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  1. 1. Autoresponders Helpful In Online Advertising By: ALPHA SANDESH
  2. 2. What are autoresponders?Auto responder is a general which isdelivered automatically toclient email. These followup bulk emails are writtenin advance, so thebusiness owner doesnthave to take time sendingout emails every timesomeone buys somethingor asks for information.
  3. 3. Types Of Autoresponder:Remotely-Hosted Auto responder: In remotely hosted program, you will not be able to use your domain name.Locally-Hosted Auto responder: Programs that work from your own web server.Desktop-Hosted Auto responder: Programs that work from your own computer
  4. 4. Importance Of AutorespondersSince an auto responder is inevitable part of our on line business, so its better to go for some research to find the type of auto responder that meets your requirements.Before deciding which kind of auto responder fits your on line business go through the advantages and disadvantages of different types of auto responders
  5. 5. Advantages Of Autoresponder It tracks your open rate,it means how many of your emails were read and who read them If you use auto responders in your online advertising, your customer will get the information they want immediately and you will be able to use your time for additional online marketing efforts. You can see which of your website sign-up forms are generating subscribers You can send instant welcome messages to clients approaching you for the first time, provide details about your product to potential customers and can also take follow up with them. By Using auto responders you can answer queries from many customers in a minimum time,eventually your customers feel valued Auto responder persuade customers for purchasing by sending out information to clients after regular intervals of time about your products.
  6. 6. Biggest Disadvantage Difficult to customizeAll your customers receive the same response from auto responder so You can only manipulate the heading, wherein you can change the address of your customers by their first names. Apart from it,you cannot do anything to customize your email for each and every customer.
  7. 7. Keep In mind while purchasing Autoresponder: What are your needs and the type features you required?2. Types of auto responders available in the market?3. Which type of auto responder best fit for you.4. What are the available brand names in the market?5. Comparison of price range,features and restrictions of different brand names
  8. 8. For information related to bulk emails, feelfree to visit