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Ford Stacy

  1. 1. Stacy Ford Director of Operations [email_address] +1-858-707-7700 Improve Asterisk IVRs with Speech Recognition
  2. 2. Agenda Who is LumenVox? Why you should speech-enable your Asterisk system. How you can speech-enable your Asterisk system. Examples of existing speech applications on Asterisk.
  3. 3. About LumenVox LumenVox is core technology that powers platforms and PBX’s, such as Asterisk. Powerful, accurate and affordable . LumenVox is the only commercial speech engine supported by Digium for Asterisk.
  4. 4. Speech Engine Speaker independent: No speaker training needed. Flexible: Lite and Full License Models. Full Linux support: rPath, Debian, Fedora Core, Red Hat Enterprise, Cent OS, Sun SPARC Solaris. Languages: US, UK and Australian/New Zealand English, Mexican and South American Spanish, and Canadian French. Powerful and accurate: Internally tested and customer verified.
  5. 5. Why Choose LumenVox? Speech Tuner included. Free expert phone and email installation support. Extensive resources including free on-demand webinars. Affordable pricing.
  6. 6. Why Speech-enable Asterisk? A more “natural” interface. Hands-free phone interactions. Improved self-service opportunities. Increased offerings. Increased ROI.
  7. 7. Lengthy keypad entry Need to know zip code Just say “San Jose, CA” Speech Gives You Flexibility Car Rental IVR “Where would you like to pick up your car?” DTMF Speech
  8. 8. “ Press… One for Red Two for Blue Three for Green” “ Green” Speech is More Efficient “ What color jacket would you like?” DTMF Speech
  9. 9. How? Fully integrated with Asterisk Digium Connector Bridge Build applications through Dial Plan, the AGI, C API, Java, and VXML (Q2) Business Edition or Open Source
  10. 10. Get Started Today! Speech Starter Kit: 1-port Speech Engine Lite Digium Connector Bridge Speech Tuner $50 ( Retail Value $245) Free with the purchase of Business Edition!
  11. 11. Get Started Today! Speech Power Kit: 5-ports Speech Engine Lite Digium Connector Bridge Speech Tuner One FULL day of training San Diego or via webinar $1500 (Retail Value $2220)
  12. 12. Existing Application Opportunities IVR Migration to Speech Millions of deployed ports Easy migration path from DTMF to Speech
  13. 13. New Application Opportunities General Financial Services Health Care/Pharmacy Retail Address Change Password Reset Trouble Ticket Management Auto-Attendant Telephone Banking Mortgage Qualification Stock Portfolio Management Prescription Refill Schedule & Confirm Appointment Laboratory Results Order Status Phone Shopping Customer Satisfaction Survey
  14. 14. ROI Case Study: ATA Retail Supermarket store delivery service to more than 5,000 stores. Previously had agents requesting new items by leaving voicemails that were manually transcribed. New LumenVox system reduced the need for transcription by 80% and sped up order processing.
  15. 15. Exciting Opportunities Schmooze Communications has taken the simple call router application to new heights with their Magic Button . Low subscription costs to the end users and a great business model.
  16. 16. Schmooze’s Magic Button
  17. 17. Exciting Opportunities Z Telco has made a restaurant reservation application that can be duplicated across the country. Can expand offerings to existing customers as well as offer a packaged application to new prospects.
  18. 18. Exciting Opportunities Several customers are working hard to make our streets safer by creating speech-enabled traffic applications, public transit maps and more! What’s your idea?
  19. 19. Summary Join the hundreds who are already building dynamic speech solutions!
  20. 20. Q&A Thank you! LumenVox will be available for appointments for the remainder of VON.
  21. 21. Resources Call 1-877-977-0707 for a phone demo of LumenVox speech recognition. Everything you need to get started with speech recognition on Asterisk: Free on demand video training: