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2013 listingpresentation 1


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2013 listingpresentation 1

  2. 2. to do:be your realtor®Being a Real Estate Agent entails all aspects of abusiness in one job. A successful agent must be ableto market oneself to the community, educateclients, listen to and understand the clients needs,use all resources to find what the client wants, writeoffers that represent the best interest of the client,negotiate for the best terms, anticipate problemsbefore they arise, know from experience how to dealwith these problems before they becomeinsurmountable, work together with the lender andclosing agent and close the transaction with as littlebumps as possible while not alarming the buyer orseller. "whew!Youll find me working on numerous transactionsat a time so all stages must be juggled at differentintervals. This requires focus and expert knowledge!Specialties: Marketing, ad creation,communication, writing (technical copy included),knowledge of mortgage loans and programs(previously licensed mortgage Broker), educatingsellers and buyers (orientation) in all aspects oftheir transaction contract writing, problem solving,managing business and other agents, timemanagement, being available for clients, findingtime for my own life and making it all look like itseasy.615.668.9940asands@realtynashville.comwww.realtynashville.comalyseSANDSBROKER, GRI ePRO, REALTOR®©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. ©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.what my clients say:what my clients say:Aly truly went above and beyondin my purchase. The lendingenvironment is much tougherthese days and my "Federal CreditUnion" had even morerequirements that needed to bemet than normal. Her persistenceand knowledge were extremelyvaluable in dealing with thoserequirements and allowed me toclose on the home I wanted.Gary WNashville, TNI have worked with Alyse in aprofessional capacity on morethan one occasion. She is veryprofessional and, in my opinion,the best in the business. She wasthere to help me purchase myhome and was the only person Iwanted to work with I needed tosell my home years later. Herexpert advice and dedication tothe sell of my home made a lastingimpression on me. There were alot of components to this sell thatmade it complicated, but Alysewas able to use her knowledge andexperience in the business to bringit all to a very successfulconclusion.Diana L.Forrest Hills, TNI listed my townhome with Aly andIve never had a more responsiveagent. Considering the market andthe length of time it took otherhomes to sell in my neighborhood,she did a great job getting it sold.Shes always willing to listen toyour ideas but will be honest withher feedback and what needs to bedone to get the home sold. I woulddefinitely recommend Aly.Alicia A.Hermitage, TNAly Sands is an exceptional Agent.Attentive, knowledgable, patientand always available. My situationwas very difficult and stressful,yetshe was a real pro and never let itbother her. She just stayed positiveand persistent, reassuring me allalong. I would recommend her foranyone wishing to buy or sellproperty. She will not let youdown.Brian M.Nashville, TN
  4. 4. to do:choose a differenthillsboro2206 21st Avenue SouthNashville, Tennessee37212o 615.383.6964f 615.383.6966east nashville615 Woodland StreetNashville, Tennessee37206o 615.369.3278f 615.369.3288franklin202 Church StreetFranklin, Tennessee37064o 615.790.4881f 615.794.3149At Village, we see things differently thanmost real estate brokerages. Our driving force is thedesire to build stronger, more progressivecommunities and to create neighborhood wealth.Our mission and community involvement reflectthis commitment to these values. Whether itsgiving back through the Village Fund orimplementing our unique approach to buyingand selling, we strive to make a difference.When you do business with us as a customeror a vendor, you have the opportunity to contributeto our ultimate goal... making Nashville a betterplace to live, work and play.Core values:• Enthusiasm for making a differencein our community• Act from care and concernabout the company as a whole• Be resourceful in getting the job donefor our customers• Have a creative spirit• Work ethically to achieve business goalsand social missionkind of company©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. to do:work with the bestVillage Real Estate Services is the 2012 Most InnovativeBrokerage or Franchise nationally according to InmanNews. At Inman’s conference in San Francisco, Villagewas among eight finalists for the coveted position.“We are so grateful that Inman recognizes companiesthat are not only in the business of selling real estate,but also those that are working within the communitythrough socially responsible entrepreneurship,” MarkDeutschmann, Village CEO, said.Village was recognized for its commitment to “recyclehousing” by focusing on older, establishedneighborhoods and infill condo and loft developments.Additionally, Village’s commitment to improving theGreater Nashville area by philanthropic giving throughThe Village Fund was applauded by the organization.“It was great to see ‘the little guy’ win,” Brian Copeland,Village’s Chief Engagement Officer, said. “This is thefirst time someone in our market place has been afinalist. Village has always been innovative, it’s just timewe start telling our story.”According to Inman, the awards were created in 1997 tohonor real estate companies, technologies, services andindividuals who have pushed the real estate industryforward by improving the real estate transaction processfor both consumers and real estate professionals. InmanNews is the leading source of independent real estatenews, information, research, opinion and commentaryfor industry professionals and consumers alike.©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. to do:meet all yourreal estate needs©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Rudy TitleRudy Title & Escrow is Village’s preferred titlecompany. They provide a full range of closing andtitle services to ensure a smooth and seamlessexperience for our clients. Conveniently located at2012 21st Avenue South, Rudy Title & Escrow is atrusted resource for all of your title needs and haveour confidence that they can get your sale closed.For more information on services and teammembers, visit InsuranceElite Insurance is Village’s preferred insuranceagency. Elite offers a variety of services to coveryour needs – making sure you and your clients areprotected every step of the way.www.eliteinsurancesolutions.comSWBC MortgageSWBC is consistently ranked as a top private lender.They offer complimentary credit and mortgageanalysis with in-house underwriting, processing,and funding for superior, responsive service andon-time closings. SWBC is a full-service mortgagelender offering competitive FHA, VA, andconventional loans.Visit for moreinformation.
  7. 7. to do:give back tohow to giveMost Village agents donateto the Village Fund by giving aportion of their commissions.Our clients give throughtheir transactions as well.We invite you to join usin making Nashville great.It is easy to give. Simply askyour Village agent for a brochure.You may also donate online .At Village, we recognize the importanceof a healthy, vibrant community. We feel thatsupporting the community in which we workand thrive is not just an idea, but our responsibility.Giving to causes which strengthen ourneighborhoods and the local economy elevates ourgreat city. The greater our city can become, themore we all benefit.The Village Fund was born out of this passion.Village’s non-profit foundation is designedto benefit from our collective success andprosperity, giving to a wide array of non-profits.Our greater Village family is instrumentalin this endeavor of building a better Nashville.Our commitment to this responsibility is proven bythe Village Fund’s success. Since its inception in1996, we have given to over 250 organizations todirectly enhance our community.Areas of giving include:• housing• community• environment and smart growth• the artsPrevious Organizations:• Magdalene House• Nashville Civic Design Center• Monroe Harding• Urban Land Institute• Nashville Children’s TheaterAnd Many More!our community©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. to do:let the numbersdo the talking©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Village has the highest ratio of sold price to original list price in the market. Village agentsare strong negotiators and deliver the highest price for their sellers.
  9. 9. to do:let the numbersdo the talking©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Village sells more. In our market, Village represents more clients buying and selling homeand consistently closes more units that our competition.
  10. 10. to do:let the numbersdo the talkingVillage’s Homes are on the Market at least 10 days, and as much as two months, lessthan the competition.©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. nownowthethedetailsdetails©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. MARKET CONDITIONSMARKET CONDITIONS• economyeconomy• financial marketfinancial market• locationlocation• competitioncompetitionSELLERSSELLERS• price & termsprice & terms• commissionscommissions• condition of propertycondition of propertyREALTOR®REALTOR®• marketingmarketingsigns • mls lock boxsigns • mls lock boxflyers • open houseflyers • open houseagent-to-agent marketingagent-to-agent marketing• advertisingadvertisingdirect mailings • e-newslettersdirect mailings • e-newsletterswebsite • area publicationswebsite • area publications• follow-upfollow-upfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. market conditionsmarket conditionsfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your homeECONOMYECONOMY• industryindustry• relocationrelocation• disposabledisposable• incomeincomeFINANCIALFINANCIALMARKETMARKET• interest ratesinterest rates• loan programsloan programs• borrowingborrowing• capacitycapacityLOCATIONLOCATION• communitycommunity• areaarea• county/statecounty/stateCOMPETITIONCOMPETITION• resaleresale• new constructionnew construction• renovationsrenovations©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. The Pricing PyramidPricing a home above its market value reduces the number of prospective buyerswilling to visit. Pricing below the market value increases the numberof interested buyers. By establishing a reasonable listing price, you help increasethe percentage of prospective buyers who will look at the property. The price youset and the level of interest you create should reflect your selling goals.Home Sales Interest / Activitysellers – price / termssellers – price / termsfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. pricing misconceptionspricing misconceptions©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.It is very important to price your property at competitive market value when we finalizethe listing agreement.Buyers and Sellers Determine ValueThe value of your property is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing toaccept in today’s market.Buyers make their pricing decision based on comparing your property to other properties SOLD in yourarea. Historically, your first offer is usually your best.WHATYOUPAIDWHATYOUNEEDWHATYOUWANTWHATYOURNEIGHBORSAYSWHATANOTHERAGENTSAYSCOSTTOREBUILDTODAYfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home
  16. 16. sellers – commissionssellers – commissionsfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Here are some simple suggestions.Curb Appeal•Gardening equipment/tools should be put away and hoses neatly coiled.•Park your cars in your garage or somewhere down the street rather than leavingthem in the driveway.•Keep your landscaping looking neat and well kept. Bright blooms in the front yardor on the porch add curb appeal.•If someone in the family is working on a car, a bike or boat outside, insist that ithas to go out of sight, or off the property.•Buyers look closely at your front door, so it must be clean, freshly painted andoiled. Brass or metal doorknobs should be polished.Inside•If feasible, hire someone to do a heavy-duty overhaul of all the nooks andcrannies.•Make every room look as spacious as possible. Remove as much furniture as youcan.•Remove any awkward doors that complicates movement from one room to thenext, and store it in the garage for the duration.•Check each room for hazards. Make sure all extension cords are out of sight andremove any potentially slippery throw rugs.•Donate or pack away any knick-knacks, magazines, and clutter.•Take a good look at your kitchen and box up everything you absolutely don’t haveto use everyday. Spacious counters and cupboards are visually pleasing.•Blinds are inexpensive and a terrific solution to all kinds of window decoratingproblems. If your curtains are worn or faded, replace them with blinds. They give aroom a fresh modern look.sellers – home conditionsellers – home conditionfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. preparing your home for salepreparing your home for salefactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Did you know well placed furniture can open up rooms and make them seem larger than they are? Or thatopening drapes and blinds and turning on all lights make a room seem bright and cheery?It’s a fact: acquiring the highest market value and elevating your home above others in thesame price range often comes down to first impressions.Here are some inexpensive ways to maximize your home’s appeal.Exterior:•Keep the grass freshly cut•Remove all yard clutter•Apply fresh paint to wooden fences•Paint the front door•Weed and apply fresh mulch to garden beds•Clean windows inside and out•Wash or paint home’s exterior•Tighten and clean all door handles•Ensure gutters and downspouts are firmly attachedInterior:•Remove excessive wall hangings, furniture, and knickknacks (consider a temporary self-storage unit)•Clean or paint walls and ceilings•Shampoo carpets•Clean and organize cabinets and closets•Repair all plumbing leaks, including faucets and drain traps•Clean all light fixtures/fansFor Showings:•Turn on all the lights•Open drapes in the daytime•Keep pets secured outdoors•Play quiet background music•Light the fireplace (if seasonably appropriate)•Infuse home with a comforting scent•Vacate the property while it is being shown
  19. 19. realtor® – servicesrealtor® – servicesfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your homeStudy conducted by the NationalAssociation of Realtors®©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. realtor® – servicesrealtor® – servicesfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your homeSERVICES VILLAGE OTHER AGENTComplex marketing analysis for competitive pricing *Full service showing center * *Online feedback for showings *e-Blast communication to local REALTORS® *Multiple websites to capture buyers *Professional staging analysis *Target advertising *Your Property’s customized Interactive website *Business Facebook Page with Your Property listed *Signs * *Lockboxes * *MLS with full photo display and descriptions * *On-staff administrator * *Regular marketing and status reports *Prequalification of prospects *Experienced contract negotiation *Client-centric transaction management *Professionally screened inspectors and contractors *Home warranty programs * *Just listed/Just sold postcards *Online syndication of home *©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.*Fire warranty coverage for all listings during the listing period, excluding HVAC.
  21. 21. realtor® – marketing planrealtor® – marketing planfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your home©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Designed to capture the maximum exposure for your home in the shortest periodof time, I’ll implement my proven marketing plan.We will:•Share and promote your listing at Village sales meetings and online. 30% of our listings aresold in-house.•Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and current pricetrends.•Place “For Sale” signage (with QR code for easy drive by information).•Distribute “Just Listed” postcards to neighbors and clients, encouraging them to tell familyand friends about your home.•Optimize your home’s internet presence by posting information on Village’s Listing Service, aswell as in the Multiple Listing Service with many photographs and a detailed descriptionsyndication.•Target my marketing to active real estate agents who specialize in selling homes in yourneighborhood.•Create an open house schedule to promote your property to prospective buyers and marketthose open houses.•Target active buyers and investors in my database who are looking for homes in your pricerange and area.•Provide you with weekly updates detailing my marketing efforts, including comments fromprospective buyers and agents who have visited your home.
  22. 22. realtor® – marketingrealtor® – marketingfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your homeListing Flyer Examples:©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. realtor® – marketingrealtor® – marketingfactors influencingfactors influencingthe sale of your homethe sale of your homeJust Listed Postcard Examples:©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. utilize the mobile apputilize the mobile appTEXT ‘VILLAGE’ to 32323 and searchfrom your phone or scan this QR code!Search for your new place with Village’s ownmobile app.You can scan a QR code or type 32323 to‘VILLAGE’.Features Include:•New Search•House Number Quick Search•GPS Search (by location)•Advanced Search•Tagged (favorites)•Saving the app to your home screen©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Not to mention my personal website, has its own mobile app!
  25. 25. online resourcesonline resourcesWe believe in maximizing your market by utilizing websites.When you list with us, your listing will be found on over 250 otherRealtor® sites - including many other real estate companies’ sites.©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. appointment centerappointment centerWhen selling a home, appointment setting and showing feedback areimportant functions. They help you to stay abreast of marketing effortsand how your home is showing as compared to the competition. Ourautomated system ensures active communication during the entirelisting process.I employ a third party company to set up your showings so that, if I’mnot available to take a call from a showing agent, the appointment willalways be scheduled. The Village Real Estate Appointment Center is keyin delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients. Thisunique service allows all showings to be booked through one centralizedoffice, keeping accuracy and efficiency at the forefront. The extendedhours of our call center allow more time for potential buyers to viewyour home.You will be contacted for all showing appointments. Once thatappointment is confirmed, we will be notified, keeping us informed ofall daily activity. After the showing, the buyer’s agent will be contactedrequesting feedback on your property.Village Real Estate Appointment Center Office Hours:Monday – Saturday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PMSunday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PMAppointment Center Phone Number:615.327.0101©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Know why you’re selling and keep it to yourself.The marketing of your home is a strategy based upon your reasons for selling. Donot reveal your motivation to anyone else or it may be used against you. While youshould be out of your home during showing time, you may intersect with aprospective buyer or his/her agent. If asked why you are selling, simply say thatyour housing needs have changed.Appearances do matter.Appearances are so critical that it would be unwise to ignore this when selling yourhome. The look and feel of your home will generate a greater emotional responsethan any other factor. Prospective buyers react to what they see, hear, feel, andsmell and these elements can easily turn a buyer off of a well-priced home.Invite the honest opinions of others.The biggest mistake you can make is to rely solely on your own judgment.You need to be objective about your home’s good points as well as bad.Even if it seems insignificant, fix it and clean it.Scrub, scour and tidy up. Get rid of clutter and repair squeaks. Repair that brokenlight switch or the tiny crack in the bathroom mirror because these can be deal-killers and you’ll never know what will cause alarm in a buyer. Remember, you’renot just competing with other resale homes, but brand-new ones as well.Let prospective buyers visualize themselves in your home.The last thing you want prospective buyers to feel when viewing your home is thatthey may be intruding into someones life. Avoid clutter such as too many knick-knacks, etc. Decorate in neutral colors, like white or beige and place a few carefullychosen items to add warmth and character. Minimize family photos.If marketing a vacant home…Studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a home that is vacant, because itlooks forlorn, forgotten, and simply not appealing. It could even cost you a closeddeal. A seller with a vacant home is considered to be more motivated to sell fast.Buyers also consider a seller with a vacant home more motivated or evendesperate. If your home is vacant, it is important to dress it up to look as new andfresh as possible. Consider having your home staged as it can often speed selling.Odors must go.Odd smells such as traces of food, pets and smoking can kill deals quickly.Research has suggested that clean citrus smells or peppermint are bestfor a clean crisp showing.keys to a better showingkeys to a better showing©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. All buyers will conduct a home inspection of the property as acontingency of the sale. The following is a list of items all sellers shouldinspect prior to listing.• Remove soil or mulch from contact with siding.Six (6) or more inches of clearance is preferred.• Clean out dirty gutters and debris from roof.• Divert all water away from the house; i.e. downspouts, sump pump,condensation drains and the like. Grade should slope away fromthe structure. Clean out basement entry drains.• Trim trees, roots and bushes back from the foundation, roof,siding and chimney.• Paint all weathered exterior wood and caulk around the trim,chimney, windows and doors.• Seal asphalt driveways, if cracking.• Seal or point masonry chimney caps. Install metal flue cap.• Clean or replace HVAC filter. Clean dirty air returns and plenum.• Point up any failing mortar joints in brick or block.• Test all smoke detectors to ensure they are in safe working condition.• Update attic ventilation if none is present.• Have the chimney, fireplace or wood stove cleaned and providethe buyer with a copy of the cleaning record.• Seal masonry walls in the basement.• Don’t shortcut your repairs. You may raise questions that willunnecessarily cause concern to buyers and inspectors.• Ensure that all doors and windows are in proper operating condition,including repairing or replacing any cracked windowpanes.• Ensure that all plumbing fixtures (toilet, tub, shower, and sinks)are in proper working conditions. Check for and fix any leaks.Caulk around fixtures if necessary.before the inspectionbefore the inspection©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. • Install GFCI receptacles near all water sources.Test all present GFCI receptacles for proper operation.• Check sump pump for proper operation.• Replace any burned out light bulbs.• Remove rotting wood and/or firewood from contact with the house.• Ensure that proper grading is followed under a deck.• Caulk all exterior wall penetrations.• Check to ensure that the crawl space is dry and install a proper vaporbarrier if necessary. Remove any visible moisture from a crawl space.Moisture levels in wood should be below 18% to deter rot and mildew.• Check that bath vents are properly vented and in working condition.• Remove paints, solvents, gas, and similar materials from crawl space,basement, attic, porch, and so forth.• If windows are at or below grade, install window wells and covers.• Have clear access to attic, crawl space, heating system, garageand other areas that will need to be inspected and remove any locks.• If the house is vacant, make sure that all utilities are turned on,including water, electric, water heater, furnace, air conditioningand breakers in the main panel.before the inspectionbefore the inspection©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  30. 30. Q. Do we have to leave when the house is being shown?A. It is best to be away when the house is being shown. However, sometimesit is impossible. Bitter cold weather or sick children are examples. If you are at home,go wherever the prospective buyer is not. If they are in the den, go to the kitchen.Your presence inhibits them from making comments, looking in closets, etc.Remember that we want them to feel like it is already their home.Q. How do I answer questions from an agent or his customer?A. We prefer that you refer all questions to your agent. Simply give them my card.I have seen many owners un-sell their own home by answering questions. Be verycareful not to comment on the value or desirability of a feature. Any commentregarding your financial need to sell might be used against you! Also, discussthis issue with your children.Q. How much advance notice will I get before a showing?A. As much notice as we get. Our office will call you as soon as an appointmentis requested. Whenever you leave, be sure the house is show-able.If you are gone, the showing agent will use the MLS lockbox.Q. What should I do if an unexpected Realtor requests to show the house?A. First, ask for a business card. It is your house, and it is your right to ask thatthey set up an appointment through the office. Since you are serious about sellingyour house, try to accommodate their request. If you need a few minutesto straighten up, ask that they return in 15 or 20 minutes.Q. What should we do if an unexpected buyer knocks?A. If a buyer comes alone, DO NOT let them in! This is for your protection.Slip them a business card or a brochure through the door, and tell themto contact your agent! Advise children of this procedure as well!common questionscommon questions©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  31. 31. Q. We have a pet. What should we do during a showing?A. The pet, like all family members, should be out of the house for showings. Pets are a BIGdistraction (either a positive or a negative one). Please do not ask us to be responsible forkeeping your pet contained. Your pet will invariably make a run for freedom. We must alsoavoid a situation where a child or buyer is injured.Q. What about print advertising my home?A. Less than 5% of real estate sales come from print advertising. More than four times thatamount (20%) come from yard signs. Most buyers use ads to call for information only. By farthe greatest source of buyers is through MLS. You can help me by listing the features of yourhome that sold you on it. Very likely, those same features will sell the new owners, too.Q. Do I get feedback after a showing?A. It is very important for us to know why buyers like or do not like your home. Responses arecrucial because we use them to make adjustments in our marketing plan. We email a feedbacksheet to the showing agent immediately and then follow up with a call. Many agents will notgive showing feedback, as it could compromise their buyer’s confidentiality.Q. What happens when a buyer makes an offer?A.Most real estate sales involve two agents. The REALTOR® working with the buyer will write upa sales contract and contact us. The buyer’s agent may present the offer to you and me together ormay present it to me alone. We will review all the terms of the offer as an update market analysis.If a counter offer is necessary, we will prepare it. All offers and counters will be in writing withyour initials and signature. This process may be completed in a few hours, but will probablyextend several days. We will continue to show the house until we are clear to close the transaction.Q. What if an offer comes in the first week? Did we price the house too low?A. Every once in a while, someone is just waiting for your home to be for sale. If we bring you anoffer tomorrow CELEBRATE! Historical data has shown that the best buyers and offers comein the first thirty days. We do not win by pricing it higher and holding out for an offer. Thelonger the house is on the market, the less it brings.common questionscommon questions©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. Q. Will I be expected to make repairs on my home before closing?A. Perhaps. There are several issues involved here:As a seller you are responsible for having MAJOR systems (heating, cooling,plumbing, electrical) in working order at the time of closing. Working orderdoes not necessarily mean PERFECT order, so I will not encourage unneededservice of these systems.It is extremely important that you tell me about any faults of the home; roof leaks,wet basements, etc, so we can decide the best way to address these conditions.A buyer can ask for anything in the contract, and if both parties agree, it becomesbinding. Therefore, if we are asked to make repairs in the contract, and we agree,then those become our responsibility.Buyers may ask an engineer to inspect the home. Sometimes, they will writean offer CONTINGENT on acceptance of a report from a structural engineer.The inspection is done soon after acceptance of terms of the offer. Should theproperty have serious structural defects, the buyer would have an out, or couldrenegotiate the terms. The inspector will make recommendations on how toimprove the property, but you are responsible for only those repairs dealing withthe major systems, or those already stated in the contract.If the purchaser is getting an FHA/VA loan, the lender may ask repairs to bedone. These are the seller’s responsibilities unless stated otherwise.The home is expected to be in the same condition at closing as it was whenthe offer was made/accepted.With these exceptions, we are NOT OBLIGATED to make repairs to the home.This is especially the case with items asked for outside the contract. HOWEVER,we are firmly convinced that it is in your BEST INTEREST to ensure buyersatisfaction, and if a minor repair makes our buyer happy or if it holds a saletogether, LET’S DO IT! Unhappy purchasers often become plaintiffs in lawsuits,and a minor repair can help prevent this from happening.I would consider a home warranty.common questionscommon questions©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. ©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.delivering a 10+ experiencedelivering a 10+ experienceOn a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so desirable and 10 being extremely desirable, what onething has to happen in this transaction for your experience to be a 10?What is important to you about that?If we could add just one more thing, what other thing has to happen to make your experience a10?What is important to you about that?If we could add just one more thing for this experience to be a 10 ++, what would it be?What is important to you about that?
  34. 34. how to win with youhow to win with you©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Win: do you feel you have the right to expect from me as your real estate consultant?What do you feel I have the right to expect from you as my client?
  35. 35. closing 101closing 101©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.The closing process finalizes the sale of your home and makes everything official. Also known assettlement, the closing is when you get paid and the buyer received the sees to your home.Here are a few things to bring to the closing:•House keys•Garage door opener(s)•A photo IDWhat can you expect?The closing agent will look over the purchase contract and identify what payments are owed and bywhom; prepare documents for the closing; conduct the closing; make sure taxes, title searches, realestate commissions and other closing costs are paid; ensure that the buyer’s title is recorded; andensure that you receive any monies due to you.What are your costs?Sellers commonly pay the following at closing:•Mortgage balance and prepayment penalties, if applicable•Other claims against your property, such as unpaid property taxes•Unpaid special assessments on your property•Document stamps (or taxes) on the deed•Real estate commission•Legal fee or title insurance premiumAfter the closing, make sure you keep the following for tax purposes:•Copies of all closing documents•All home improvement receipts on the home you sold
  36. 36. moving checklistmoving checklist©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.Utilities______ Electric______ Telephone______ Water______ Cable______ GasProfessional Services______ Broker______ Accountant______ Doctor______ Dentist______ LawyerGovernment______ IRS______ Post Office______ Schools______ State Licensing______ Library______ Veterans AdministrationClubs______ Health and Fitness______ Country ClubInsurance Companies______ Accidental______ Auto______ Health______ Home______ Life______ RentersBusiness Accounts______ Banks______ Cellular Phones______ Department Stores______ Finance Companies/Credit CardsSubscriptions______ Magazines______ NewspapersMiscellaneous______ Business Associates______ House of Worship______ Drugstore______ Dry Cleaner______ HairstylistNew Telephone Number ______________________________________________New Address ______________________________________________________Before you move, you should contact the following companies and service providers:
  37. 37. to do:list with villageListing your home with Village Real Estate Servicesprovides you with the foundation needed to successfullyclose your transaction for the best possible terms.List with me and experience for yourself the Village difference!©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  38. 38. Compare your home to others using the report below.Date prepared: __________________Prepared by: __________________Criteria used: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Number of months used for report: _____________Number of like propertiesclosed within the time period: _____________Properties/months = absorption rate _____________ per monthThis is the amount of similar inventory on the market.absorption rateabsorption rate©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.
  39. 39. seller’s estimated cost sheetseller’s estimated cost sheet©2013 Village Real Estate Services. All rights reserved.