Daily 5 book study fourth meeting


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Daily 5 book study fourth meeting

  1. 1. The Daily 5 Gail Boushey and Joan Moser
  2. 2.  In the Daily 5 book, they suggested a specific order for launching Daily 5 by starting with Read to Self, then Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading and Word Work. They have now changed the order. Introduce Read to Self first and then launch Work on Writing second. After that, there is no certain order, it is your choice and depends on the group you have and the content you want to practice.  Another significant change from the book is to introduce student "choice" once Read to Self and Work on Writing are introduced and before we add another Daily. Here is why: it is much easier for students to start learning and choosing between two Daily 5 choices rather than five. Introducing choice early on increases motivation and engagement.
  3. 3. The writing component of the Daily Five provides additional support children require to become effective writers. Its purpose is to provide daily writing practice.
  4. 4. Students:  Write the whole time.  Stay in one spot.  Work quietly.  Get started right away.  Choice of what to write.  Underline words we’re not sure how to spell and move on.  Work on stamina.  Work with students Teacher: Work on Writing Independence
  5. 5. Focus Lessons Day 1 Model what to do when writing words you can't spell. Day 2 Practice where to sit & what materials to use
  6. 6. Day 3  What to write about…  Make a list of topics  Make a list of forms  Post lists for students’ reference Day 4  Continue to teach the forms and traits of writing according our curriculum.
  7. 7. Once a focus lesson is taught, students work on writing – building stamina. Add a few minutes each day
  8. 8. Name Mo Tu We Th Fr Gracie W RS R L W R Melissa RS W L WW W RS Lauren W RS R WW W R Nick H. W R RS WW L W Jessie J. RS W R Carrie R WW W Ashden R W WW Emma RS R L Isaiah RS WW W Daeton W W W R: Read to Self WW: Word Work RS: Read to Someone L: Listen to Reading W: Work on Writing
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