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Truely Engagng Line Managers in Human Resources


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A great set of slides to give you tips on engaging line managers in Human Resources practice and People Management.

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Truely Engagng Line Managers in Human Resources

  1. 1. Truly Engaging Line Managers with HR Webinar withAlyson Pellowe & Paula Harris from People Vision
  2. 2. • Welcome• Participant involvement• Questions: raise your „technological‟ hand• Type in question box
  3. 3. Agenda1. Why engage line managers in HR?2. How do we engage those line managers?3. How to have those difficult conversations with reluctant line managers4. Keeping consistent standards
  4. 4. Why engage line managers in HR at all?
  5. 5. Why engage line managers in“HR matters”? – The role of HR is changing – business partnering/critical friend – You do not have an HR department – You want to up-skill your managers
  6. 6. Why is the role of a linemanager changing? – “tell and sell” – Increasing focus on individuals, new technology, different working practices – It is a more complex workplace – “welfare” issues – traditionally fielded & counselled by HR – Link between organisational goals & individual goals
  7. 7. Research (the “science” behind it)......• By the CIPD, ACAS, Roffey Park and Harvard show: – Individuals & teams are key to increased productivity & efficiency = competitive – The person who can get the most out of teams & individuals is the person who works closest to them – the line manager – People join businesses because of their reputation – they stay because of their line manager
  8. 8. The line manager today Senior management expectations HR Line Organisational responsibility Manager responsibility Employees – the team responsibility
  9. 9. Line managers are best placed to:• Talk to employees• Listen• Counsel & coach• Check performance targets• Ensure commitment
  10. 10. How do you get your line managers to realise this?
  11. 11. Brainstorm - what is HR/when we talk about HR what responsibilities come up – write down as many as you can?
  12. 12. HR1. Recruitment and onboarding2. Performance management3. Motivation4. H&S5. Attendance6. Policies & procedures7. Communication & engagement8. Learning & development9. Coaching & counselling10. Disciplinary & grievance11. Reward12. Etc etc!
  13. 13. Line responsibility or HR or Both? Line Manager Both HR
  14. 14. The exercise will demonstrate a key learning point......• HR often provides the structure, the policies & procedures• Line management execute the delivery of them in practice• i.e. Performance management – HR may provide the guidance, the training, the format to use but line managers will manage and be accountable for an individual’s performance as they are closest to it
  15. 15. Any others ways of engaging line managers?
  16. 16. Ways to engage – Educate – Communicate – Robust systems with end user in mind – Consultation – Training – On going reviews
  17. 17. What line managers need from HR & the businessto be engaged & successful• It is NOT a quick fix• Relationship between the line & HR• Involvement• The cycle of review & improvement• HR acting as critical friend
  18. 18. How to have those difficult conversations with the line manager?Most line management people issues can be nipped in the bud when line managers take responsibility.
  19. 19. Remember• Always be fair, reasonable & consistent• Early intervention• Know your team• Ongoing dialogue
  20. 20. How do you keep consistent standards
  21. 21. Keeping consistent standards• Recruitment & selection of line managers• Train line managers in people management• Ensure your line managers have a balanced workload• Review your line managers work• Ensure your line managers are measured on their people responsibilities• Make sure line managers are coached by more senior managers
  22. 22. Today we covered…1. Why engage line managers in HR?2. How do we engage those line managers?3. How to have those difficult conversations with reluctant line managers4. Keeping consistent standards
  23. 23. So what is the key thing you take away from this session?
  24. 24. “ParticipantQuestion Time”  Use the „hands-up button to alert me to your question  Be sure to have a working microphone so that we can hear you  Don‟t want to talk? then simply type a question into the question box and I will ask this on your behalf
  25. 25. Future PVHRWebinars • We now run webinars on a range of different subjects • Write to me if you would like more details • Contact details for Paula – 07775 841137
  26. 26. “Thank you for participating, we look forward to your feedback!”