Educational website evaluation


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Educational website evaluation

  1. 1. TECH 4211 Educational Software/Website Evaluation • Student Name: Bader Mohammed Al-Wardi • Date: 7/3/2011 • The Website Name: Science With Me • The Address of the site: • Name, Type, and Date of Publication of Software: The website called "Science With Me". It is an interactive online science community for kids, teachers, parents and home-schoolers. This site has so much to offer from easy to understand free (Learn about science) articles to downloadable science animations, science coloring books, science worksheets and songs .This site was piloted in 2003 at the Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart in Princeton. This site includes two main bars. The first contain eight links such as Home, Science Shop, Science with Mom, Testimonials, About us, Contact us. The second one includes, Human Body, Animals, Plants, Earth Science, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and Famous Scientists. 1
  2. 2. • Screen Shoot of Website: The following are some screen shoots of this website: 2
  3. 3. Instructions:Using the criteria below, evaluate an educational software or website.Use the categories below and assign a number value to each assessmentusing the scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.Following each category, provide your comments.1-Correctness: (Number Score) 8Comments: The Information and Skills in Science With Me website is meetthe specific requirements of every one interested on science domainwhether elementary schools students or teachers.2-Reliability: (Number Score) 10 Comments: Science With Me website has highest reliability because all itsinformation and skills are accurate, correct and up to date. Last up date ison 7 February 2011.3-Efficiency: (Number Score) 8Comments: The efficiency of the Science With Me website is approximatelyhigh because the information and skills included in it is aimed toelementary age children and as a result, these information and skills canapplicable to the future career of graduate.4-Integrity: (Number Score) 10Comments: The integrity of Science With Me website is highest because itenable users to join to it and make their own account and then participatein the discussion topic and add their own subjects. So, this website forbidsunauthorized access to your own account, subjects and discussion.5-Usability: (Number Score) 9 3
  4. 4. Comments: This website contain science movies and songs, free sciencecoloring sheets, free science worksheets, fun science projects and storiesintegrated with video, audio and fun, simple explained photos. So, thelearning by this website is very interesting and it meets different learningstyles.6-Maintainability: (Number Score) 10Comments: Science With Me Website provides contact us page from whichthe users can add their own questions, addition, clarifications, feedbackand opinions.7-Testability (Number Score) 4Comments: The Science With Me website’s testability is low because aftereach studied topic there is no specific exercises that can measure student’sunderstanding, knowledge and skills.8-Expandability: (Number Score) 8Comments: This website to some extent flexible because its language isvery simple, understandable and meets elementary children age. Also, itsnavigation between pages and subjects is very easy and the users can getthe information needed immediately.9-Portability, reusability and interoperability (Number Score) 9Comments: The information and skills which presented and included in thiswebsite is applicable with other fields because it approximately cover alltopics in science domain beginning from Human Body until FamousScientists and all these information, skills and tasks can be applicable withthose in school. 4