Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___            Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: WEb...
Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___   Go to the following website, and choose one Co...
Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___                                            may b...
Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___                     the Act only provides crimin...
Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___      4.      How could the government within you...
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Civil Liberties Webquest


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Civil Liberties Webquest

  1. 1. Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___ Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: WEbquestA.Civil Liberties: Answer the following questions through graphics and text.Plagiarism is not allowed. 1. Civil Liberties are the rights that belong to everyone; they are protections against the government and are guaranteed by the Constitution. Here are a few rights guaranteed under the Constitution. Define the following terms, using the website below as a reference. You can look elsewhere, but you must put these terms in your own words. .aspx a. Writ of habeas corpus All prisoners must step in front of a court and justify their imprisonment. b. Bills of attainder The Bills of the Attainder is when the legislature declares one guilty giving them the usual trial. c. Ex post facto laws When a recent law punishes someone who committed the law prior to its creation d. Establishment Clause No one, not even the Congress, has the power to establish an official religion for the country. e. Free Exercise Clause All religious practices are accepted.B.Protecting Civil Liberties: 1. List the Bill of Rights. (You should know these without using the internet!)1. Freedom of religion 6. Right for speedy and public trial2. Right to bear arms 7. Trial with jury for civil cases3. No quartering of 8. No cruel or unusual punishmentssoldiers4. No search and 9. These are not your only rightsseizures5. No trial without jury 10. Powers not reserved for the Congress are reserved for the people or statesC.Civil Liberty Cases Through History:
  2. 2. Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___ Go to the following website, and choose one Court Case in each category. Highlight it. Then, describe the background and what was established in each of them. Court Cases What happened and what was established? (Choose 1 per box.)Religion Lemon v. Pennslyvania students were required to pray in Kurtzman school and recite the Lord’s Prayer. If parents did (1971) not want their children to participate, a note had to be written to the school. Abington School District v. Schemp (1963) Santa Fe Independent School District v. Doe (2002) Engle v. Vitale (1962)Speech (symbolic and Reynolds v. George Reynolds, a Mormon and practicingwritten) United States polygamist was charged for being a polygamist. (1879) He fought back declaring that it was a violation of the First Amendment, and that the ‘freedom of Gitlow v. New religion’ should secure his rights. York (1925) After much review, the Supreme Court decided to Texas v. interpret the First Amendment with traditional Johnson American values, declaring that the First (1989) Amendment could not defend polygamy.Assembly/Press/Piracy New York L.B. Sullivan, the Montgomery city commissioner, Times v. felt that an ad that ran in the New York Times Sullivan stating that MLK Jr.’s arrest was all apart of an (1964) effort to destroy his movement and promote integration was a personal attack on him Roe v. Wade (Sullivan) and that all allegations were false. (1973) The Court protected the New York Times and claimed that despite the fact that the allegations
  3. 3. Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___ may be false, the Times was allowed to publish whatever they wanted (whether it be actually true or not) thanks to the First Amendment.Search and Seizure Mapp v. Ohio (1961)Trials Miranda v. Arizona Floridian authorities charged Gideon after he tried (1932) to commit a misdemeanor. Gideon could not afford a lawyer. He requested a counsel but was Gideon v. denied and he had to represent himself in court,Cruel and Unusual Wainwright where he was found guilty. The main issue wasPunishment (1963) the debate over whether defendants in non- capital cases should automatically receive counsel Escovedo v. and if that a previous case (Betts v. Brady) should Illinois (1964) be overturned. The Supreme Court overturned the case. Gregg v. Georgia (1976)D.Civil Liberty Cases Today: 1. Go to the following Website. Choose an article to read. Then complete the following chart using complete sentences. of Article Casias vs. Wal-MartCivil Liberty This article discusses the civil liberties granted to the citizens ofMentioned Michigan under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.Summary of In 2008, Wal-Mart employee Joseph Casias was fired from his five-yearArticle job after it was discovered that he was legally using medical marihuana at home. Casias had be struggling with a tumor and sinus cancer for(At least two full over a decade, and the previous medicine he had been taking gave himparagraphs with severe nausea. His doctor eventually recommended prescribing himissue and medical marihuana. Casias received his registry card from the Michigandecision) Department of Community Health and complied with the state laws. He immediately saw an improvement in his health- gaining back weight he lost from chemotherapy and being able to go about his days with less pain. After being fired from his job, Casias immediately took the incident to court. Scott Michelmann, a staff attorney with ACLU stated that no employee should have to choose between his job or medicine, and no employer should have the option to intrude on personal medical decisions made between a patient and doctor. After reviewing the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, the Federal Court declared that there is no protection for patients such as Casias, since
  4. 4. Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___ the Act only provides criminal prosecution defense. Casias fought back and brought forth a statement found in the Act declaring that any occupational/business board or bureau cannot penalize all patients with a registered card. The Court responded back stating that the word “business” applied only to the ‘state board’. Casias lost the case.An image tocapture your topic 1. Choose a Video to watch on the same website, and describe the message the person is giving in it using the Lasswell Model. Use complete sentences. 2. (Copy and paste this link into your browser.) Who: Two elementary aged Latino students What: These two students are being singled out and have been accused of being illegal immigrants How: They were given letters (in Spanish) that informed them of H.B. 56. One parent went to the principal to ask why the letter was given to his daughter, and the principal bluntly stated that they suspected she was an illegal immigrant. When: November 2011 3. Go to the following website, and choose any topic to read about related to the international violation of human rights. Then, type a brief summary of the article. Women in Afghanistan are being imprisoned for committing “moral” crimes. A recent series of interviews highlights the stories of 58 different women who have all found themselves in prison. Many of them told stories of running away from violent arranged marriages, rape, unlawful sex, and even being forced into prostitution. Many of these women never have the chance to have an investigation on their cases. After the fall of the Taliban, there was a promise of a new era for women’s rights, but small progress has been made.
  5. 5. Name _______Alyssa Lester______date _____March 27, 2012_____ class___8___ 4. How could the government within your country better protect the “civil liberties” of those afflicted in your article? thThe 6 Amendment was the first solution I thought about while reading this article.In the article, it states that women are not receiving any sort of trial orinvestigation after their imprisonment. If Afghanistan created a law stating thatanyone arrested deserves a right to a trial, many of these women would be able toactually be dismissed and go about their lives, especially since they are notcommitting any crimes (except for in the case of unlawful sex). Also, the 5thAmendment would be useful, seeing that many of these women want theopportunity to have their cases further investigated.