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Short Sale Tips For Sellers


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If you are interested in buying a short sale the best way, or stop a foreclosure by Selling with a Short Sale, please visit my website at: We offer solutions that help the Buyer, Seller, and Real Estate Agent.

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Short Sale Tips For Sellers

  1. 1. ==== ====To learn how to guarantee a "Short Sale", check this out! ====Selling your home as a short sale and finding a real estate professional who knows how to handleyour home and the transaction properly can feel like walking through a minefield. Lots of agentswant the listings, but you need to find someone with some very specific qualifications because ofthe intricacies involved in handling the short sale process. Selecting someone other than anexperienced professional can lead to worse problems than you have now. Below is someinformation to help you select the right agent to list your home.TrainingAgents that list short sales for sale know that these transactions are more complicated than atraditional sale. Good agents will know that they need specialized training to handle and organizethe additional details. Make sure your agent has at least one of the nationally recognizedcertifications. Of course, we all know that training isnt everything, but this will at least narrow yourfield to a smaller list of agents who have taken the time and care to take the additional step ofperfecting the trade knowledge.ExperienceAsk if the agent has ever closed a short sale listing. Its a reasonable request and will let you beginto see if you are going to be working with someone who has done this before. An agent should beable to tell you that they have listings, have some under contract or have closed several in thepast. You owe it to yourself to make sure you get someone with some experience to help you.Each short sale transaction is different and each bank is constantly changing the process to get ahome approved. The more experience, the better.MarketingWe often hear agents say that short sales dont need to be marketed in the same way thattraditional listings do because they are priced lower so they are therefore easier to sell with lessmarketing efforts. Its been our experience that this type of thinking is a mistake. For every dollarunder your loan amount your home sells for, the bank who has your loan loses a dollar. The banksthemselves want to see that a true good faith effort has been made to sell your home for thehighest amount possible. To ensure that the home is selling for a fair price, your lender will eitherorder an independent appraisal or what is referred to in the industry as a BPO which is whenanother independent del estate agent provides the bank with a price for the home. This takes real,traditional marketing and you should never settle for less!This means that you need a sign, a professional flyer and excellent photos just like every other
  2. 2. listing.The Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong AgentDont set yourself up for an uncontrolled process that leads to a foreclosure because the agentdidnt handle the short sale properly. Make sure you have a competent agent. If things go wrong,you could end up with a foreclosure or a bankruptcy. You need to prevent these pitfalls byselecting an agent who is competent, experience and trained to handle your short sale.Whatever the reason is that you need a short sale, make sure that you select the right agent orthings will go from bad to worse.Ryan Ward is the Principal of Premier Atlanta Real Estate and is a member of the national, stateand local REALTOR associations, and is trained as an Atlanta short sale agent and trained as aCertified Distressed Property Expert. Contact Ryan Ward at 404.630.3187.Article Source: ====To learn how to guarantee a "Short Sale", check this out! ====