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Digital footprint


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Published in: Education
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Digital footprint

  2. 2. IN DIGITAL SPACES, SOCIAL BOUNDARIES AREFLUIDIdentity, communities, gaming, economic and social activities can blend inlearning activities. Digital media have become sociological spaces and formcomplex learning ecologies. Educational Institutions Corporations Professional Learning Parents Field Anonymous Learning Field Autonomous Family Learning Family Field Anonymous Peers Learning Friends Field Media Media Siblings
  3. 3. ONLINE IDENTITY ? Personal Family Friends Professional
  4. 4. PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY Real Name or Anonymous? What should your professional group know about you?
  5. 5. WEB PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE Based on multiple Economies
  6. 6. MULTIPLE CAPITALIST FRAMEWORKS Model Classic Humanist Entrepreneurial Economy Classic Market/human Reputation Competitive capital Reputation Competition Social Life Competition Collaboration/recipro Coo-petition city Control Corporation Collectives Individuals Corporation Hierarchy Top-Down Communities Communities of of practices interests Worker Passive human Autonomous thinker Hyper Autonomous brings experience in a social network back to an institutionAdapted from Boltanski&Chappellio, 2001
  7. 7. AUTONOMY MEANS DIFFERENT THINGSCapitalism Classic Humanistic EntrepreneurialAutonomy Limited. Self-Awareness. Hyper-autonomous producer. Able to perform a Individual is a Auto-controlled individuals task. bricoleurwho are part of a new innovates. decentralized liberalist framework. Individual is free to Creative, curious, Self-control in action and choose how to better outside Institutions thoughts and values. Able his/her human boundaries. of self-adaptationto evolve capital but within an corporate culture. institutional Value system. Participate to bettering society.Portfolio Products/Productivi Social Activities Contracts/Companies ty
  8. 8. FOOTPRINT ? Information trail: Websites, Portfolio, company site Social trail: Social media, activities online and offline.
  9. 9. FOR EXAMPLE SEARCH Allen Gunner Using Google In Twitter
  10. 10. YOUR DIGITAL PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY Web Portfolio (Image Arts Site) Social media Activities Online and offline activities
  11. 11. PRIVACY What should be private/public i.e. What should your colleagues/employer know about your private life?
  13. 13. WEBSITE EVALUATION Does your website attract the visitor in the first look? Does user interact with website? Does your website urge user to take action? Does your website satisfies user’s needs and wants?Excerpt from: website-design-effectiveness/
  14. 14. WEBSITE ANALYSIS Pick a web site Evaluate it. Get a colleague to look at your website and evaluate it