ALBERT (AL) W. LEWIS1124 N. Kings Rd., #101Los Angeles, California 90069(323) 654-3534 | (213) 716-7377 | al@alwlewis.comw...
Page 2 ALBERT W. LEWISDeveloped plan for maximizing return from the Sabeus DFB Laser through selling the intellectualprope...
Page 3 ALBERT W. LEWISSenior Product Manager, Coyote TechnologiesProduced product and marketing programs, propelling start...
ALBERT (AL) W. LEWIS1124 N. Kings Rd., #101Los Angeles, California 90069(323) 654-3534 | (213) 716-7377 | al@alwlewis.comT...
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Al Lewis – Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Management & Business Strategy

Throughout my career, I have been ahead of the headlights ... I love new ideas and breakthrough technologies ... and propelling them to market success.

I have a background in marketing, product marketing, product management and business strategy. I deliver results that impact both the revenue/sales and net income through marketing excellence and effective execution of marketing strategies. I am a leader who repeatedly surpasses goals.

I have a wide range of experience in technology and tech related product lines. I bring fresh perspectives to business plans, develop new strategic visions, and create viable market plans. I am particularly good translating what a less technical market needs into requirements that engineers and software developers can build … then working with engineering to get the product features in timely manner and on budget … then translating the features back into benefits that customers cannot wait to buy. I am good a marshalling the resources for a product launch and managing a full portfolio of products throughout their life cycles. And I bring a strong understanding of positioning and branding to technology markets. I am a team player and my management style is coach. I have high energy and thrive on being excited about breakthrough products and applications.

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Al Lewis Resume D3Z0428cm4

  1. 1. ALBERT (AL) W. LEWIS1124 N. Kings Rd., #101Los Angeles, California 90069(323) 654-3534 | (213) 716-7377 | | www.alwlewis.comCareer ObjectiveMarket driven, customer-focused leader seeking senior Marketing or Product Management position in afast-paced, dynamic, team-oriented high-tech company, where my proven track record of surpassing goalsof increased profits, revenue generation, and market share will add value to your company’s success.Career SummaryProgressive management experience using best practices and strategies in product planning, marketassessment, and product launch across portfolios of global products throughout product life-cycles.Market-driven, customer-focused and solutions-based leader with expertise in global marketing, productpositioning, strategic alliances, channel selection, strategic planning and financial forecasting.Career HighlightsDeveloped and implemented marketing, product launch, and distribution strategies, generating multi-million dollar revenue streams, including first year revenue of $50 million.Architected and presented compelling business plans, including financial models that successfullygenerated multi-million dollar contracts and venture funding.Successfully built business partnerships strategic alliances, extending product reach and marketpenetration for global products.Developed global vertical marketing program, resulting in sales growth of 20%.Propelled several new business units from zero revenue to tens of millions in first year by creating andimplementing successful product and marketing programs.Professional ExperienceLEWIS MARKETING, Los Angeles, California 2008 - PresentPrincipalDeveloped market and business plans for early stage software, cloud services, and Internet companiesto use in market development, for raising capital, and as roadmaps for corporate growth; includingenterprise, small to medium business, and consumer markets.Evaluated strategies for targeting potential customers and increasing user participation for iOS andAndroid applications, social media websites, and online services.Developed a brand strategy for a hospital foundation for use in a capital campaign.Built brand strategy for an educational foundation for use with students, supporters and benefactors.Created brand strategy and business development plan for human resources consultancy.SABEUS, Calabasas, California 2006 - 2008Director of Product StrategyDeveloped marketing strategy to reposition firm’s fiber optic sensor product line focusing on intelligentoil and gas field implementation. The first significant contract in the $1.5 billion oil field sensor marketwas completed with Shell Oil for operations worldwide in August 2007.Created product and business plans for a new product line of fiber optic sensors in permanentdownhole seismic market, an emerging sector in the $12 billion oil and gas geophysical market.Developed product strategy for interfacing the pressure and temperature data from Sabeus sensorswith the XML network applications software used by major oil and gas companies.
  2. 2. Page 2 ALBERT W. LEWISDeveloped plan for maximizing return from the Sabeus DFB Laser through selling the intellectualproperty for higher density data transfer rates to large system suppliers in $2 billion telecom lasermarket.Developed product plan for attaining compliance with US, Canadian and European Union laser productstandards.Analyzed leveraging Sabeus acoustical sensors from Military applications into oil and gas industry,including geological marine streamer surveys.FREEHAND SYSTEMS, Los Altos, California 2002 - 2006Director of MarketingCreated marketing/business plan to position the MusicPad Pro platform and digital sheet music webdownload store as the iTunes™ for sheet music.Directed introduction of MusicPad Pro, a Linux Tablet PC with WIFI connectivity and specialized musicapplications, in the $7 billion music products market.Developed and implemented a distribution strategy for Europe, Asia and Australia generating a $10million revenue stream in initial year.Developed and implemented extension of FreeHand’s on-line sheet music store of over 85,000 titles ina new channel through the 7,000 music product retailers in North America.Developed market-based requirements for new releases of MusicPad hardware and software enablinggreater product penetration in both professional and consumer markets.Created and implemented an accessory strategy that realized margins 5 times greater than for theMusicPad tablet.ZEMLOGIX, Los Angeles, California 2001 - 2002Director of Marketing / Co-FounderDeveloped business plan, including financial models, to provide the compelling case for developing a$150 million software opportunity with breakeven at under 18 months.Created a product strategy, allowing Zemlogix to build plug-in modules for ERP and CRM systems asvalue added partners of Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP.Developed market strategy and plan based on market research, competitive analysis and focus groups,identifying large target and addressable markets available for Zemlogix’s new software products.Developed and co-delivered fund-raising pitch to venture capital firms, resulting in moving Zemlogixforward.SIGMA-ONE COMMUNICATIONS, Woodland Hills, California 2000 - 2001Director of Product ManagementDirected product development, creating the first integration of precise location technology with webcontent, enabling new wireless applications for cell phones and PDAs, creating new revenueopportunities and facilitating service differentiation in the marketplace.Developed trial for Cingular Wireless, demonstrating wireless Internet location applications andproviding business models for these services.Built partnerships with middleware and application content providers, strengthening SigmaOnesposition to offer end-to-end solutions for service providers.Developed partnerships with E-911 service bureaus, enabling the SigmaOne location system to beintegrated into wireless carrier networks to meet FCC requirements.COYOTE NETWORK SYSTEMS, Westlake Village, California 1996 – 2000Director of Marketing, Coyote Network SystemsDeveloped strategy, marketing plan, and economic models for launch of applications service providerbusiness unit based on Internet appliance applications, generating revenues of $50 million in first year.Designed strategy and market plan to launch company into international long distance wholesale andretail markets, achieving revenue of over $40 million per year.Developed strategy for network services business unit, growing sales to over $20 million.Created and launched campaign to promote new product lines, increasing market awareness andsales.
  3. 3. Page 3 ALBERT W. LEWISSenior Product Manager, Coyote TechnologiesProduced product and marketing programs, propelling start-up switch manufacturer from zero sales toover $12 million in first year.Developed business plan, market requirements and product plans for a second generation of centraloffice switch and Internet service node, expanding the voice product family into Voice-over-IP.Built strategic alliances with Hewlett-Packard and Technology Applications, Inc., extending the corebusiness from central office voice capabilities to include data and Internet applications.Created and implemented strategic programs, increasing market share for voice switching and Internetservices products in new Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and Internet Service Providermarkets.GTE / VERIZON, Norwalk, California 1994 - 1996Senior Marketing ManagerDeveloped and implemented marketing programs for new business solutions, raising the division’srevenues from zero to $190 million level in 18 months.Implemented marketing programs for new and growing product lines for data and video communicationin local area networks and wide area networks resulting in increased sales from these new markets.Developed competitive assessments and strategies to counter new competition from AT&T, MCI, Sprintand emerging CLECs allowing retention of the dominant market share position.XEROX, El Segundo, California 1981 – 1994Palo Alto, California (PARC) / London, UK (Rank Xerox)Marketing Programs Manager – Worldwide Planning ManagerProduct Marketing Manager – Strategic Planning ManagerDesigned and implemented first global vertical marketing program, allowing direct sales force to moreeffectively solve customer business problems using systems solutions.Created and effectively implemented vertical marketing plan for Europe and the Pacific Rim, improvingsales efficiency by 20%.Directed planning and development of systems solution for the health care industry, producing over$30 million in new revenue.Designed and oversaw national sales training program, receiving 98% excellent rating from participantsbased on their success over following 12 months.Developed organization plan that created first self directed work team in the industry marketingdivision, resulting in higher levels of team productivity.Recommended innovative plan for new channels for workstation products through dealers, distributors,and VARs, creating new opportunities for business growth.Directed development of sales promotion program by advertising company, creating cornerstone forfirst major channeling of network systems products through copier sales force.Additional Professional Experience: Industrial Engineering, Operations Planning, TransportationOperations, Logistics.EducationMBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los AngelesBachelor of Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  4. 4. ALBERT (AL) W. LEWIS1124 N. Kings Rd., #101Los Angeles, California 90069(323) 654-3534 | (213) 716-7377 | al@alwlewis.comTECHNICAL MARKETING EXPERIENCESOFTWARE SOLUTIONS / APPLICATIONS & INTERNET / CLOUD APPLICATIONS:Web Applications e-Commerce / e-Business Business ApplicationsCRM Applications ERP Applications Work Process SolutionsXML Applications HTML Applications Wireless Location ServicesInternet Applications Wireless Internet Consumer ApplicationsWindows Applications Apple OS Applications Integrated Network ApplicationsMultimedia / Digital Media Streaming Audio / Video Mainframe ApplicationsMobile Applications Database Applications SaaSEnterprise Solutions Web MarketingPERSONAL COMPUTING, WORKSTATION & WIRELESS PLATFORMS:Windows Computers Linux Apple OSWeb Browsers UNIX / Sun Solaris Xerox ViewPoint / GlobalViewEngineering / CAD / CAM IBM 3270 Xerox XDEWireless Handsets PDAs Applications Specific TabletsSmart PhonesLOCAL AREA NETWORKS & DATA NETWORKING:Internet / Intranets / VPNs TCP/IP Network ApplicationsWIFI – 802.11x Ethernet – 802.3 CTISNA Token Ring DECNetNovell XNS ServersInternet Service Nodes Hosting Departmental ProcessorsGateways Bridges RoutersSwitches Intelligent Hubs ModemsInternet Video Servers Network Management Network ServicesPC-to-PC VideoWIDE AREA NETWORKS:Internet ADSL / xDSL T-1 / DS3 / OC3 & higherFiber Optic Networks SMDS ISDN BRI / PRIFrame Relay ATM SW-56AIN / IN SS7 Next Generation NetworksVoIP VoFR / VoATM Internet on Mobile NetworksVOICE & VIDEO:Wireless Carrier Networks Telecom Networks Internet / TCP/IPPC Video / Desktop Video Room Video Conference PBX & Key SystemsCentral Office Switches Centrex CTIMultimedia Streaming Voice / Video ISDN VoiceVoice-over-Packet Networks VoIPPRINTING, COMPUTING & OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES:Mainframe Computing Distributed Computing LAN Production Laser PrintersProduction Laser Printers Color Laser Printers ScannersDesktop Laser Printers Departmental Laser Printers LAN based FAXInkjet Printers Laser Products Fiber Optic SensorsVERTICAL MARKET EXPERIENCE:Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Telecommunications,Transportation, Distribution, Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, Defense & Government, Medical, Education,Media & Entertainment