M2M Evolution


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The M2M Evolution event is happening February 1-3 in Miami Beach.

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M2M Evolution

  1. 1. 9:00-9:45 AM Wednesday - 02/01/12 Analyze This Analysts have their hands full when it comes to explaining theJames Brehm Mike Sapien opportunities in M2M: as sensorCompass Intelligence Ovum costs drop and networks become more robust and ubiquitous, it seems that every vertical industry is ripe for M2M applications. This panel of analysts will share their insight as to which trees are growing fastest in the forest of Gerry Purdy M2M. Nikki Cuban On Asset Mobiltrax
  2. 2. 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Wednesday - 02/01/12 Tracking the Automotive Opportunity Whether we are looking at race carsGerry Purdy going in circles, or the thrill of theMobitrax open road with a fully charged Mike Mouser hybrid, the automotive market is Navigation Solutions taking full advantage of chips and sensors. The possibilities drive us beyond the horizon, promising a profitable journey. Take a seat and see what’s ahead.SaiYagnamurthyVerizon Wireless
  3. 3. 11:00 AM -11:45 AM Wednesday - 02/01/12 Assets on the Move - Remote Asset Management It’s been said that “time is money” and luck is about being at the right place at the right time. In remote asset management, the key is toBrian Allred John Hurlbert always know where your assets areWilson Novatel – and what state they’re in whenElectronics Wireless opportunity calls. This panel discusses temperature sensing, Brian Sherrard location/delivery tracking, and a PLUS U-Blox range of fleet management issues.
  4. 4. 12:00 PM -12:45 PM Monday - 02/03/12 The Evolution of Remote Monitoring and M2M Solutions for the Healthcare IndustryHenry Rosen For many conditions, healthcare provider officeVP of M2M Business visits are being replaced by homeSolutions monitoring, thanks to wireless technologies. Numerex works with global medical deviceNumerex manufacturers, managed care providers, and accountable care organizations to enable wireless monitoring, and in the process, the growth of this increasingly popular practice. This session would spark discussions around hot topics including wireless device standards and FCC compliance mandates, POTS plain old telephone service migration within households and how this affects inhome healthcare services, and new technologies across wireless medical monitoring devices.
  5. 5. 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM Wednesday - 02/01/12 The Best Care Anywhere: Heart & Hearth Pressure on hospitals to release patients as soon as possible does not change theJim Cairns Edward Branham need for doctors to continue monitoringMultitech Verizon Wireless their patients. Heart Attack patients need to be monitored since often they have reoccurences. This session covers the use of remote health care systems to track the status of patients. Home is where the Heart is and thanks to these Seth Earley systems the heart can be home a lot Earley more.Justin Daya CompanyDayaMed
  6. 6. 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Wednesday - 02/01/12 Remote Patient Care: No Longer Out of Sight or Out of Mind Tracking Alzheimer’s patient is not about the diagonistics but about the location. Many Alzheimers patients live at homeSteve Hudson Chris Mayer or at a facility where the grounds areOmnilink Verizon designed for their comfort. However the patients disorientation can lead to roaming. Monitoring location is essential for the quality of life. This session covers the use of remote health care systems to track the whereabouts, Ken Hosac and the status of patients. Cradlepoint
  7. 7. 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Thursday - 02/02/12 The Network’s Role in Advancing M2M Innovations With a forecasted 15B connected devices by 2015, and 50B by 2020, the proliferation of M2M implementations creates an enormous potential for added complexity to the network. Pursing areas of commonality where verticals and ICTs converge is essential for discovering the features/functions and parameters to support aGale Lightfoot common M2M service platform.Co-Chair, Establishing a "Trusted Environment" for all entitiesATIS M2M Focus Group associated with vertical services and applications is the imperative of the ATIS M2M Focus Group, and will be the topic discussed at this session.Senior Staff Program ManagerOffice of the CTOService Provider Group - Cisco
  8. 8. 1:45 PM – 2:15 PM Thursday - 02/02/12Standards for Mobile ServicesThe world of the carrier is filled with work orders that delegate work and track workflow. However traditionally this has been an internal document, but with the world of M2M the carrier has a greater roll in deliver and testing a complete experience. TIA has been looking at the implementation requirements for M2M solutions and will present their strategy to make M2M a routine service request from carriers.
  9. 9. 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Thursday - 02/02/12 Making Rapid Deployment a Reality for M2M Implementing an M2M strategy can seem John Canosa daunting, as many issues converge Thingworx during rollouts. This is where partnersNikki Cuban with experience make all the difference.On Asset The session discusses how partners can speed up deployments, and provide quality assurance that reduces costly errors. Joe Biron Axeda
  10. 10. 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Thursday - 02/02/12 Solving the Back End with Platform Solutions With the diversity of sensors, we cannot sayTom Saffron that once “we’ve seen one M2M sensor,Viewbiquity we’ve seen them all.” But there is a need for commonality when it comes to items like configuration, monitoring, managing and reporting. How can platforms for the backend enable greater diversity and more flexible strategies, while streamlining the Alex Vishnev economics for M2M? This panel answers Global these questions and many others. ConvergenceJim CairnsMultitech
  11. 11. 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Friday - 02/03/12 Why is the Smart Grid an M2M Market? Why is the Smart Grid an M2MSayedHosain Robert Gustin Market?The Smart Grid Market isAeris Networks Sprint affected by price fluctuations in supply that make it hard for companies to have a business case that stays on track, regardless of the market. M2M represents a stabilizing force when determining the ROI of a project. This discussion looks at benefits to the John Hurlbert SmartGrid, regardless of price Novatel fluctuations in the market.Nikki Cuban WirelessOn Asset
  12. 12. 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Friday - 02/03/12 Smarter Solutions for the Smart Grid Ironically, as most carriers talk about dumb networks, mostRon Zimmer utilities see the SmartGrid asContinental being utility centric. The realAutomated question is: “what are theBuildingsAssociation opportunities for really smart applications, and how can they be delivered?” Are the smarts really in the grid, or at the edge?
  13. 13. 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Friday - 02/03/12 The Smart Grid takes I.T. to make it work With all these machines, it’s logical that integration is a key component, and theAmmarRayes SmartGrid is one place where traditionalCisco IT integration services are finding customers in need of their services. This session will evaluate what’s driving the opportunities for SmartGrid IT and it will discuss how it translates into other vertical opportunities.
  14. 14. 12:00 PM -12:45 PM Friday - 02/03/12 Analyze That The Conference Wrap upJames BrehmCompass IntelligenceNikki CubanOn Asset
  15. 15. Join us• Register here https://www.tmcnet.com/scripts/itexpo/fl12/ registration.aspx?theplan=M2M• Use the code “Speaker” for a discount or contact Frank Coppola fcoppola@tmcnet.com