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My sister’s opinion on dm md characters

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My sister’s opinion on dm md characters

  1. 1. My Sister’s Opinion on DMMd characters This should be fun
  2. 2. Aoba Is that his hair Did he dye it that color His hair matches his outfit Biker hipster
  3. 3. Koujaku Is there something wrong with his arm Is he okay Why does he not have a shirt on His hair is covering his one eye
  4. 4. Clear Looks like a woman He’s very fashionable can I be done with this one
  5. 5. Noiz • Definitely gay • Sorry that was mean • Accent color is lime green • A “badass” • Attractive • Too attractive • Maybe even gay
  6. 6. Mink A woman Pink is his fav color Is he of Indian decent?
  7. 7. Ren • An animal • Black is his fav color • Goth
  8. 8. Virus Hair looks like kate from john n kate plus 8 Waterfall in front fireworks in back Looks stuck up
  9. 9. Trip Fashionable Coco chanel Vest isn’t working Bad boy