of the card may be used for communication between parents and teacher.
  18. 18. Communication Cont. • Contacting the Teacher  Your child’s teacher will make every effort to return emails and phone calls within 24 hours. • Absences  Students must bring a signed and dated note when they return.  Students checked out early will still be counted as a partial absence. • Transportation Changes  Changes are only made with a signed and dated note sent to the office.
  19. 19. Extra Information • Toys are not allowed at school unless requested in writing by the teachers. • Junior Achievement Volunteers Needed  Contact your child’s teacher if you’re interested!
  20. 20. Thank You for Coming! We are all looking forward to a terrific year with your fourth grader! 