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Lawyers for Suspended License Austin


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Lawyers for Suspended License Austin, 512 919-4273 , Lawyers for suspended license Austin can provide you with the representation you need, The best in Texas.
Please visit our webpage at for free information, or call ( 512) 919-4273.

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Lawyers for Suspended License Austin

  1. 1. Kelly McMahan Law www. austinareatraffictickets. com 5 1 2 ~ 9 1 9 - 4 2 A7 3
  2. 2. «nu Austin Traffic Tlckel Lawyer www. austinareatraffictickets. com 5 1 2 . 9 1 9 . 4 2 7 3
  3. 3. @ Kelly McMahan Law We fight for Central Texans to keep them on the road. ‘-EIEW THE SERVICES WE OFFER THAT CMN HELP ‘vOU n‘-. -‘OID LOSING ’v‘O'_JF! DF'. I‘-. -"ING PFEI"-JILEGEST IF~JCFiEr‘~SED1NS| .|F«'LF«llCE FTBTES ANDJMIL TIME. www. austinareatraffictickets. com 5 1 2 . 9 1 9 . 4 2 7 3
  4. 4. 1"’) Kelly McMahan Law Austin Traffic Ticket " 91 Austin traffic ticket : r an ‘ "" ' ""’ ' ' *7 " —tt: r’ie, -ellyi -: ‘3Tl.3Tll; T3Tl i3'i is: ll Lri 1 Austin traffic tickets, T “i 3 Cl: l'iIlE-BEE: ICVETI ‘CM’ SLl', ', 'l; 'Lllc'< 73': 7:’ ,9‘ 231W ’lEl: ‘V; :Ll'. ClCl: :E<l’lE’lCl: :Ll: ‘§: l:'lE<lCl'liEl'E‘ DETEE "E~E1EE1’l: ,E1E 'i””’ "T'i""1’ "i"n’l’ 7"" ” 512.919.4273
  5. 5. @ Kelly McMahan Law About Kelly Attorney Ke 3/ E. “. "cN’a'wav1 s a T fee ong res dent of Texas, Swe graduated from Texas Chi’ st an Un 'J€l'S and th ncred n Evig sh. Sn eh went to Texas Wes eyah Smoc cf taw and graduated :1 ‘. ' Exam‘ then moved d rec’ iheve she 'na_or'ed n -«story 'cf Z010. Sne took : 'iej. l 3; 2010 Texas Ba" Austin Swe s ‘censed to sractce aw wtne State ofTexas Ke y Vc‘u‘aha'w has handed hundreds cftraff c : 'ckets for her c ‘ents snce becotn ng an aT'. O*'r1Ej/ .Sl1e emoys 'nak'ng the e'T"'e Drccess‘ frmw T-ece i» ng the : cke: to : s .1 tmate -‘eso ut on‘ as easy and stress—free as pass be for Her c ems. ‘lei goa s ave to save you : ‘me and i. ~.-any‘, Keep : ckets off of yeti" drv ng "ecord, keen nsurahce cos: frcm ncreas ng and to keep; ro. ifr'on1 get‘. ng : )o’n: s on 1/o. u' d" was (ense wh (h (cm :1 res»: n cease s. isoens'on and cos: y suvtharges Ke y Vc‘. "aha'i and DE" f'i m -. '.~ ta/ .e a C ass C 'n sdemeancr cases‘ nc dd mg ‘i’ no’ h Dcssess on, V nur n Cmsurm): (W, Open Ccn: a‘ner. o Seatbe '. . D sorder y Conduct, C ass ‘C‘ Theft. C ass ‘C‘ losses on. ASSEJ : and most : raff'c re ated offenses, Ke ‘y can pro» de 'TfO: ‘rT‘IB'. on on cense stispens ons and the Texas 30 nts System Contact he" tcda ".0 d SCJSS j/ OJ" CBSES. 512.919.4273
  6. 6. @ Kelly McMahan Law TRAFFIC TICKETS Ii“ CEl”Il'El Teras. c: rit= ii“g is a part of cai| _s li‘e, art: tlte ‘tore the criuie, tl‘e higl‘ei' Tl‘E probabilir‘-v of gettirc: a trai‘t'ic ticket. Tlte reasons ‘or beiric citec t': ir a tra"'ic violation are ir. creasihg all the time ant: e>. tenC. ii‘g: to bcitl‘ row we ciperate our x-el icles are how we behave irsice utie beer UCVEIEC for cri tl“em. W ‘etlter 3‘ there are mai 3-’ rg over the speec limit, reclnless crit«ir .9 or textirg or tallrirg Wl‘llE' or i-. ac: -uantages to l‘lFIl g El“ experiercec lat r to cefenct ; ‘OL. l' (ESE. er, there are lastirg ccii‘secL. ei‘t'es to h5«ii“g violations can be re= ol«ec: Vat. r "i rst thought n‘ ccirc. Each ticl-tet rrears more DCill”IS or 3-, «oL. i' Cl'l‘€l'5 lice se. with erocgh poirts. ,. :«t. r Cll'l’ll‘§ p| ‘l'. ‘ll€ ‘ be to acmit guilt anc pay the ‘ire to get it citser with. l-cw‘ on yciL. r czritvi L. htil the points are resttirec. The cost : «f; «:iL. r car ii‘st. rai‘ce may ir‘icrease witl‘ eacl‘ tia“ic ticket art: stay ircreasec ‘or ‘we years. At tl‘is point. tl”e optior is to pay Mcr. lal‘an Law car‘ l‘e| p you ‘igl‘t your tra‘fic cltaticii‘ from tl‘e begirriirg aha avoic accet: costs arc: hassle. or e: -i: iensi‘. ie cri-uers EC: L.CEtl0l‘i courses that car talre L]? to a cagi to complete, costing got. time are m: ii*e_s. Kelly ftlitl‘ Kelly i~lcMa war‘ Lair»; it‘ _w: it. i' c: e‘ei‘se, ‘soc car‘ II'L. S[ ti‘: ‘wot have ai‘ e>: pert ll‘ ti'ai‘fic law stL. c:wing your‘ Ll‘l(: L.E Si[LEIiCi ‘ are building c 5 correct. The best tl‘e best case. It‘s a coirmor misccirception that a traffic ticlet is firal are that the officer lSSL. lFig tl‘e CltETlCil‘ is alt-. case lS ‘: ii'met: a‘ter looking clcisely. at everything ‘rcim »~. il‘ei'e tl‘e scpposec ‘lCilE[lOf‘ tool: place to tl‘e steps tal/ en whet‘ tl‘e o"‘icei' stcippec G r 512.919.4273
  7. 7. @ Kelly McMahan Law TRAFFIC WARRANTS Tra’”’it ~arrai‘ts- ‘arty people lsa-we alt: ticlets t‘at tlte, eitl‘er ": -rg: >t ahoct. Dl'jL. St cici"t take care 0" i‘ a timely mai‘r‘er. lvlar; times tltese _iUL- are subject to he arrestet: i‘, <tiL. have QL. ISEEl‘(: |l“Q . .iari'arts. will EH2-l"tL. El‘_i‘ cause a perstirs llCET‘SE to become ll"‘EllCl, -: t:t: itio‘al| ' iboct it "or mortlts. "t ir the glcitsebo. » CiL. t t‘ "rt. strati: »i‘ er“ : ":»i‘gettii~ l‘. lEi"j' 0" L.5 have E'>lIEI‘lEl‘CEC beirg lSSL. E‘C! a UCI-’t’: T, Sl“O~‘li" tris res r *"ciitt. rate‘ ticlets tltat arer 't IEI-’€l‘ care 0" ir a timel tickets C-r Cw writh sigr i*iai‘i‘er get r: i': ig: iessitle| ‘_= severe. Witt E'l‘OL. gl‘ perec multiple tinies. L ttai‘ be i SLEC agairst ‘_‘OL. . At T. l‘&t poirt, ,ciL. CCiL. lC: be arrestec. erotgh [ll"€, ,ot. r licerse will become ll‘-’EllC arc in tartly irtreases t; -sts. is ‘. ’.‘Cll'SE or ; v=3L. i' recoro art: tales L. p a lot : i"; i3L. i' time. at l“at»ei"t beer‘ taler‘ care 0‘, Kelly l*. lCllEl‘6l" Lav. ‘ car‘ rei: i‘esei‘t ycit. ll‘ C2iL. l‘I are malre sure L. l“. ‘e tickets pilirg L4: or olc ticlet rarts are | i"tec arc ; ,ctiL. r e| igil: ilit_, to cme is SL. SI&ll‘EC. 512.919.4273
  8. 8. @ Kelly McMahan Law KELLY MCMAHAN LAW 12218 Ranch Road 620 North #104 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78750 kelly@kell3-'mlaw. com Offlce: Sl2~9l9-4273 = ax:888-SS1-S618 512.919.4273
  9. 9. l" ‘,5 Kelly McMahan Law 512.919.4273
  10. 10. l" ‘,5 Kelly McMahan Law 512.919.4273