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Meta Management is a management consultancy specialising in developing the employer brand and creating employee engagement.

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  1. 1. Horatio is an EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT tool
  2. 2. • Minimise the administration and costs needed to communicate and manage employment activities• Manage position requirements to meet your policy and procedure standards• Automate key dates reminders such as probation end and licence expiry dates• Automatically create paper trails on employment activity• Maintain records that may be needed in the event of employee claims• Link with existing human resources information system (HRIS) and procedures• Create custom reports from the system
  3. 3. Employers have four main key responsibility areasEMPLOYMENT ENABLEMENT HR/ER Performance ManagementENFORCEMENT ENHANCEMENT Compliance/IR Learning & Development
  4. 4. Facilitates EMPLOYMENT relationships
  5. 5. TRACKS AND MANAGES EMPLOYMENT PROCEDURES• Recruitment • Contracts• Probation • Leave Verbal agreement to review salary after probationary period completed. Jane is getting married in August and time off for her honeymoon has been approved. 5
  6. 6. HELPS TO MANAGE THE ON-BOARDING PROCESSNotify key stakeholders that a new employee has been appointed and advise them oftheir role in the on-boarding process, for example: Let the Manager and security know when and where the new person is arriving Designate the person to complete the new employee start up administration Ensure all employer-provided issues are organised ready for the new employee
  7. 7. MAKES MANAGING EMPLOYEE REQUIREMENTS EASYCreate task requests as needed to reflect needs on the job. Hi John. One of our sales people, Jane Jones, has been promoted to Sales Manager. Can we order her business cards to be done on the standard template? Mobile is 0400 123 456 and email Thank you. Notices are automatically converted to email sent directly to the receiver’s email address including external providers Alarms will advise if the task is overdue and the notice will escalate to the next management level
  8. 8. CAN BE ADAPTED TO ALL HANDLE EMPLOYEE FORMS Employer forms can be converted to eForms to allow quick online completion. Any forms can be created such as: • Change of personal details • OHS incident report • Employee nomination forms • Individual flexibility arrangement application No, some, or all, workflow processes can be automated. Paper trails are automatically recorded. Example: LEAVE APPLICATION FORM Employee Name Department Type of Leave Requested Annual Leave Personal Leave Parental Leave Long Service Leave Employee’s Manager reviews Employee Form goes to No request with employee Entitlement completes payroll to check exists? Employee’s Manager form entitlement Yes approves leave Employee notifiedManager receives Some leavealert before leave types mayis due to help with HR Yes need additionalplanning Payroll approval Manager reviews request with employee No Approved?
  9. 9. Helps with ENFORCEMENT of compliance requirements
  10. 10. TEMPLATES POSITION PROFILESEnsure requirements of each position are set up to meet compliance standards 30 Drivers Licence Full Certificate in Food Hygiene Level II
  11. 11. MANAGES POSITION REQUIREMENTS POSITION PROFILE e.g. bar attendant Certification requirement e.g. Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificate Due to expire Horatio sends an alert Employee Employee’s manager Updated within time limit? Yes NoRecord updated Reminder Employee’s manager Employee New alert set Escalates HR Manager’s manager
  12. 12. MANAGES TOOLBOX RECORDSNew chemical storage procedure 15/11/2011Customer Service session 30/10/2011Fire evacuation 18/09/2011 18/09/2012Read and signed the safe lifting manual 14/09/2011Anti-discrimination session 2/08/2011 2/08/2012Company induction 30/05/2011 Refresher reminders are sent to all those on the notification list Alarms will advise if the task is overdue and the notice will escalate to the next management level
  14. 14. ENABLEMENT module supportsperformance management activities
  15. 15. CREATES 360° JOB DESCRIPTIONSPeople who work together:Meet to discuss three key questions: What does the employee need from my role? What does my role need from the employee? What are our mutual dependencies (results we both are responsible for)?
  16. 16. CAPTURES POSITION RESPONSIBILITIESCreate Responsibility Profiles that can be assessed for feedback. KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA Requirement Due Date If applicable Description Target Date of review Include in Performance Review Input required
  17. 17. GATHER PEFORMANCE FEEDBACK READY FOR DISCUSSION Employee Feedback Target results are Horatio sends collated and entered in Horatio feedback requests Manager sent to (if applicable) prior to discussion Reviewer Others as requested Reminder that Review is Next Review is set Review date set? due is sent to Manager HR notified Yes No Review takes Reminder Reviewer placeManager’s Manager notified Escalates HR Reviewer’s manager New targets can be added to Employee’s Responsibility Profile
  18. 18. Manages ENHANCEMENT programs
  19. 19. TRAINING NEEDS ARE REGISTEREDActivate a Training Register functionality to enable a register to ADD TO TRAININGbe created of training needs for an employee. REGISTER TRAINING REQUIREMENT Training type Due Date If applicable Description Reason/ Outcome RequiredHoratio will collect requests for training on the Training Register which can then be setup with workflows to have training requests approved and organised.
  20. 20. POST-TRAINING PERFORMANCE CAN BE REVIEWED TRAINING PROGRAM Learning Outcomes logged in Horatio Employee attends training Trainer may enter feedback Feedback sent to ManagerEmployee and Manager discuss improvements desired from the training Horatio creates discussion alerts Employee and Manager evaluate improvements resulting from training New or reviewed objectives are set Achievements recorded can be included for performance appraisals
  22. 22. o Customer loyalty increases by 56% above the averageo Employee retention is 44% above the averageo Safety record improves by 50%o Productivity increases by 50%o Overall profitability increases by 33% …a 5% increase in employee satisfaction drivesGallup Organization a 1.3% increase in customer satisfaction, which results in 0.5% increase in revenue growth. Sears Department Stores …(they) generate 43% more revenue than disengaged ones Hay Group When Employees are Engaged… …(the) total return to shareholders over a 5 year…(they) perform 20% better and are period:87% less likely to leave the organization o Companies with strong engagement + 64%Lloyd Morgan o Companies with weak engagement + 21% Watson Wyatt…they perform better than others, are …when compared to key business ratios showed a 52%more likely to recommend their gap in one year performance improvement in operatingorganisation to others, take less sick income between companies with highly engagedleave, and are less likely to quit. employees versus companies with low engagementCIPD, UK scores Towers Perrin_ISR
  23. 23. Idea go / Knowledge processes (unlike production processes) cannot be standardised David Castillo Dominici / and results are achieved through collaboration
  24. 24. Management in engaged workplaces is non-linear digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.netSystems that enforce position hierarchies are notengagement tools
  25. 25. BUILDING ENGAGEMENTHoratio is the name given to the series of principles for successful employeeengagement, captured in a software-based program, that connects parties in the‘performance relationship’, i.e. the employee and those the employee relies on inorder to perform. jannoon028/FreeDigitalPhotos.netHoratio works by linking these parties to each other, to specified profile data, tosystem processes and to alerts (example over the page). Horatio is built on theFileVision® platform, powerful information relationship software that is used byindustries that need precise management of information, such as insurance, healthcare and finance.Horatio is fully customisable to meet the organisation’s needs.
  26. 26. Simple, secure log inClick the desktop icon Enter your unique log in detailsor use an employeekiosk
  27. 27. Administrators can set up any information to be tracked, recordedor communicated at any time
  28. 28. Administrator can set up as many users as needed for communication Users can connect their profile to their email accounts. Once user has been set up they can receive notification relating to training or other employee activity.Examples: Advise on-the-job Advise fleet manager a Advise Employee Trainer that training is car needs to be allocated that a meeting has required for an to an Employee been organised Employee
  29. 29. Alerts ensure that follow ups occur on time or are escalated for actionSet alerts for any follow ups, such as: • Probation period about to end • Certificates need to be renewed • Performance appraisal due • Training completed to be assessed • Policy requirement to be met, e.g. OHS refresher • Actions agreed have been completedAssign alerts to one, two or more people or groupsTemporarily divert alerts when someone is on leaveEscalation notices advise when due dates are missed
  30. 30. • Allow HR to focus on adding value instead of administration• Reward the managers who consistently meet people management timelines• Put the focus on people not on administration• Involve employees in their performance expectations for greater commitment• Facilitate communication across, not just up and down, the organisation• Overcome divisional silos and cost of poor or inadequate communication• Reinforce organisation’s vision, mission and values by systemising desired behaviours and activities
  31. 31. For more information, please contact:Isabel Wu(03) 9016 3827Meta Management Solutions