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HI2013IDW Inviting Technology into the Classroom


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Published in: Education, Technology
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HI2013IDW Inviting Technology into the Classroom

  1. 1. Inviting Technology into the Classroom Alycea Snyder Hawaii 2013 Instructor Development Workshop
  2. 2. Take a moment to connect Slides <link> Handout (PDF with live links) Questions (Shared Google Doc)
  3. 3. Most of you use these regularly 100% 75% 50% 25% 0%
  4. 4. Most of you planned to bring a tablet or smartphone today Most of your students bring smartphones, tablets, or laptops to your classes 100% 75% 50% More than 3/4 1/4 to 1/2 25% 0% Less than 1/4 1/2 to 3/4
  5. 5. But in the classroom… Whiteboard Advanced Dabble Po w…
  6. 6. My goals for today You leave with 3 action items 1. Try one structural change in your next class to increase student engagement 2. Try one new tool 3. Use one familiar tool in a new way
  7. 7. Adults are self-directed ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Simulations Role-playing Case studies Solve immediate problems
  8. 8. Adults are self-directed Teacher Teacher Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Student Student
  9. 9. Instructors of adult learners Traditional Classroom Management Instructors are more resource, less lecturer Role is to facilitate information exchange Evolved Adult-Oriented Structure
  10. 10. Fundamental shifts are occurring Flashy new tools for the classroom New skills required to succeed
  11. 11. The goal was to learn information There was simply less information.
  12. 12. Now…
  13. 13. The goal has changed Learning  Navigating When the goal is memorization, taking notes makes sense. Now, students sift through and organize information.
  14. 14. Action-oriented learning Searching Distinguishing Creating Joining Participating Problem-solving Impacting Filming Editing Uploading Evaluating Debating Researching This is how people are choosing to use their time
  15. 15. The skills to thrive have changed Find Evaluate Corral Categorize Apply
  16. 16. Learning becomes student-centric One student, many
  17. 17. New Educational Models
  18. 18. Flipped classrooms Traditional Homework Flipped Homework “Complete questions 1-10 from the unit’s Check Your Understanding section.” “Watch the next lecture.” Traditional Class Time Flipped Class Time “Sit quietly while I lecture.” “Let’s apply the new information as a group.”
  19. 19. Made possible because... It’s simple and cheap to digitally record lectures. Why should quality education be restricted? Digital content is easily distributed.
  20. 20. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 30 students 150 students 2000 students 160,000 students A class lecture is simply one more way to receive content.
  21. 21. MOOCs have challenges Course offered online ≠ Online Course
  22. 22. Badges New ways to quantify and recognize performance ability Common currency for credentials
  23. 23. Adapting
  24. 24. Structural changes • Offer experience navigating, qualifying, and applying content • Provide student-centric opportunities • Evaluate the live classroom experience • Recognize and value performance ability
  25. 25. How to Find and Select the Right Technology for the Classroom
  26. 26. Once upon a time… I was recruited into tech support. I learned how to learn technology. I was not a techie... Technology should make life simpler. “I have a room full of brilliant techies, and not one of them can help somebody on the phone.”
  27. 27. I look for these… Simple Intuitive (and whenever possible) Free Technology in a classroom… Minimal risk to execute Minimal hassle to set up
  28. 28. The right tool, the right way Choose the right tool The most basic tool that will accomplish what you need to accomplish TRY: Simple tools used correctly can be very powerful Review blogs Use the tool correctly TRY: Take the tour TRY: Start with YouTube
  29. 29. Using Technology in the Classroom
  30. 30. Ahh, PowerPoint. Onscreen Prompts Compatible Familiar Easy Dull.
  31. 31. TRY: Prezi Simple Intuitive Free Visual Themes Metaphors
  32. 32. TRY: PowToon
  33. 33. TRY: iMindMap and MindMeister
  34. 34. Balance risk and hassle It’s okay to make a safe choice. TRY: Challenge your design
  35. 35. Provide Resources
  36. 36. TRY: FlipSnack TRY: PDF-Creator
  37. 37. Information is not scarce
  38. 38. Social media turns textbook TRY: • Twitter • Google+ • Pinterest • • • • LinkedIn WordPress Pocket Reddit
  39. 39. Store it. Find it again. Technology in the Classroom technologyintheclassroom #technologyintheclassroom TRY: Hashtags
  40. 40. Example My Google+ Profile (or search for my name: Alycea Snyder) Search for this hashtag: #technologyintheclassroom
  41. 41. Follow the backchannel TRY: Follow this backchannel: #narannual
  42. 42. TRY: Pinterest
  43. 43. Be the source Structure matters more than the tool.
  44. 44. Energized by activity Busy, lively atmosphere Accustomed to multi-tasking Love the background buzz
  45. 45. People like their gadgets They rely on their technology to navigate this world. Don’t take that away.
  46. 46. Re-define what it means to learn Evaluation Synthesis Analysis Application Comprehension Knowledge
  47. 47. Instant application The tools to learn hands-on are already in their hands. Evaluation Synthesis Analysis Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation occur more easily in context. Application Comprehension Knowledge Where should students focus? On integration of the material
  48. 48. Promote Class Participation
  49. 49. How can we use technology to increase student participation? Add your ideas here: AJaziB3SVQEdisRR24sC2wDPXuURFeil4O1U/edit?usp=sharing
  50. 50. TRY: Google Docs Change the dynamic. Give students a voice.
  51. 51. How do iPads Fit?
  52. 52. The vision and the reality • • • • • iPad + Keynote Remote (99¢) + Laptop iPad + VGA adapter ($30) iPad + HDMI adapter ($40) iPad + wireless VGA adapter ($150) iPad + Apple TV + AirPort Express ($100) TRY: Focus on student use, not your own
  53. 53. Using Technology Before and After the Classroom
  54. 54. Support future learning Memorize Identify, streamline, and prioritize No extra work
  55. 55. WordPress Example:
  56. 56. Flip your classroom Audacity PresentMe
  57. 57. What would you like more of? Single-question survey here:
  58. 58. Deal with the Distraction
  59. 59. Invite technology TRY: Set the expectation Provide the wireless password TRY: Reconsider break times TRY: Check the lights TRY: Listen to what you say TRY:
  60. 60. When to Go Old School
  61. 61. Tailor to your circumstances • No WiFi= Avoid long PDFs and lots of typing • Pre-Licensing = Flipped classroom • Handouts = Digital and paper options
  62. 62. My goal for today 1. Try one structural change in your next class to increase student engagement 2. Try one new tool 3. Use one familiar tool in a new way
  63. 63. Questions? Alycea Snyder