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Safe birth control for older women

Use of contraception in women is very important, especially in females over 40 years of age. Though fertility may decrease with age, it is not hundred percent guarantees that unprotected intercourse will lead to no pregnancy. For family planning and protection against conceiving, utilizing birth control is a must.

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Safe birth control for older women

  1. 1.  Protecting oneself from pregnancy needs use of birth control.  Contraceptive pills, devices, spermicidal, condoms are few options.  It is must that women in 40’s too utilize ways to prohibit pregnancy. Need of Birth Control
  2. 2. Contraceptive for 40 plus Women  Some females in 40’s believe that they no longer need birth control.  Approaching menopause does not mean one cannot get pregnant.  Permanent way to stop pregnancy is sterilization.
  3. 3. Restricting Unwanted Pregnancy  To prevent unintended pregnancy, use Ovral or Ovral L pills.  The drugs disallow fertilization, implantation and ovulation.  Females can take birth control even to monitor menstruation.
  4. 4. Precautions for Contraception Only prescribed birth control methods must be taken. Let doctor know about medical history before the treatment. Do not consume alcohol or smoke if on contraceptive pills.
  5. 5. Emergency Birth Control  Works if a birth control is feared to fail or on unprotected intercourse.  Plan B emergency contraceptive functions if there is no pregnancy.  Take the tablet within 24 to 73 hours of the intimacy.
  6. 6. Pregnancy or Abortion If willing to continue pregnancy, speak with doctor. Abortion or conceiving at 40’s is risky for women. It is better to protect against pregnancy with birth control.
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