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PresentacióN Comenius


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PresentacióN Comenius

  1. 1. I.E.S García Barbón An Educative project in Context
  2. 2. Spain is divided into 17 Autonomous Communities with wide self-government capacity.
  3. 3. Galicia is divided into 4 provinces and shares a frontier with Portugal in Pontevedra and in Ourense. Verín is in the south of Ourense province and it has always been a frontier-town.
  4. 4. If you ask someone about Galicia...
  5. 5. They will probably tell you that Galicia is...
  6. 6. green!
  7. 7. ...and green!
  8. 8. ...really green!
  9. 9. Galician spirit is linked to the sea: our Vilano Cape is the most western point in continental Europe This coast can be wild but also...
  10. 10. It can offer fantastic beaches
  11. 11. But people also visit us because of our artistic heritage Santiago de Compostela, the capital, welcomes millions of tourists and pilgrims every year.
  12. 12. Like the pre-Roman villages... The Roman settlements...
  13. 13. The Hércules Tower, the oldest lighthouse in the world still in use... Or Santa Comba de Bande, the most ancient church in Spain.
  14. 14. ...and hundreds of monasteries, churches and traditional villages
  15. 15. But Galicia is also famous for its gastronomy... Octopus Sea-food All kinds of fish...
  16. 16. Traditional pies Beef: there are cows everywhere!
  17. 17. Cheese Wines Forest- fruits....
  18. 18. ...and desserts!
  19. 19. Verín is our destination
  20. 20. Verín is capital of the homonimous County, which includes 8 city councils. Verín sums up 14,000 inhabitants and its economy, culture and social life has always been linked to the neighbour Portuguese town of Chaves.
  21. 21. Monterrei Castle dominates the landscape
  22. 22. Verín is an old village with traditional buildings and monuments worth visiting.
  23. 23. Carnival is the most important festivity of Verín calendar: the whole village participates in it and the dominant image is the “ Cigarrón ”, the traditional mask that ridiculizes old tax-collectors of Monterrei Counts
  24. 24. Being a Cigarrón is a local passion that starts really early! and not only Cigarróns can particpate...
  25. 25. I.E.S. García Barbón is located in Verín village. It has been working for more than 25 years and it has been an educative reference for several generations.
  26. 26. It is a public institution depending on Xunta de Galicia , our autonomous government. We offer General Post-Compulsory Education, Vocational Studies and Adults Education.
  27. 27. We are an educative community that includes 45 teachers, 6 non-teaching staff and 250 students. Come with us on a brief tour...
  28. 28. Sanitary Assistance Dressmaking
  29. 29. Car Workshop
  30. 30. Finance Module
  31. 31. Aluminium Carpentry
  32. 32. Design and Technology
  33. 33. New Technologies Classroom
  34. 34. And let us not forget our cafetería , a meeting point for all of us.
  35. 35. We not only offer lessons, but also a wide range of activities, both indoors and outdoors, since one of our goals is achieving educative competence through diversity, in order to become an open school.
  36. 36. Annual Tree Planting Health Assistance Workshop
  37. 37. Bio-Diversity Exhibition Film-making
  38. 38. Galician Culture Festival A day at the sea
  39. 39. Visiting Santiago de Compostela On the roofs of the cathedral
  40. 40. At Barcelona Car Circuit Natural Science Museum
  41. 41. Astronomic Observatory Exploring the neighbouring villages
  42. 42. Winter time in Paris A day off at the countryside
  43. 43. “ Religious Diversity Exhibition” at our Library
  44. 44. Inauguration of Cigarrón sculpture, made by students
  45. 45. Our Comenius Project: Exploring Difference
  46. 46. The basic aim of “Exploring Difference” is analizing cultural richness and variety from a contrastive point of view. Our choice and proposal is focusing on two main aspects of any country’s tradition: gastronomy and music , since both are key sides of folklore. A third aspect, complementary to those two, would be working on a common blog for all participants.
  47. 47. <ul><li>Gastronomy </li></ul><ul><li>Two main fields would be considered: </li></ul><ul><li>The bread cycle : Bread is probably the most basic and international food known by Humanity. Here we would work on its associated semantic field, from a linguistic approach, and also on rough materials, types of bread, processes… The whole process and its products should be described and recorded. </li></ul>
  48. 48. 2. A festivity menu: family meetings on special occasions are perfect moments for traditional cooking. In this section we would work on a complete menu, including typical dishes, ingredients, recepies and associated traditions.
  49. 49. Music Here we would work on this universal language. This part of the project would emphasize the traditional musical heritage of each participant, focusing on the following aspects: <ul><li>Traditional folk songs: samples collection, lyrics translation to be shared… </li></ul>
  50. 50. 2. Traditional instruments: types, history, geographical distribution…
  51. 51. A historical approach could be useful for a comparative study among participants. 13th Century Spanish miniature: Muslim and Christian musicians playing the ud together
  52. 52. 3. Collective recording of a CD: a recorded compilation of these works would be made at the end of the project. A practical use of new technologies should be a fundamental axis of the project in all its contents, and we should be ready to take advantage of them!
  53. 53. Common Blog Personal and collective blogs have become a useful tool for expressing ideas and communicating to different people in distant places. Our aim will be creating our own blog, accesible to all participants, both students and teachers. This blog would be a meeting point for all of us: it could be updated regurlarly and progress in work and results could be uploaded there, but questions and doubts would also have their place here.