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Metro Panel Zines.Blogs


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Metro Panel Zines.Blogs

  1. 1. Blogs, Zines, and Self Publishing (for Librarians) Alycia Sellie Metropolitan New York Library Council October 14, 2009
  2. 2. Zines “…can be about toasters, food, a favorite television show, thrift stores, anarchism, candy, bunnies, sexual abuse, architecture, war, gingerbread men, activism, retirement homes, comics, eating disorders, Barbie dolls-you name it. There are personal zines, music zines, and sport zines, zines about politics and zines about pop culture.” -Julie Bartel, From A to Zine People create zines out of a desire to fill a void in mainstream media…
  3. 3. (a few) Zines by Librarians
  4. 4. Zines by Librarians about Zines and Libraries (phew!)
  5. 5. Jerianne Thompson’s How to be a Good Library Patron/How to be a Bad Library Patron
  6. 6. Coldslap! The Library Society of the World Zine (created to be distributed at ALA annual)
  7. 7. Library Zines as Serials Librarian Perzines (Personal Zines)
  8. 8. Zines as tools for research and writing in the classroom as well as in the library
  9. 9. All you need to make your own zine:
  10. 10. Library Workers Zine Collection at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library and Information Studies Library (send them a copy of your zine!)
  11. 11. Blogs and Online Publishing
  12. 12. We all know many successful librarian bloggers, who are just as free as zinesters in terms of what they publish (and no, blogs did not kill all print zines).
  13. 13. Why I chose Open Source
  14. 14. Slides from this talk: