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De web 2.0 lesson jackson a


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Food chains and Food webs

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De web 2.0 lesson jackson a

  1. 1. And
  2. 2. A food chain shows how each living thing gets food, and how nutrientsand energy are passed from creature to creature. Food chains beginwith plant-life, and end with animal-life. Some animals eat plants,some animals eat other animals. Three major parts make up foodchains Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers. Click on the links todiscover more about food chains.Producers
  3. 3. Example Food chain
  4. 4. (Mark your answers on your Scantron) Food chain quizQ.1) Which food chain correctly describes the flow of energy in an ecosystem?A. grass-->cow-->humanB. B. caterpillar-->leaf-->humanC. C. cow-->grass-->humanD. D. leaf-->bird-->caterpillarQ.2) Rabbits eat grass and other plants to survive, but they do not eat animals. What kind of animal are rabbits?A. decomposers B. carnivores C. producers D. herbivoresQ.3) How do decomposers help other organisms in an ecosystem?A. They are food for consumers.B. Through photosynthesis they can make their own food.C. They return nutrients back to the soil.D. They eat plants.Q.4) In what order do a hawk, grass, and rabbit form a food chain in a meadow?A. hawk-->grass-->rabbitB. grass-->hawk-->rabbitC. rabbit-->grass-->hawkD. grass-->rabbit-->hawkQ.5) Which of the following lists only consumers?A. hawks, lizards, chipmunksB. acorns, squirrels, rabbitsC. grass, chipmunks, eaglesD. mice, squirrels, grass
  5. 5. A food web is a combination of food chains that integrate to form anetwork . In nature, food chain relationships are not isolated. They arevery complex, as one organism may form the food source of manyorganisms. Thus, instead of a simple linear food chain, there is a weblike structure formed by these interlinked food chains. Suchinterconnected matrix of food chains is called food web. Food websare indispensable in ecosystems as they allow an organism to obtain itsfood from more than one type of organism of the lower trophic level.Click on the link to discover more information about food webs.Food web Video on How stuff works
  6. 6. Example Food web
  7. 7. (Mark your answers on your Scantron) school/story.php?title=food-web-test Food web quiz1. The vulture is a ...A. decomposer B. scavenger C. parasite D. producer2. Rabbits are omnivoresA. True B. False3. What is the role of decomposers?A. to return nutrients to the soilB. to hunt small animalsC. to grow on a host organismD. to only eat producers4. Which animal is a carnivore?A. fox B. bird C. deer D. grasshopper Which animal is a omnivore?A. deer B. mouse C. rabbit D. bird
  8. 8. Now it is your turn to create a food chain and a food web diagram using the technology Inspiration.Follow the links to complete your diagrams following the directions onyour rubric.•Tutorial link:•Example work•Link to Inspiration:•Food chain rubric•Food web rubric
  9. 9. Food chain Rubric CATEGORY 5 4 3 2 1Food Chain The diagram The diagram The diagram The diagram The diagramComponents includes a producer, includes four out of includes three out of includes two out of includes only one a first level five of the required five of the required five of the required out of five of the consumer, a second food chain food chain food chain required food chain level consumer, a components. components. components. components. third level consumer, and a decomposer.Accuracy All of the Four of the Three of the Two of the The illustrations are illustrations are illustrations are illustrations are illustrations are inaccurately labeled accurately labeled accurately labeled accurately labeled accurately labeled or not labeled at all and are arranged in and are arranged in and are arranged in and are arranged in and the diagram the logical order of the logical order of the logical order of the logical order of does not represent the food chain. the food chain. the food chain. the food chain. any logical order.Structure The diagram is neat The diagram is fairly The diagram is The diagram is fairly The diagram is and organized, neat and organized, organized and unorganized and unorganized and includes a title, and includes a title, and includes a title, but includes a title, but slopply. It does not has each illustration has most only some of the the illustrations are include a title and labeled with a illustrations labeled illustrations are not labeled with the illustrations are complete sentence. with a complete labeled with a complete sentences. not labeled with sentence. complete sentence. complete sentences.Creativity/Color The food chain is The food chain is The food chain is The food chain The food chain is very colorful and colorful and shows completed in color includes little color not colored at all includes creative some creativity in and shows a fair and little creativity and includes only illustrations and the illustrations. amount of creativity in the illustrations. simple illustrations. design. in the illustrations.
  10. 10. Food Web Rubric CATEGORY 5 points 3 points 0 pointsContents The food web has The web has mostly Most of the accurate information accurate information. information recorded recorded. Based on However, less than 3 on the web is not the main ideas in the of the things recorded accurate, based on text, and educated are not accurate. the information predictions according derived from the text. to the text.Organization The web is organized The web is mostly A majority of the web clearly, everything isorganized properly. is disorganized. Many documented in the However, less than 3 things are not correct place to show things are in the recorded in the the flow of energy. wrong place. correct place.Neatness The web is very neat The web is pretty The web is very mess and easy to read by neat, but there are a and can not be others. few areas that are interpreted. difficult to read.Spelling/Grammar The web contains less The web contains less The web contains than 2 than 4 more than 5 spelling/grammar spelling/grammar spelling/grammar errors. errors. errors.
  11. 11. References1. rs.htm4. chains.html8.