Brooklyn College Library in a Nutshell


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Brooklyn College Library in a Nutshell

  1. 1. Library Resources in a Nutshell An Introduction to theBrooklyn College Library Taught by Professor Alycia Sellie Media and Cultural Studies Librarian
  2. 2. What we hope to discuss in this session*• All that is available to you at the Brooklyn College Library: – An introduction to the library as a space – An overview of the library’s collections – Start of the Semester Checklist—important information to know as a new student – How to start doing research at our library• Q&A *Please speak up if you have suggestions or questions about what we talk about today!
  3. 3. Our library has many spaceswhere you are welcome to study 2nd Floor LaGuardia Reading Room
  4. 4. Our library hasfive floors—find your favorite study spot!
  5. 5. Our library is a placewhere you can reserve astudy room or watch a video
  6. 6. Our library is a museum
  7. 7. We have multiple computer labs inside the library Computer Labs are located: 1. on the 1st Floor, 2. the 2nd Floor, 3. and on the Lower Level
  8. 8. You can come to the library to borrow a laptop or an iPad Borrow either from the New Media Center on the Second Floor of the Library
  9. 9. Library Hours• General hours: • 8am-11pm Mondays-Thursdays • 8am-5pm Fridays • 10am-6pm Weekends• Some times when only the First Floor is open (late nights and early mornings)• Extended hours at the end of the semester for finals
  10. 10. Library Cafe Located outside the library in Whitehead HallComputer Lab open 24 hours a day for Brooklyn College Students
  11. 11. The Library’s Collections Books you can check out are found on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the library
  12. 12. Course ReservesThe Reserves Reading Room is on the 1st Floor (directly to the left as you enter the library)
  13. 13. Ebook Collections
  14. 14. Archives and Special CollectionsArchives and Special Collections Reading Room, 1st Floor
  15. 15. Zine Collection Browsing Collection located on the 1st Floor
  16. 16. Music Library Located on the 2nd Floor
  17. 17. Government DocumentsLocated on the Lower Level of the library (along with Periodicals and Microfilm)
  18. 18. All CUNYLibraries areAvailable to You!You may request books from or visit any other CUNY library!
  19. 19. Your Library CardIs your Brooklyn College ID Card.• Each semester, visit the West Quad Building to get a valid date stamp on your ID card—you need this for access onto campus and to use a computer in any campus lab.• In addition, visit the Circulation Desk in the Library to activate your card for that semester. Please be certain your card has been stamped for the current semester!
  20. 20. Library Collections beyondCUNY are available to you as well!
  21. 21. Interlibrary Loan• If CUNY does not have a book or article you want, you can borrow the item from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.• Set up your account online to get started:
  22. 22. Start of the Semester Checklist
  23. 23. The LOOPLibrary Online Orientation Program
  24. 24. Printing/Copying/Scanning• Free printing – Free printing for graduate students each semester. The number of free pages depends on how many classes you are enrolled in.• Separate Copy accounts – Black and white copies: 10 cents per page, 15 cents for double-sided• Color printing and copying also available• Free scanners—can use with print accountsNo physical cards—all part of a virtual account
  25. 25. Go WirelessTo use the wireless on campus, bring yourportable device to the West End Building(WEB Building) computer lab for setupduring business hours.
  26. 26. Take a Workshop!• Each semester the Library and AIT offer workshops on a variety of topics• More library workshops in development• Have an suggestion for a workshop that you would like to attend? Let us know!
  27. 27. RefWorks
  28. 28. Important resources for research
  29. 29. The library website
  30. 30. To find Books, eBooks and more…Use the Library Catalog:
  31. 31. To find Articles…Use a Library Database:
  32. 32. To find Articles by Subject…Browse Resources by Subject:
  33. 33. Off-Campus AccessYou have access to our electronic resourcesanywhere you have an internet connection. Login information:Username: BC email IDPassword: MMDDSSSSS (month and day of birthday as FOUR numbers, and last FIVE digits of your Social Security number)
  34. 34. Visit the Reference Desk!Get to know your librarian!
  35. 35. Even more research helpReference Services:• Talk to your subject librarian• Chat online: 24 hour chat reference service through the library’s website• Visit the reference desk on the first floor of the library
  36. 36. Don’t know? Can’t find? Ask at the library!
  37. 37. Questions? Please feel free to ask now, at the reference desk, online,or any time that you need help! This session was led by Professor Alycia Sellie