Air pollution.


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this gives info about air pollution & its causes & also means to reduce

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Air pollution.

  1. 1. *What is air pollution?? *Report in Hindi. *What causes air pollution?? *What are pollutants?? *Types of pollutants.. *Major pollutants *Poem in English. *Pollution from man made pollutants *Pollution from natural pollutants. *Pollution in India *Pollution in Kerala *After effects *Need for conservation *How to conserve??
  2. 2. * Polluting air. * Introducing biological & chemical materials. * Causing discomfort. * Damaging natural environment.
  3. 3. MAN MADE SOURCES:- * Industrial pollutants * Chemical pollutants * Automobile pollutants NATURAL SOURCES:- * Biological pollutants * Natural hazards
  4. 4. Pollutant is a * Substance added or present in air causing adverse effect * It destroys the ecological balance * It can be solid liquid or gas
  5. 5. Pollutants are classified into two * Primary :directly produced more powerful eg:-volcanic eruption , automobile exhaust * Secondary indirectly produced forms when primary pollutants reacts less powerful eg:-ground level ozone , smog
  6. 6. * Carbon monoxide * Sulfur dioxide * Nitrogen dioxide * Ground level ozone * Particulate matter : * Volatile organic compounds * Chlorofluorocarbons * Ammonia * Odor * Radioactive pollutants
  7. 7. *Colorless , odorless. *Produced when carbon does not burn in fossil fuels. *Present in car exhaust. *Deprives body of oxygen causing headaches , fatigue , and impaired vision.
  8. 8. *Produced when coal and fuel oil are burned. *Present in power plant exhaust *Narrows the airways , causing wheezing & shortness of breath. *Causing asthma. *Causes acid rain.
  9. 9. *Reddish brown gas. *Produced when nitric oxide combines with oxygen. *Present in car exhaust and power plants. *Affects lungs and causes wheezing; increases chance of respiratory infection.
  10. 10. *Particles of different size and structure that are released to atmosphere. *Present in fossil fuels, dust, smoke, fog etc. *Can build up in respiratory system. *Aggravates hearts and lung disease. *Increase risk of respiratory infection.
  11. 11. * At upper level, ozone shields earth from sun’s harmful UV rays. * At ground level ozone is harmful pollutants. * Formed from car , power and chemical plant exhaust. * Reduces lung function & damaging lining of lungs. * Reduces lung function & damaging lining of lungs. * Irritate respiratory system * Creates asthma.
  12. 12. On a rainy day Nature called me for a party As it was rainy day Had umbrella of little white beauty. On the way we saw Black puff from a foe She roared at my neighbor As roads passed A devil cloud from vehicles Towards me laughed.
  13. 13. I noticed men still working Goes on working and working My colleagues started eating Cigarettes with no worries My umbrella changes her face It seem to cry , scream and laugh Her little shades are fading She flew here and there She goes far away from me Oh! My little pearl vanished Away from me
  14. 14. Oh! My little pearl vanished Away from me like a black puff As I comes to my destination Comes the funeral of nature And a banner arise with sorrows “SAVE ME PLEASE”
  15. 15. * Factories * Motor vehicles * Chemicals * Aerosol sprays * Landfills
  16. 16. * Pollution from power plants , manufacturing industries , mines……. * Smoke released from power plants * Green house gases or poisonous gases released during incomplete combustion * Improper disposal of waste * Burning of biomass * Burning of wood , crop waste….
  17. 17. * It is considered as the world’s worst industrial disaster. * Leaked industrial vapors. * Methyl isocyanate and other chemicals were leaked. * A gas cloud of hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, monomethyl amine, carbon dioxide etc. was formed. * Coughing and vomiting were the immediate effect. * More than 8000 people died.
  18. 18. * Air crafts, marine vehicles , road transport , railways * Emission of toxic gases like carbon dioxide , sulphur dioxide , nitrogen , hydrocarbons , volatile substances *Emission of smoke *Production of dust during travel
  19. 19. * Chemicals , controlled burn , pesticides … * Odor produced during use of chemical * Green house gases emitted * Use of nuclear weapons like atom bomb , hydrogen bomb.. * Smoke , dust particles & other harmful gases
  20. 20. * It creates mist of liquid particles * Includes insecticides , deodorants , paints… * Produces dangerous particles causing respiratory problems.. * Releases chlorofluro carbons , volatile hydrocarbons , propane , nitrogen dioxide , carbon dioxide…
  21. 21. * Dumping waste in land is called LANDFILLS * Produces methane , carbon monoxide , helium… * It reduces oxygen * Creates suffocation * It produces odor.
  22. 22. * Radioactive decay in earth crust * Animals * Wildfires * Volcanic eruption
  23. 23. * Emission of Radon gas * Reaction may also causes fire and smoke * Creates cancer * Affects lungs
  24. 24. * Methane gas is emmited during digestion * Respiration releases carbon dioxide & absorb oxygen * Dust is produced during motion
  25. 25. * Smoke and carbon monoxide is produced. * Ash and green house gases are produced. * Uses large amount of oxygen and emit large amount of carbon dioxide
  26. 26. * Produces sulphur dioxide , chlorine, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide , hydrogen fluoride and volatile substances * Produces ash particles and smoke * Produces water vapour
  27. 27. * Air pollution in INDIA is a serious issue. * Major sources are : firewood & biogas burning , fuel adulteration , vehicle emission &traffic congestion. * India has low per capita emission of green house gases India is world’s largest consumer of firewood , agricultural waste & biomass. * Adulterated fuel emission are done by vehicles * India is world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide. * Environmental Performance Index ranked India as having the poorest relative air quality out of 132 countries.
  28. 28. AIR POLLUTION DECREASED. 120 * Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act was passed in 1981. 100 * Operating compressed natural gas(CNG)mode public transport. 80 * Introduction of metro for large public transport. 60 * Supply of improved quality of diesel, petrol & gasoline. 40 * Stringent emission standard have been implemented. 2008 20 * Mutually time targeted program implemented by CREP(Corporate 2005 0 responsibility for Environment Protection) * Controlled pollution from highly polluted industries. * Heavy duty trucks are allowed only during limited timings. * Creating awareness to people by using medias. 1995
  29. 29. Air Quality Index Kalamassery *Vehicular emission is main source. Aluva *Industrial exhaust also creates air pollution. Thripunuthara *Rapid urbanization is also a main reason. *Use of fossil fuels adversely affected air quality. Vyttila *Trivandrum, Ernakulam & Kozhikode are most Index Air Quality Ernakulam south polluted districts. * Malappuram Ernakulam north & Pattanamthitta is having most cleanest air in India. Palarivattom Edapally 0 50 100 150 200 250
  30. 30. * Destruction of environmental balance. * Poor quality of air. * Respiratory infections , heart diseases, lung cancer. * Asthma , wheezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing, pneunomia, cancer, chronic bronchitis & emphysema. * Affect cardiovascular health. * Indoor air pollution. * Acid rain. * Thinning of ozone layer. * Global warming. * Ozone layer depletion.
  31. 31. * We should need a better environment. * Conservation is essential for better ecology. * For proper health and life. * Air is essential for living so it must be protected.
  32. 32. * Reduce use of private vehicles. * Afforestation. * Should use more vehicles with less pollution (electric vehicles). * Should use cleaner fuel like LPG , CNG ,electricity. * Should use alternative power sources like wind energy, solar energy… * Reducing number of factories and Emission of treated waste from factories. * Chimney from factories should be high. * Reducing use of gadgets which emit CFC’s, like air conditioners , refridgerator etc. * Reducing nuclear weapons & nuclear reactors. * Creating legal regulations.