Short Sale Tips for real estate agents


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If you are interested in buying a short sale the best way, or stop a foreclosure by Selling with a Short Sale, please visit my website at: We offer solutions that help the Buyer, Seller, and Real Estate Agent.

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Short Sale Tips for real estate agents

  1. 1. ==== ====To learn how to guarantee a "Short Sale", check this out! ====In lieu of recent news about the housing market, many Realtors have turned to short sales as away of staying in business. There is NOTHING wrong with doing short sales as one in every 5houses for sale is a short sale. So there is a HUGE opportunity to capitalize on this segment andstill help homeowners out of delicate situations.One thing I keep hearing on a consistent basis from agents is that the bank always cuts theircommission. That is because the bank is looking for ways to cut out as many fees as possible sothey can increase the NET they receive.One thing that I get in the habit of doing is tacking on as many LEGITIMATE fees as possible.That leads us to the whopping 6% figure. You should always be asking for 6% closing help andadd that to the front page of the HUD on both the buyer and seller side. If the bank wants tostarting increasing their NET, then they can start with that. This tends to be easy as manyborrowers are using FHA programs and those particular programs only allow the seller (bank) topay a maximum of 3% closing help. In addition, the banks policy will state that they can only give3%.IMPORTANT: I always approach it as, "my goodness, you are killing me here. You are cuttingeverything. The buyer really needed that entire 6%. Let me talk to their lender and see if someminor rules can be broken" Now you have planted in their minds that they have cut something andincreased their NET. That is a win for the bank.Now there are many other strategies to be used when trying to keep your commissions in tact.So remember, always ask for 6% seller subsidy and let the bank feel like they won when they cutto 3%, or even nothing. Stayed tuned for the rest of the line items that absolutely MUST go ontoyour HUD-1.An Agent Short Sale Profits Special Strategy CD Reveals A Proven Way On How To Close MoreShort Sales Faster and Easier With Less Hassle From The Bank.[]Have You Ever Said:Short Sales are too time consuming! Short Sales are hard! I dont have time to do short sales! Thebanks dont approve short sales! Why would you do short sales vs. getting a regular listing where
  2. 2. the seller can pay you?!You Have Not Experienced Agent Short Sale Profits Free CD. Available Only at:[]Article Source: ====To learn how to guarantee a "Short Sale", check this out! ====