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The social function of the public library in the world of social networks and of the crisis of the Welfare State


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5th International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries 4 - 7 June 2013, "La Sapienza" University, Rome Italy

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The social function of the public library in the world of social networks and of the crisis of the Welfare State

  1. 1. The social function of the Public Library inthe world of social networks and of thecrisis of the Welfare StateLuísa Alvim | José António CalixtoUniversity of Évora, CIDEHUS (Portugal)5th International Conference on Qualitativeand Quantitative Methods in Libraries 4 - 7June 2013, "La Sapienza" UniversityRome Italy
  2. 2. 9reduce the social exclusionIn a time of economic crisisand social recessionpublic libraries candevelop socialinitiatives© Nuno Marçal
  3. 3. 6librariesPeople© Nuno Marçal
  4. 4. 4Municipal Library Figueiró dos Vinhosgenerate social capitalinclusive actionslibraries
  5. 5. Municipal Library Nazaréonline servicessocial networksfree services
  6. 6. the role of the welfare statecrisisrestrict social functions ofthe welfare stateausterity policies
  7. 7. Municipal Library Póvoa de VarzimPortugalMunicipal Library Bragabooks exchangedefense of citizenship
  8. 8. 5Mobile Library Proença-a-Novainclusive actions© Nuno Marçal© Nuno Marçal© Nuno Marçal
  9. 9. 16Municipal Library Coimbrainclusive actionslibrary senior services
  10. 10. 11Direção-Geral do Livro dos Arquivos e dasBibliotecasresponsible for the Program of the NationalNetwork of Public Libraries
  11. 11. 8National Network of Public LibrariesPortugalinvestments in acquisitions of documents are declining since2001 € 2,417,5032011 € 1,187,404the average of the investment in documents per 1000 inhabitants2001 € 8172011 € 237In Relatório estatístico 2011. Retrieved from
  12. 12. Municipal Library Torres NovasLibrary 2.0social softwareInteractivityconversationcommunicationcooperationinteraction
  13. 13. 10Municipal Library Miranda do CorvoLibrary 2.0 = (documents + people + radicaltrust) x participation
  14. 14. 14Municipal Library Sever do VougaDigital inclusion
  15. 15. 7Municipal Library Penalva do CasteloDigital inclusionMunicipal Library Penalva do Castelo
  16. 16. 12Municipal Library Bragalibrary services in the hospitalinclusive actions
  17. 17. 17Portugalpenetration of 44.09% compared to the countrys population and86.28% in relation to the number of Internet users.The total number of Facebook users 4,706,960 (March 2013)and grew more than 141,000 in the last six monthsIn Socialbakers, 2013National Network of Public Libraries 2011194 libraries that are part of this network76 libraries (41%) participation in social networks (Facebook andTwitter)99 public libraries in Facebook (March 2013 )
  18. 18. 8future workinvestigate the attitudes and evidences of thePortuguese public libraries towards the socialfunction they perform, in a time of crisis of thewelfare state and in full development of socialnetworks. This work intended to be a first approachto the subject, which integrates a wider investigationof the impact of Web 2.0 on the social role of publiclibraries in Portugal, taking as case study libraries inthe social network Facebook.
  19. 19. Luísa AlvimJ.A. CalixtoUniversity of Évora, CIDEHUS (Portugal)mluisa.alvim@gmail.comjacalixto2000@gmail.comthank you©photo creditsNuno Marçal, Biblioteca Lúcio Craveiro da Silva, Biblioteca Municipal Miranda do Corvo,Biblioteca Municipal Figueiró dos Vinhos, Biblioteca Municipal Coimbra