Cardiff ifp japanese entry requirements ak


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Cardiff ifp japanese entry requirements ak

  1. 1. International Foundation
  2. 2. At least 4.0in all sub-scoresOverviewmonth long preparation programme forundergraduate studyroutes of studyKotogakko Sotsugyo Shomeisho
  3. 3. Business courses at CardiffAccountingAccountingAccounting and EconomicsAccounting and FinanceAccounting and ManagementFinance and ManagementBusiness ManagementGeneral RouteHuman ResourcesInternational ManagementLogistics and OperationsMarketingEconomicsBanking and FinanceBusiness EconomicsEconomicsEconomics and FinanceEconomics and ManagementStudies
  4. 4. IFP for BusinessBusiness modules:Business StudiesQuantitative Methods for BusinessIntroduction to ManagementIntroduction to EconomicsEnglish language modules:English Language & Study Skills 1English Language & Study Skills 2English for Academic PurposesIntegrated Study SkillsBritish Social & Cultural Environment 1 & 2
  5. 5. Student experienceMy course is really useful.I am new to studying business and thebusiness modules on my course are helpingme to have a thorough understanding of theessentials of business study.The English language teaching is very good,with helpful teachers. The course is goodpreparation for studying at a UK university.As well as improving my English I am learningskills that will help me in my degree, such asessay-writing and presentation skills.Quang Huy Nguyen, Vietnam
  6. 6. Engineering courses at CardiffArchitecturalEngineeringCivil Engineering Civil andEnvironmentalEngineeringElectrical andElectronicElectronic andCommunicationsIntegratedEngineeringMechanicalEngineeringMedicalEngineering
  7. 7. IFP for EngineeringEngineering modulesTrigonometry and Further CalculusEngineering AnalysisAlgebra and Engineering FunctionsEngineering MaterialsFurther CalculusEnglish Language modulesEnglish Language & Study Skills 1English Language & Study Skills 2English for Academic PurposesIntegrated Study SkillsBritish Social & Cultural Environment 1 & 2
  8. 8. Health & Life Science courses at Cardiff
  9. 9. IFP for Health & Life SciencesHealth & Life Science modulesFundamental Aspects of ChemistryThermodynamics, Kinetics & EquilibriaChemistry of Organic CompoundsInorganic and Redox ChemistryGenetics, Evolution & DiversityCells & the Chemistry of LifeThe Way the Body WorksEnglish Language modulesEnglish Language & Study SkillsFurther English Language & Study SkillsEnglish for Academic PurposesFurther English for Academic PurposesEnglish for Health & Life Sciences
  10. 10. Cardiff IFP course benefits/ Classes taught on campus byUniversity staff/ Taught using a variety ofmethods - lectures, tutorials,practicals, seminars,independent study/ Assessed by tests, essays,presentations, course work,group work, formal exams/ Good balance of English foracademic purposes and subjectspecific input
  11. 11. Cardiff IFP student support/ IFP students are full members ofthe University - access to allfacilities (libraries, sport,healthcare)/ Dedicated IFP support office/ Personal tutor system/ Comprehensive inductionprogramme/ Guaranteed Universityaccommodation/ Scholarships available
  12. 12. ProgressionAutomatic: Biosciences Business Chemistry EngineeringPotential(Subject to application) City and Regional Planning Computer Science Earth Sciences Healthcare Studies Journalism Mathematics Medicine Optometry Pharmacy Politics Psychology
  13. 13. Guaranteed progressionBusiness50% in allmodulesEngineering40% in allmodulesHealth &LifeSciences50% in allEnglishlanguagemodules40 % in allsciencemodulesAutomaticprogressionto study atCardiffUniversity
  14. 14. Cardiff University/ Traditional University (est.1883)/ Russell Group/ Ranked in top 1.5%in the world (THES)/ World leading research/33 out of 34 research areas shownto be undertaking world-leadingresearch- RAE 2008/ £200m investment to develop facilities/ Top 20 in THES and Guardian/ Excellent reputation domestically andinternationally – recognised byGovernments/ Excellent career prospects
  15. 15. University RankingsTop Anatomy and Physiology1 Cardiff University2 Cambridge3 Oxford4 UCL5 Bristol6 Newcastle7 Sussex8 Manchester9 Swansea10 King’s>32Ranking by The Complete UniversityGuide 2013Top 5 Business and Management Studies1 London Business School2 Imperial3 Cambridge4 Cardiff University5 Bath>90Ranking by GPA see 3 Civil Engineering1 Imperial2 Swansea3 Cardiff University4 Newcastle- Nottingham6 Dundee- Sheffield8 Bristol- Southampton10 Queen’s, Belfast>23Ranking by GPA 5 Mechanical Engineering1 Southampton2 Bath3 Nottingham4 Cardiff University– Imperial College>55Ranking by The Guardian 2013Top 3 Pharmacy1 Cambridge2 Nottingham3 Cardiff University4 East Anglia5 Queens University, Belfast>39Ranking by The Times Good University Guide 2013
  16. 16. Cardiff, Capital City of Wales/ Population of 350,000/ History & Culture:/ Cardiff Castle/ Wales Millennium Opera House/ 5 theatres/ Sport:/ Championship football team/ Ice-hockey, cricket, rugby/ Indulge: shops, restaurants, andcinemas/ Cardiff Bay
  17. 17. Living/ Safe and friendly/ Affordable (RBS)/ University city/ 29,000 students/ 6,000 staff/ 3,500 international students/ Beautiful civic centre – 100 yearsold/ Walking distance
  18. 18. Location2 hours from LondonCapital of WalesCoastal locationCountryCityUniversity
  19. 19. Thank you!Contact details: