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Emerging Technologies in Medical Libraries: Librarian Interest and Perceived Challenges


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NN/LM SE/A Beyond the SE/A March 2013

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Emerging Technologies in Medical Libraries: Librarian Interest and Perceived Challenges

  1. 1. LibrarianEMERGING TECHNOLOGIES Interest and IN MEDICAL LIBRARIES Perceived Challenges
  2. 2. NN/LM TECHNOLOGY REGIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE, SE/A REGION¡  Kimberley R. Barker, Chair ¡  Mar y Mauldin University of Virginia, VA Medical Uni. of South Carolina, SC¡  Andrew Youngkin, Coordinator ¡  Alisha Miles NN/LM SE/A Region, MD Mercer University, GA¡  Amanda Chiplock ¡  Megan von Isenburg Nova Southeastern Uni., FL Duke University, NC¡  Pat Hammond ¡  Andrea Wright Sentara Potomac Hospital, VA University of South Alabama, AL (recently lef t committee) Speaking Today
  3. 3. SE/A TECH RAC Asked to make recommendations based on the needs of the members, we asked the question, “WhatT h e Te c h n o l o g y R AC s c h a r g e i s t o are their needs?”represent the needs of Network membersand target populations, review and makerecommendations about SE/A programsand funding initiatives, and developprogramming recommendations andplans that will assist the SE/A in meetingits goals and objectives.
  4. 4. NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEY Information About In Order To¡ Demographics ¡ Guide CE class and¡ Needs presentation recommendations¡ Technology Interests ¡ Provide better funding¡ Challenges opportunity recommendations ¡ Find out how we could better support our colleagues
  5. 5. The RAC spent late summer, finalizing our questions. In September,RESULTS invitations to complete an online sur vey were distributed throughout the region.
  6. 6. Public Health Care K-12 N=88 Library Provider Education (participants 1 1 1 allowed to skip) WORK ENVIRONMENT FederalGovernment 2 Other 7 Non-ProfitOrganization 6 Academic Health Sciences Hospital/ 48 Medical Center 2319.5%reported beingSolo Librarians
  7. 7. GEOGRAPHICSAMPLINGAlabamaFloridaGeorgiaMarylandN o r t h C a ro l i n aP u e r to R i c oS o u t h C a ro l i n aTe n n e s s e eVirginiaWa s h i n g to n , D CWe s t V i r g i n i aMid- Atlantic RegionN ew J e r s eyPe n n s y l va n i aNot RepresentedMississippiUS Virgin Islands
  8. 8. Too Overwhelmed to StartNew User 4.5% 13.4% Advanced User SELF- 28.4% REPORTED AWARENESS OF EMERGING Expert TECHNOLOGY 0.0% Average User 53.7%
  9. 9. Cutting EdgeBehind the 4.5% Curve 18.2% INSTITUTIONAL Successful ADOPTION 30.3% OF TECHNOLOGY Some Successes 47.0%
  10. 10. PREFERRED LEARNING SETTING 68 Responding 51 48 41 2On-Site Workshop Online, Self-Paced Webinar/Group Other Conferencing
  12. 12. IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGIES – 5 YEARS NMC Horizon - Gartner Trends - Respondents Higher Ed 2013¡  Mobile – 45 ¡  Next Year ¡  Mobile Device¡  Tablets – 13 Battles §  Flipped Classroom¡  Online Databases/ ¡  Mobile Apps & Content – 12 §  MOOCs HTML5¡  Electronic Medical §  Mobile Apps ¡  Personal Cloud Records – 6 §  Tablet Computing ¡  Enterprise App¡  Webinars – 6 Stores ¡  2-3 Years ¡  Internet of Things¡  Data Mining – 5 §  Augmented Reality¡  Cloud Computing – 5 ¡  Hybrid IT/Cloud §  Game-Based Computing¡  Internet & Design – 5 Learning¡  Self-paced ¡  Strategic Big Data Instruction – 4 §  Internet of Things ¡  Actionable Analytics¡  Social Media – 4 §  Learning Analytics ¡  In Memor y¡  Remote Access – 3 Computing¡  Security – 3 ¡  Integrated Ecosystems
  13. 13. ONE CLASS THEY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS YEAR1.  Mobile Resources 4.  Informatics •  iPads/Tablets §  Library Resources in EHR •  Mobile Technology in Medical §  Telemedicine Settings & Generally …  Web Development •  Apps (and Development) §  CMS Management •  IT Roadblocks §  PHP •  Devices §  XML & XSLT2.  Instructional Technology …  Technical Ser vices §  Online/Distance Ed §  RDA §  Tutorials/Screencasting §  E-Resource Licensing §  Game-based Learning §  E-Science Support3.  Librar y Resources §  Patient Driven Acquisition §  PubMed/NLM Databases 5.  Cloud Computing §  Data Management §  Medical Resources 6.  Geeks Bearing Gif ts (update) §  Discovery Tools …  Future Trends …  Twitter
  14. 14. We asked respondents INTEREST INDICATED IN to tell us how interestedSPECIFIC TECHNOLOGIES they were in 23 specific technologies on our collective radars. They rated them on a scale of 1-5.
  15. 15. Videocasting Social MediaCloud Computing INTEREST BY TECHNOLOGY Screencasting I n te r e s t i n LibGuides learning about te c h n o l o g i e s o n Accessibility scale of 1-5 1 = Ve r y L i t t l e / Search Engines N o I n te r e s t Podcasting 5=Extremely I n te r e s te d RSS Feeds A r r a n g e d by e s t i m a te d Blogs i n te r e s t h i g h to l ow. 0 10 20 30 40 50 Low Interest (1-2) Mild Interest (3) High Interest (4-5)
  16. 16. Mobile Computing (Devices & Software) INTEREST BY MOBILE NNLM Mobile Sites TECHNOLOGY I n te r e s t i n learning about QR Codes te c h n o l o g i e s o n scale of 1-5 1 = Ve r y L i t t l e / N o I n te r e s t GPS/GIS-Based Apps 5=Extremely I n te r e s te dNear Field Communications A r r a n g e d by e s t i m a te d i n te r e s t h i g h to l ow. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Low Interest (1-2) Mild Interest (3) High Interest (4-5)
  17. 17. Instructional Tech & Flipped Classroom INTEREST BY INSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGYPrezi/Powerpoint/Keynote Interest in learning about technologies on scale of 1-5 Game-Based Learning 1=Ver y Little/No Interest 5=Extremely Augmented Reality Interested Arranged by estimated interest high to 0 10 20 30 40 50 low. Low Interest (1-2) Mild Interest (3) High Interest (4-5)
  18. 18. Library Applications/Systems INT ERES T BY LIB RA RY & H EA LT H CA RE Electronic Health Records T EC H NOLOGY Interest in learning about technologies on scale of 1-5 Big Data/Open Data 1=Ver y Little/ No Interest 5=Extremely Telemedicine Interested Arranged by estimated 0 10 20 30 40 50 interest high to low. Low Interest (1-2) Mild Interest (3) High Interest (4-5)
  19. 19. 80.00%70.00%60.00% TECHNOLOGICAL50.00% BARRIERS40.00% “OTHER”30.00% responses included comments about20.00% SHRINKING10.00% BUDGETS & 0.00% lack of INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT
  20. 20. REACTIONS¡ For the most part, our data reinforced our anecdotal experience of the needs and wants of the users¡ Librarians were most interested in current and popular technologies and issues that were affecting their practice at the time, though they also seemed to have an eye to the future
  21. 21. TECHNOLOGY RAC RECOMMENDATIONS¡  Combine resources to address the barriers brought to light in the sur vey¡  Use information about user interest/need to develop new CE courses¡  Work on ways to be able to of fer more technology courses¡  Brainstorm deliver y methods that address established needs and barriersOne development from the results: June’s Beyond the SE/A Program
  22. 22. Have you found a way to keep your busy colleagues up to date onJUNE BEYOND THE SE/A technology, work with security challenges, or WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 overcome budget constraints or lack of institutional Stories of Overcoming Technology support? Challenges & Barriers in the SE/A Share with the SE/A by joining our panel this June! Not yet tamed these To participate in the panel, contact Kimberley Barker challenges? Join SE/A Technology RAC, Chair us to learn from the panel members, and join the conversation.