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Action Modle


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Action Modle

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University College of Education Instruction and Learning Technologies Department __________________________________________________ ACTIONS Model Done by: Bader Mohammed Al-Wardi 68709 Abdullah Said Al-Kaabi 68713 ■Submitted to: Dr. Alaa Sadik 1
  2. 2. Video conference 1. Access Video conference is accessible in many situation and every learner can access gust have video conference tools (camera ,mic ,and pc). Also, video conferencing is very flexible if you want to use it in group situation and it's very effective. 2. Costs: The cost of video conferencing depend on the tools that user utilize it. For example some universities forced to use high quality tools for video conference to provide good learning quality, otherwise student will not pay more. By the way ,video conference is cheap medium if you compare it with other distance learning medium. 3. Teaching and Learning Video conference is the appropriate way for distance education because, it provides auditory and visual learning and in same time and provide virtual learning environment like the real one. Teachers can see and talk with their students and discuss live same face to face. 2
  3. 3. Also as i mention video conference used easy tools can each students provide it like camera, computer PC microphone and software. My opinion it will be the famous method use to distribute the distance learning. 4. Interactivity and User-friendliness: It provides synchronous and asynchronous interaction because it could be alive or you can record the lecture and broadcast it later. Moreover, any learner in anywhere and with different cultural can use video conferencing. 5. Organizational Issues: Organization and Institution requires new technology in learning. but sometimes if it provide the materials for student free, it ignore a lot of important things like: -It doesn't use new and effective software but use old and cheep software and that cause many problems to reach materials for students and get bad resolution if the materials provide pictures or video. -Another thing is they did not provide in support for technical problem or it come too late. But if you bay for them the service become much better. 6. Novelty: I think the novelty in this new technology is the interactive telecommunication which allow two or more locations or people to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously, also this technology allow learner to transfer and exchange the files easily. All of this things should motivate learner and gave them more opportunities to learn and that keep video conference unique in distance eduction. 7. Speed: The materials in video conferencing could distribute the courses in short period and short time by using internet. Actually, materials updated immediately during the discussion live or during participation. 3